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No Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Updated on October 28, 2018

Mantis Manny is in the Kitchen

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, October 28, 2018. Our pious friend, Mantis Manny, is at the stove this morning preparing Bacon and Egg Casseroles for our enjoyment. I am pairing the casseroles with Bloody Marys to add to the pleasure. Although the food will be enjoyable, what is on Manny's mind is quite disturbing. Many people in our nation have decided that civility is a bore. They prefer action in the form of violence. When they speak, their intent is to muddy the waters and inflame a nation. Manny is asking for the pleasure of your company this morning. He is anxious to get together to eat, drink and have a quality discussion about a very critical time in our nation's history. Both Manny and I look forward to your arrival.


Dangerous Rhetoric

Thanks so much for coming to the breakfast table this morning. I am deeply disturbed by the increasingly careless and dangerous rhetoric sweeping our nation. Words can hurt. Words can incite people to violence. Words have consequences. Unfortunately, those who use words to incite violence rarely face any consequences. That is a huge problem for our nation. When Maxine Waters told a crowd of people to seek out people in government to tell them they are not wanted, she was inciting violence. Her call to action was heeded by lunatics and losers who verbally assaulted people like the McConnell's in restaurants. Waters should have been held accountable for her call for violence. There is no evidence thus far that Waters is being held responsible for her irresponsible words.

Let's not forget that during Kamala Harris's appearance on the Ellen Show, Harris was asked whom she would rather be stuck in an elevator with, Vice President Mike Pence, Attorney General Sessions or President Trump? "Does one have to come out alive?", she answered. Harris, DeGeneres and the audience got a huge laugh out of her disgusting reply. Democrats seem to have a taste for violence, despite their insistence that the uptick in violence is due to President Trump's remarks. I take exception to this claim. Ever since the Dems lost the election, bad behavior has increased on the part of Dems in Washington and the average person on the street who takes their cues from Washington.

Celebrities who use the media to spread their hatred of the President are equally responsible for the increased violence in our nation. Did we really have to endure hearing Madonna tell us that she often dreams about blowing up the White House? People in the public eye have a responsiblity when it comes to the words that come out of their mouths. Madonna's remarks were disgusting and unacceptable. She and her stupidity have no place in our nation. Perhaps its time we tell her she's not wanted.


Ugly Encounters

There has been a rash of dangerous attacks in recent weeks that haven't always gotten the attention they deserve. Letters containing a white powder were sent to the Pentagon and the White House. Trump supporters were attacked by a mob of liberals. Antifa planned to stop Ben Shapiro from speaking at an event. An undercover person found out that the group intended to stab Shapiro and anyone else who got in their way. The police were contacted. The massacre was averted, but the mainstream media yawned and didn't cover it. In July, Rob Goodman, a political theorist, had a piece published in Politico. The article was titled, "Hey Democrats, Fighting Fair is for Suckers." He implores Democrats to never give up the reins of power once they get control back. If it means fighting dirty, then do it. This sentiment is the prevailing mantra coming from the left. The rhetoric is dangerous and its full fury is being felt everywhere in our nation.


Hatred Spawns Tragedy

While writing this piece the nation learned that a synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA was attacked by a proclaimed Nazi . The temple was filled with worshippers attending a baby naming ceremony. The gunman came in, started firing and killed 11 innocent people. While he fired his weapons he screamed out that "Jews must die." The police responded quickly and captured this animal. Four of them were injured, as well. Not surprisingly, it took only minutes for the left to politicize the tragedy and start screaming about gun control. What came to my mind was quite different. I immediately thought of Farrakhan and his hateful, violent rants against the Jewish people. I remembered quite vividly that President Obama had the audacity to meet with this viper during his presidency. My mind then turned to the ugly sight of seeing Former President Bill Clinton sitting next to Farrakhan at Aretha Franklin's funeral. He shouldn't have been there, but he attended and the sight of Bill and Hillary with Farrakhan and Al Sharpton is forever burned into my memory. When people in positions of power stoop to occupying the same space as people like Farrakhan and Sharpton, it is clear that they have no moral compass and no respect for decent people. They march to their own tune, and it is not something anyone needs or wants to hear.

We will never bridge the gap between political parties as long as rabid partisanship continues to be fed by people like the Obamas, the Clintons and the rest of the Democratic Party. They have gone around the bend, and they don't seem to know that they are destroying our nation and imperiling our safety.

Decent law abiding people must find a way to raise their voices in protest. If we don't turn down the dangerous rhetoric and start taking responsibility for our words and actions, we will lose our way forever. I don't know if there is a path back to normal discourse, but we had better keep trying.

Manny's Song

The moment I wake up

Before I stretch my wings

I say a little prayer for you.


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