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Is Obama A Typical American President or Pretender

Updated on October 23, 2015

Is Obama Christian or Muslim or Just What He Needs to Be at the Time like Clinton was?

You know what? Have you noticed how when Obama is in front of Christians, he mentions Jesus' name, actually he has mentioned it more than any other president in our country's history and he has only been in office what, just a few months. But, when he is in front of the Muslim World he takes his shoes off, quotes from the Koran (or thinks he does), bends over backwards and accepts their gold chains. Then he has the b---- to make apologies for us instead of being the Commander in Chief that we need to defend us.

Do you wonder why the 1st Lady did not go to Cairo. Because they hate women in those countries and Obama abides by their rules.

All of these lies and pats on the back are called symbolism and does not mean squat. Just like this black lady (teacher) I saw a write up on the other day, giving congratulatory ribbons out on what the students meant to society. These glued on pieces of worthless paper have nothing to do with education. But it's more important to pass out these pieces of worthless paper and draw attention to herself than to give our kids a quality education. If you have kids of your own you already know. When you have kids of your own, if you ever do, then you will see the hypocrisy that goes on in the schools.

My son had his actions filmed while making a mistake and dropping an engine in Automotive class because the teacher did not give him just instructions. That was OK. The Dean said the phones should have been confiscated, but the teacher told me in front of the Dean, if I wanted to come to class and take up camera phones that was OK. Now they have one of their own hitting the big news choking a student and that's not OK. They want to ban the camera phones from school next year. Go figure.

Hypocrisy, the lie, is the true sister of evil, intolerance, and cruelty.

Some wise person once said this and they really knew what they were talking about.

Our president fits every word of this quote and as they say, s--- runs downhill. He is now bringing terrorist onto our soil to be tried with our tax dollars.Is he sick or does he really not have a clue?

Did you notice how many seniors failed this year. Its rampant in this country. But, hey, lets give out little stars and pieces of worthless paper. In the thick of things, this means nothing.

Where are the Christian Leaders. I have not heard squat out of them. If you know any, tell them to get up on their boxes and be heard. Stand up for what they believe in and stop allowing one sided Judges to make decisions on a one person complaint


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