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Where is the Backbone in Congressional Wives?

Updated on June 27, 2009

When the Gov, of South Carolina dissapeared do you really think his wife, Jenny Sanford, believed he was hiking on the Appalachian Trail? I think not!!!

Why is it when these government slime balls cheat on their wives not to mention using tax dollars, that getting repercussions is like pulling teeth. These weak kneed women are so afraid they are going to lose their position in society that they would say nothing if it did not hit the headlines and then some of them, like Hillary Clinton still are so greedy they will put up with anything to keep their agenda.

It just urks me to no end that our society has come to this and you see it more and more everyday. Its OK to play if you don't get caught and even then these wives are gutless wonders. It's one thing to forgive adultery; it's another thing to condone it and how many episodes did Hillary Clinton, publicly go through? What was it? Twelve, I think. How many women do you know that you could cheat on twelve times and still see her face when you   wake up in the morning?

I got so sick to my stomach when the Government spent millions of dollars because Bill Clinton was not man enough to spit out the truth like Lewenski and her pal did (no pun intended) to get the ball rolling. When impeached the best that Bill's buddies could do was a subsequent acquittal on all charges even though he sat on his fat ass lying under oath. Where's the justice?

Hillary did not give a damn and neither did the government and neither does this women in South Carolina. Do you get the picture yet? Nothing to do with the government has a damn thing to do with us. The bill of rights is for the government, not us. They have their rules and we have our controlled by them. We cheat, we pay the price. They cheat, they go home to the little lady.

There was children involved in both these events and you bet they will pay the price. If they got married to cheat why didn't they just abort the kids (just kidding) or at least allow someone to raise them and not put them throught this crap. Its tough enough on kids in schools with the bullies and idiots that should not be there anyway then to put gasoline on the fire. Because what they see is what they do!

You can ask most women on the street what they thought of Clinton, as president of the most powerful nation in the world lying underoath and it means nothing. So, hey, let teach our kids to be adulterers and lyars because it coming to that. We are supposed to set an example, or at least I thought we were.

Does someone know something that I don't?


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