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Trump's First Term

Updated on November 17, 2017

Fish or Cut Bait

For the conservatives or Tea Party republicans: The starting gun has fired. It's time to run like hell!

The top two tiers of republicans don't need any help. I am here today to give a nudge to the third and fourth string.

Gentlemen, it is time for some Shock and Awe. It is time to startle the daylights out of the leftist press. Let's start with some things that are sure to make every progressive in the room sprint for his air sickness bag.

As president of the United States, you third and fourth stringers should pledge to abolish the following:

1) Abolish the Department of Education

2) Halt all immigration, legal and illegal for one full year

3) Arrest all governors and mayors who have implemented Sanctuary Cities

4) Jail all who hire foreign criminals (aka undocumented democrats)

5) Deport all illegals who have committed any violent crimes

6) Punish all nations who will not take back their illegals will financial and political sanctions

7) Abolish Federal student loans: Why pay people to be taught to hate us?

8) Impeach and remove all judges who ruled in favor of violating the US constitution: For instance any ruling that dictated anything except immediate deportation of all foreign criminals (aka undocumented democrats)

9) Unleash all America's energy companies

10) Offer all who believe in Climate Change or Global warming as permanent energy ambassadors to countries like China, India and Indonesia. The west does not need climate changers. The third world actually does.

11) Abolish the IRS (replace them with fair tax or flat tax or whatever)

Capitalize on the Cave In

It looks like progressives and liberals have lost all over the US. Time to cash in.

Get all corporations to hire more people and get all investors to invest in the US economy. Tell them that you pledge that in their lifetimes, there will be no new taxes. To make this promise come true all you need is for all corporations and investors to announce to the public that the reason you feel safe in hiring and investing is that republicans have kept the president and the democrats from raising taxes.

Press Your Luck

Conservatives should announce that republican budget cutting polices will produce 4% unemployment by the next election. And if the remaining democrats were deported to North Korea and put on a no fly list today, republicans could have unemployment down to 3%.

There is another trillion dollar budget cut in our future if Americans vote for you and you will unleash domestic fossil fuels and see to it that Americans can sell coal, gas and oil to everyone on the planet.

Hoaxes and Frauds

Finally you should announce that although Global Warming is a communist plot and Climate Change is Marxist Fraud there is a legitimate place for Green Government. That one and only place in the Tooth to Tail Ratio. The logistics footprint of the US military needs to be reduced to the size of a postage stamp in the next 20 years. You are the only political party willing to set this goal and to accomplish it.


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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      Hello Cynthia Sylvestermouse (Sylvestermouse). I don't think many people want efficiency in government much anymore. As near as I can tell many people see government as a way to vote cash from other people's pockets into theirs.

      Have a blessed day!

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 2 years ago from United States

      A very entertaining article! I especially loved the top 3 suggestions. Big, unless government departments are truly nothing more than money drains.