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No Lien: The Fight Against Taxes by Force

Updated on March 14, 2017

Lil' Wayne Apparently has "No Worries"

Mr. Carter seems to live life without care.  The IRS may beg to differ.
Mr. Carter seems to live life without care. The IRS may beg to differ. | Source

The Reality

Dwayne Michael “Lil’ Wayne” Carter, Jr. can add to his list of concerns a $12.8 million dollar tax debt to the Federal Government. At a time where some folks around the country actually receive refunds on the monies they’ve earned, Mr. Carter must now decide whether he will pay the United States what he owes or return to the prison walls with which he is already familiar. As payment for governmental services i.e. taxes in a free nation, citizens would support the three agencies which safeguard their rights; the judiciary system to settle disputes rationally; the police force to protect against domestic crooks and fraudsters; and a military to defend against terrorists and invaders. That’s it. So, for rappers like Mr. Carter to not recognize the reality of paying taxes in the current semi-free US, it denigrates and undermines any push for eliminating the force involved in paying the necessary good that the government represents. If the local, state, and federal governments would only protect individual rights via the three aforementioned agencies, Americans would be more than willing to write a check. And for those who refuse to offer funds, they would be relegated to the perimeter of such a free society. Private property of everything from schools to the post office to libraries would allow individuals to decide if they wish to do business with persons who neglect to pay.

The Battle

But in today’s America, chock full of controls and regulations and yes taxes, the citizenry ought to fight the growth of government while also acknowledging that it is in their rational self interest to extend their dollars to Uncle Sam. For now. The emphasis is the battle to experience complete freedom. That means an America unhampered by the stranglehold of a government run amok and out of control.

The Necessary Good (Government)

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A Host

If 90-95% of the government including but not limited to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Labor (DoL), Department of Education (ED) and a host of other unnecessary authorities were driven out of commission, then Americans would be emboldened to support cops, warriors, and judges. When tax season comes around every year, the existence of today’s unneeded agencies ought to arouse passion and determination to eliminate them.

Sitting on a Fortune

With a reported $150 million, Mr. Carter may fair better than others who owe taxes.
With a reported $150 million, Mr. Carter may fair better than others who owe taxes. | Source

Any Talk

For rappers, actors, and other public figures who have attracted negative attention by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), it is difficult to possess any sympathy. Especially with millionaires who supported President Barack Obama, factions of the American populace can only find fault with high earners who voted against their pocketbooks. Mr. Carter may be allegedly worth north of $150 million but that doesn’t mean that it is rational to forgo paying what he owes. The threat of possible jail time though, may not be enough of a warning for him. Unless he enjoys life as a prisoner, he ought to figure out how to issue a percentage of his earnings to cover the costs of failing to pay the taxes in the first place.

If states like Delaware can have no sales tax and Florida no income tax, why can’t America have no tax whatever? To cover the costs of government, citizens would provide a fraction of the money that they currently pay and for only moral authorities. While a fully capitalist nation would see a boost in the money they earned, such a minute amount of dollars would be necessary to sustain the government. Any talk of tax liens, garnished wages, and prison time would be items of the past. Mr. Carter should be able to focus on his nihilistic verses, out-of-this planet phrasings (“You and I are not same, I am a Martian”) and his skills as a skateboarder. But until the day that there remain no taxes levied against smart working citizens, he like anyone else should be able to confer to the government what he owes. It’s the selfish thing to do.

What Lil' Wayne Owes Over the Years

Too Cool for Taxes

Behind the shades, is Mr. Cater wondering if he has paid his taxes?
Behind the shades, is Mr. Cater wondering if he has paid his taxes? | Source


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    • adigaproductions profile image

      adigaproductions 13 months ago from Nigeria

      I don't know about American tax system but that amount is way too much! Anyway, good write up! But needs to be re-organised to be more presentation and not to be boring.

      Keep it up!