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Nigerian President’s, Buhari, asset: An unusual Nigerian

Updated on September 6, 2015

On 3-9-15, the asset of the Nigerian president, Buhari, was made public, just as he promised during his election campaign. Some Nigerians may wonder why the President chose to make such declaration at this time. It may suggest that he is about to form his ministerial cabinet. Nigerians can easily recall that the president expects his Ministers to declare their assets. Therefore, he and his Vice have shown the way by leading by example. The interesting thing about the president’s asset is that it will be difficult for many Nigerians to believe that a onetime military head of states and Minister of Petroleum would have only one bank account, of 30 million Naira, and no oil Well. It is like a dream. Unfortunately, they will never wake up from it.

Yes it is not expected for a military head of states, in a military regime which people generally consider as dictatorship, not to siphon public fund with impunity. Especially, in Nigeria where corruption is the order of the day so much so that it is religiously encouraged. That is why Nigeria is the most religious country in Africa, with religious buildings in almost all the streets/roads yet the most corrupt and lest trusted nation in man’s dealings with his fellow man. The trend persisted because of bad leadership. That is what President Buhari vowed to changed. Consequently, he said, I will not steal and I won’t let you steal. He went further to promise the recovery of looted funds. It is possible that the West nations, through intelligences, knew that Buhari has no foreign bank account. That may explain why they trusted and supported him during the last Nigerian election. They see him as the man who will change Nigeria, which means they wish Nigerians well. It is ridiculous that most Nigerians want to leave their country in search for a greener pasture in the West even Nigerian politicians send their children abroad then fail to make Nigeria a better place for her citizens.

It was obvious when Buhari stated his campaign slogan “Fight against corruption” that corrupt politicians could not find anything to use against him. That is why they could not shut him up. That is why he is still talking with boldness and focus. If the president’s integrity did not allow him to steal when he was the military head of states, when he was considered a dictator, will it be easier for him to steal now that he was democratically elected?

Nigerian must also congratulate the wife of the president who did not consider her husband for a fool for failing to enrich himself as a military leader and minister. Most women love money and power but it seems the president was lucky to find a woman who shares in his vision. That is the dream of every man. Won’t it be a privilege for a man to be an in-law to such family?

The president is at an advantage by publicly declaring his assets so that as he plans to probe his predecessor, he can do that with confidence. Then after his tenure, he should expect the same but off course, Nigerians who already know what he has can easily determine the truth. Let good Nigerians have it in mind that people will continue to fight the president because of his stand against corruption. The good news is that the president has shown that he is an unusual Nigerian and by so doing has proven that not all Nigerians are bad. At same time, he has immortalized himself while still alive. Nigerians should pray that the same God who brought him to power will protect him to fulfill his divine destiny of liberating Nigeria from corruption and changing her image among nations. Then again, the president surrounded himself with people of various religious faiths, which makes him a true Muslim because no true religion will teach man to hate or kill his fellow man for religious sake as most terrorist claim.


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