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Nosy People: They Are Everywhere

Updated on June 1, 2016

Nosey Neighbor


There are many classifications of nosy people. They are as followed;

1. The well known "Nosy Neighbor". They are that neighbor that walks their dog in front of your house and stares at you the whole way till they literally can not see what your doing anymore. Or they maybe the ones that comes over and insist on coming inside and while your trying to hold a conversation with them they play the "owl" neck and LOOK AT EVERYTHING! Maybe a few questions on what is in their line of vision or maybe they just root around in what you have. Example: dresser drawers... etc... OR... For example, when you go to cut your grass or maybe add something to your landscaping or something to that effect, the neighbor not even an hour later is trying to "one up you". You can NOT tell me that they are not standing their watching what your doing! (a bit creepy don't ya think?!)

2. The "Driver Stare". Doesn't it make you mad when your minding your own business and someone decides to stare at you from a passing car? What is that about? You can be walking or driving a car. Doesn't matter they are always there. You can have fun with this though! You can act like you slapped your passenger. ha ha yeah.. that will give 'em something to see. Or maybe a passing "moon"?

3. The lovely ever so subtle.. "Ease Droppers". I have a story about these type of people. I was working for a fast food chain, a manager. I decided it was time for a cigarette since rush was over. I go outside lite it up and begin to call a friend. Well, while I'm talking, an employee (aka nosy person) literally drives up, sees me on my phone, eases to a stop, rolls down the window and proceeds to listen to my conversation. YES, she did actually have the nerve to do this! I then proceeded to scowl at her and walk away.

4. The person that just cant get enough answers! WHY ASK WHY?! It just is!

5. The "Nosy Shopper". People that either 'eye-ball' what your pushing in their cart or even sometimes have the nerve to pick your future purchase up! They even think their advice on things to buy are in order! This is a department store, not a damn advice hot line! Back off! If I want to buy purple hair dye for my cat then I will! (just kidding, we don't have a cat.. we have an indigo dog though! tee he?)

6. "Nosy Kids" they absolutely have to know everything about an adults life. I think they do this to learn from us. BE CAREFUL! Role models are not made; they are chosen.

7. "Nosy Bosses" This is mostly due to the fact you have something they are jealous of. Maybe ummm... like your work performance or they are scared you know more than them. Hey, I just want my paycheck NOT your job! Leave me ALONE! They may ask you a lot of questions to try to sabotage you.


8. NOSY FAMILY!!!!!! O MG!!! Why, oh why are they so D@MNNOSEY?! Competition? They want to make sure they are doing better than you? Something to hold over your head? I don't know about you but my family isn't in the questioning business to make sure I'm doing OK!

To sum it up, people are nosy for their benefit and not yours. They probably want to know that their life isn't as miserable as yours. Pi$$ them off by always having a smile, no answers to their questions, and give THEM advise for a change. That will really stun them.... ITS GREAT! Or you can just pull your pants down and give them a place to kiss!

Tell Nosy People Its Not Their Business

If you haven't noticed the nosiness of those around you before; you will now. They are everywhere. Just remember before you "go off", ask yourself if they are being nosy because they care. If they aren't, by all means, set them straight. There is a time and place for everything. Make sure that you do not allow your issue with this person or people to be on display for other nosy people. Be professional, nice, and straight to the point.


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