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'No Jeremy Corbyn'

Updated on June 28, 2019

Labour Leader: Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn.
Jeremy Corbyn.

In 2017, Jeremy Corbyn was riding high, having nearly defeated the Conservatives, in a snap general election. Cries of 'O, Jeremy Corbyn', followed him where ever he went by devotees. This song was taken from 'Seven Nation Army' by the rock band, the White Stripes.

It seemed as if everything Corbyn touched, turned to gold, as if he could walk on water, such was the adulation his young followers held him in.

Micheal Eavis, the founder of the Glastonbury Festival, invited Mr Corbyn, to speak on the Pyramid stage. And speak he did, in front of thousands of music goers and received the cheers of their welcome. Corbyn touched on austerity, the environment and other burning issues, of the day.

Michael Eavis, himself something of a leftie, asked when Mr Corbyn, would be Prime Minister, Mr Corbyn replied: "In 6 months". However, that did not happen, and Mr Corbyn, finds himself, still in opposition.

Mr Corbyn might as well have been a rock star himself, as the chant of 'O, Jeremy Corbyn' was sung by the crowd, at Glastonbury.

This year, Jeremy Corbyn has not been asked back to Glastonbury. Maybe, his busy schedule, would not allow him to, this time. However, the right-wing press, namely 'The Daily Mail', has run a scathing article, on the Labour leader.

The 'Daily Mail', lists Brexit and Anti-Semitism, as to why, Mr Corbyn is not doing Glastonbury, this year. The article suggests that these two reasons have turned young people off Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Corbyn has always been a controversial figure, but his apparent anti-Semitism, has probably made, Michael Eavis and the Glastonbury organisers, think again. By booking the Labour leader, they could be seen as endorsing Mr Corbyn's views on Jews, so obviously, they have backed off from booking him. That said though, there is no evidence to say, Mr Corbyn, is an anti-Semite, just because he supports Palestinian courses. Mr Corbyn, mixing with the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah, sworn enemies of Israel, however, has made some think, there is no smoke, without fire. Many on the far left are against Israel's very existence and are rabid anti-Semites. It is possible, many anti-Semites hide behind the anti-Zionist agenda, however, just because one is against Zionism and for the Palestinians, does not necessarily make one, anti-Jewish.

A popular, Democrat Congresswoman, has been asked to speak instead, on the Pyramid stage. At 29, she is the youngest ever, congresswoman and Alexandria Ocasio - Cortez is very popular in the States. She is something of a firebrand speaker, definitely to the left of centre, she will no doubt go down well, just as Mr Corbyn did, in 2017.

Coldplay's Chris Martin On The Pyramid Stage.

Chris Martin.
Chris Martin.

The Pyramid Stage and Those Who Have Performed There.

1) First Pyramid Stage, constructed a way back in 1971.

2) Second Pyramid stage, built in 1981.

3) Third Pyramid Stage, built in 2000.

4) Rolling Stones.

5) Radiohead,

6) Oasis.

7) Jay - Z.

8) Franz Ferdinand.

9) U2.

10) Prodigy.

11) Joan Baez.

12) Pulp.

13) Arctic Monkeys.

14) Tom Jones.

15) Coldplay.

16) Neil Diamond.

17) Robbie Williams.

18) David Bowie.

19) The above artists plus others have appeared on the Pyramid State, at Glastonbury. This year, Liam Gallagher and The Killers, headline.


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