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No Federal Indictment For The Michael Brown Shooting In Ferguson, Missouri….

Updated on January 27, 2015

No Federal Indictment For The Michael Brown Shooting In Ferguson, Missouri…

It is being leaked by many Media outlets that the Justice Department Civil Rights’ Division will not be bringing any charges against the White police officer (Darren Wilson), who, now apparently, was in the legal right in the shooting of Michael Brown. I can guarantee you that the hoopla surrounding the Ferguson shooting will not be so when it proves that officer Wilson had acted within the rules of engagement, and moreover, that the shooting was justified. This country almost came apart - and I for one is still counting our Jesus’ blessings that it does not - because of bogus racial tensions, spurred on by the usual race-hustlers, over the Michael Brown shooting. I do not know what it is about many of us Black folks who love to place Civil-Rights-Hero-Status on hoodlums and lump them in with legitimate victims of racial bias/animus. What is even more disturbing to me, and it should be to all of us, is that many of us who call ourselves Christians can no longer be objective, and, in the case of the Ferguson shooting, we seemed to deliberately put on blinders, so not to see that all of the evidence pointed away from the shooting down in Ferguson being borne out of racism.

Let us look at the Michael Brown shooting without the prism of race. Before the actual shooting, this man actually robbed a store and pushed the owner when he was confronted. Al Sharpton and shamefully many Black Christians jumped on the racial shake-down bandwagon and ignored what Michael Brown was doing before he got dead. The fact that Mr. Brown man was subsequently elevated to Civil-Rights hero status and then to place him on the same reverent page as a Emmett Till tell you how many of us are hoodwinked by the likes of Al Sharpton, notwithstanding the evidence to the contrary. As for the exculpable evidence, two independent autopsies showed that the police was telling the truth - yet the narrative was that Mr. Brown was running away when he was shot. One of the doctors who performed the autopsies down in Ferguson was Dr. Michael Baden who assisted OJ Simpson in his famous murder trial... Black folks loved Dr. Baden then, but not when his work helped tell the truth and clear the officer in the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown.

When I heard renowned preachers, with huge congregations, handicapping the verdict before it came in, saying that, no matter what the physical evidence says, that they were going to ignore the evidence if it were contrary to what Al Sharpton and the rest of the racial pimps were positing, then I knew America was and is in trouble. This was especially troubling because when men/women of God, in the Body-of-Christ, would give their assent to such blatant lies... then all is almost lost. Moreover, once again, it is akin to the boy crying wolf and it is painfully grating knowing that there are real racial animus out there and that when they come to the fore, objective folks are going to ignore these legit racial claims because of the bogus racial charges against the Ferguson police department, or moreover, against officer Darren Wilson.

We are not going to hear the celebrities, most of whom are fame whores, say anything about the Justice Department's refusal to indict Officer Wilson - some of those 'fame whores' probably are going to, sub rosa, call Eric Holder, the Black Attorney General, a sell-out and an Uncle Tom. This is where we are in America... telegraphing that we are heading down the path of 'Balkanization' and with active agitators, who, actually, want bloody ethnic conflicts that were and that is the sordid history of the Balkans. At this juncture of the blog, I am going to write something controversial by saying that one of the 'good thing' that resulted when the two New York police officers were assassinated - was that it took the wind out of the sales of the race baiters/hustlers. Have you noticed how you have not heard a sheepish peep out of those who would want to endlessly march and have us believe that most White officers wake up thinking that I am going to carry out a racial Fatwah (I am going to kill me a negro today)! Incidentally, how many Black folks have been murdered in the interim - since the Ferguson shooting - and I wonder who did the killings?

We, as Black people, have a tendency now to cast our racial aggrieved pearls - Emmett Till, Trevon Martin, and Eric Garner - among the swine... like troubled young Black men like Michael Brown. Linking the Michael Brown shooting to the tragic miscarriage of justice that took place in New York to Mr. Garner should have never been linked to justified shootings like in the case of Mr. Brown's. We must be able to distinguish these cases and reject the race hustlers narrative that all White cops put on the uniform and badge simply to murder Blacks. When are we going to face the fact that looking in the mirror reflects who our greatest enemy is - Ourselves!


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    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 2 years ago

      I have to agree with most of what you say here. I have looked into the Garner death and the facts appear to indicate that Garner did not die of damage to his trachea. He was a very sick guy. Grossly overweight, suffering from heart disease and asthma. He did not die at the scene. His arrest came about because black business leaders in the community were sick of him hanging around and disrupting business. The call to the police was fielded by a black officer and the supervisor present during the arrest was black as well. Garner's wife and daughter saw no evidence of racism in this tragedy. The worst thing we do as a nation is jump to conclusions before the evidence is in. I have to say I appreciate and applaud your honesty. Voted up, useful, interesting and awesome.