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No - To Governor Romney As Secretary Of State!

Updated on November 30, 2016

No - To Governor Romney As Secretary Of State!

Forgiveness is one of the fulcrums of the Christian Faith - but so is rewarding those who are loyal, and though I cannot tell President-Elect Trump whom to appoint to his cabinet… I beseech the President-Elect to say no to Governor Romney as Secretary of State. As a Traditional Christian, I know to run from anyone or any issue that has the support of the world… so too I know that because the Liberals and the elites are clamoring for Governor Romney to be Secretary of State should be a conspicuous clue to President-Elect Trump not to elevate the treacherous Governor Romney as our chief diplomat.

The smugness and the arrogance of Governor Romney not to publicly apologize to President Elect Trump for the God-awful things he said during the election circle can be forgiven, but to reward him with such a prestigious cabinet appointment as our next Secretary of State is much more than placing the proverbial, elitist/globalist fox among the chickens. What of those qualified men and women who were in the trenches combating the elites/globalists and took the vitriolic, verbal slings and arrows and persevered and worked in tandem with the Lord Almighty to secure the Presidency for an outsider like you, Mr. Trump?

I understand why Governor Christie had to take a backseat in the President-Elect Trump’s transition team because of the former pending ‘Bridge-Gate’ situation… knowing that whatever the legal outcome, even if the New Jersey Governor is not culpable, will still be noised throughout the media to negatively effect/affect the new pending Trump's administration. But what of Gingrich or Giuliani - loyal foot soldiers who fended off the legion of blows… Globalists/Elitists enemies like Governor Romney were throwing - do they not deserve consideration for the much sort after post of Secretary of State? If you President Trump were to choose Governor Romney as Secretary of State, don’t you run the risk of alienating many who voted for you, and moreover, adversely affects the morale of the non-elitists/globalists who make up your inner circle team?

To President-Elect Trump, whatever happened to the old adage that once bitten, twice shy? During the 2008 Presidential Elections, Governor Romney asked you to support his run for the Presidency and you did wholeheartedly. Yet Circa 2016, the words that Governor Romney used against you were way, way beyond the pale. These words were so devastating that Secretary of State Hilton used the same vitriol in an ad against you. Now, that same Governor Romney wants to be Secretary of State in the President-Elect Trump’s administration - you just cannot make this up. This situation is right up there and akin to the Liberals seemingly demanding who should be in the pending Trump’s Administration... with many of us who voted for President-Elect Donald Trump asking: who was it that won the 2016 Presidential election a little over two weeks ago?

Mr. President-Elect Trump, permit me to momentarily digress, because you also seem reluctant to give the green light to prosecute Secretary of State Hillary Clinton… and once again, forgiveness is Divine, but what of the rule of law and those who have lost careers or reputations or even have served or is serving time in prison for less than what Secretary of State Clinton has allegedly done? I now dovetail back to the topic at hand to say that President-Elect Trump should reward those who supported him - during the contentious Election circle - and are qualified with the choice positions in his pending cabinet… Governor Romney should not be chosen for Secretary of State, especially since the elites/globalists are salivating for this to happen.

I end once again by praying to Christ Jesus that the Lord would impart the wisdom to President-Elect Trump that He gave to the Biblical Joseph when he governed Egypt or if not Joseph… then the governing wisdom of a King David and a King Solomon when they both ruled Israel. Note that I have used Pink Floyd’s, “The Trial” to help flesh out the themes of this blog.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 16 months ago from New York

      Right you are concerning Joseph... and I hope that your insights are correct about President-Elect Trump.

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of pissants promisem and deantraylor 16 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      So well said VP. Your viewpoint is always enlightening.

      I too think how Trump deals with Romney and Hillary will be revealing of his "wisdom" or lack thereof, not that I or anyone else can be the judge of wisdom, but only time can be the judge, in retrospect. Similarly looking back on the "wisdom" of Joseph forgiving his murderous brothers and bringing them to Egypt, that led to the enslavement of all their progeny in Egypt for generations. Was that wisdom?

      Considering how he has a reputation of "fighting back" Trump could just be trying to get both their hopes up so that they can be dashed when he finally acts and makes decisions. That way he appears reconcilable but in Romney's case, well there just happened to be a better candidate or with Hillary he just can't interfere with the justice department. (I hope this is what is going on).

      On the other hand he might be making the same mistake Reagan made choosing GHW Bush as VP just to placate the establishment Republicans. Looking back, the records of both Bushes gave us Clinton and then Obama, two disasters.

      Conclusion, who IS the judge of wisdom. is it not in the eye of the beholder?