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Nigeria's Recent Disaster

Updated on June 3, 2012

Nigeria's Recent Disaster

Today- Sunday, June 3rd, 2012- a commercial airliner plowed into an apartment building in a residential area of Lagos, Nigeria. The plane was reportedly carrying at least 153 passengers. The Dana Air flight, traveling from Abuja to Lagos crashed in a densely populated area of Lagos... catching fire to homes in the area, as well as crashing into the 3-story apartment building. Reportedly, the plane was not far from the airport where it was about to land.

Reports of survivors is not forthcoming. Harold Denurin, head of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority told London's Telegraph, "I don't believe there are any survivors." According to witnesses on the ground at the time of the crash, some say "it may have hit a power line" before the crash. It was reported that, thick smoke and flames eminated from the apartment building. Residents say, the plane was coming in low and making a loud noise as it crashed into the residential area.

According to Dana Air, this was just one of several, daily flights they operate between Abuja and Lagos. The plane that crashed was a Boeing MD83. Just yesterday, there was another plane crash... a Boeing 727 cargo plane, departing Lagos and crashing in Accra, the capital of Ghana. At least 10 were killed in this crash, when the plane slammed into a bus.


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