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North Korea's Growing Nuclear Bombs

Updated on April 30, 2015

North Korea and Iran are kindred, nefarious, spirits, destined and determined to make the world a much more dangerous place. Inspired by evil forces in the minds of its supreme leaders, both are being allowed to develop and create more nuclear bombs and missiles capable of delivering them by inaction possessing "good" force. One could say it is a real Star Wars movie being played out- good versus evil. God versus Satan leading to End Times with nuclear exchanges. I know, you are laughing at this, but , evil spirits in the leaders possessing nuclear weapons will just do that.

Iran and North Korea are partners in their quest for nuclear weapons. According to China, which had previously dismissed NK as just a nuisance factor and "nothing to worry about because we control them", they now admit, NK had fooled them also. China claims that NK already has 20 nuclear bombs (previously, it was thought not more than 10) AND can produce another 20 bombs within one year! According to many, including China, as Obama had been so focused on bending over to Iran to get any nuclear deal, Iran's partner, NK, has been busily enriching and enriching with no restraint. After this alarming revelation from the Chinese, American intelligence came forward stating that it now believes NK can mount the bomb aboard their KN-08 intercontinental missile, but have yet tested it. If the test is a success, its 5600 mile range enables it to hit the West Coast of the USA and anywhere in Europe or Middle East from North Korea!

I guess revelations come in pairs! There is a fear in the US Congress that what happened with the 1994 treaty with NK, which was to stop their ability in making more bombs, actually, did the opposite and by 2006 had tested their own. They fear, the deal with Iran will bear the same fruits. Iran is just as wily as NK ever was. Their experts are living in NK learning from them and exchanging data. NK sells Iran its technology know-how, as ironically, China does. North Korea only has one known plant that can produce fissile material for bombs. The key word here is "known". No doubt, there must be another one and the treaty signed in 1994 has proven worthless. Once NK got what they had wanted in 1994, they disregarded the treaty.

Based on this experience and already known Iranian violations of past agreements, any deal Obama makes will be "Obama's Folly". President Obama is just being a fool. Iran will get sanction relief, divert some of the money freed up to develop and obtain material from NK further. If the treaty is violated, sanctions will be more difficult to enforce if Russia and China veto it. Even if they do not, both will continue to violate it as both have been doing! Iran has too many ways it will get what it wants because some nations needing cash will sell them the technology or even nuclear bombs.

The real Axis of Evil is Iran and North Korea. Even China seems to agree with this.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      I guess that does not include Obama!

    • handymanbill profile image


      3 years ago from western pennsylvania

      How long ago did we hear N.K. saying all we want is for peaceful purposes?

      We just want to supply electric to our people. The old favorite excuse. I thought that the one test that they did really did not go that well. I don't know why we don't just sit off the coast of N.K. and every time they "Test Fire a Missile that we don't just shoot it down. Little hard to test if they don't fly very far. That way we could practice our ability to shoot them down. Just a thought, or maybe we don't want them to know the technology that we have to disable and destroy their missiles. As far as Iran anybody with any brains knows that Iran has been and will continue to try to develop A Nuclear capability.


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