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Nostradamus Predicted the US-Russia-China Unity!

Updated on September 30, 2015

Century 6 Quatrain 21

Quand ceux du pole arctique unis ensemble,

En Orient grand effrayeur et crainte:

Elu nouveau, soutenu le grand tremble,

Rodes, Bisance de sang Barbare teinte.

When those of the arctic pole are united together,

Great terror and fear in the East:

Newly elected, the great trembling supported,

Rhodes, Byzantium stained with Barbarian blood.

Russian Jets Flying Over Syria

This allegedly is a photo of Russian jets flying in Syrian air space
This allegedly is a photo of Russian jets flying in Syrian air space | Source


The US and USSR were a long time in opposition and represented the divide in the world. In fact, the long standing Holy Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire conflict came to a halt in 1918 while attention was diverted to the emerging Union of Soviet Socialists Republic (USSR) after the 1917 revolution. The middle east lived in relative peace thereafter; that is until the collapse of the USSR and the birth of the new Russian Republic from 1989 through 1992. From 1991, the US started a campaign of war in the middle east beginning with Iraq. Three wars would be fought in that country alone, 1991, 2003 (the perpetual war on terrorism) and 2014 on. The incidents of 9-11-01 at the World Trade Center in New York (commented on elsewhere by Nostradamus) helped to shape the policies of the US in the middle east, beginning in Afghanistan in 2003 and in the second Iraq/US war in the same year. In the period of 2011 to 2015, the US got involved in an extended war on terrorism in several mid east and African countries, but acted very much alone outside of covert help from the EU, UN and NATO. In the later part of that period in Syria, the US got involved with ISIS/ISIL in a bid to topple the Assad regime, which began in 2011. There was also a parallel campaign launched against Russia, intensifying in late 2013 to nuclear brinkmanship with the US placing nukes on the Russian boarder in Poland and Germany in early Sept. 2015.

Then, near the fall equinox, something incredible happened. In the space of about a week, The leaders of US, Russia, China and the Vatican met in private and in the United Nations General Assembly. The watershed is that the US, ostensibly fighting ISIS and Assad, turned in favour of Assad and Russia joined in the bombing of ISIS with Assad and support from the US, at least in secret, while the propaganda war continued at the home fronts. Was it the mass refugee crisis exploding in mid 2015 in Europe that triggered the radical shift, or something else? The US, Russia and China are now seemingly united in an all out assault on ISIS. Theories now abound as to what is really going on. But, the appearance is that the US, China and Russia have united in a common front, which is what the quatrain above deals with, that is, uniting of those around the pole that cause the mid east to tremble in fear. The mid east will now quake in terror, due to a three way assault from those of the north pole. Newly elected could refer to the new Russian policy to begin intensive bombing, suggested further by the bloodshed in the last line that is targeted to the mid east terrorists, initially employed in a proxy war to oust Assad, who is still standing, but with some 20 million internally displaced, 5 million in camps and a million on the run to Europe as of the same time.

A Fateful handshake on Sept., 29th 2015

Over several days of top level meetings between all the top leaders privately, publicly and in the UNGA with the current pope, Putin and Obama struck a controversial deal.
Over several days of top level meetings between all the top leaders privately, publicly and in the UNGA with the current pope, Putin and Obama struck a controversial deal. | Source


How will this turn our? We would need to see the agenda of the investors laid bare, that is, of the Rothschild family and the like, who invest heavily on both sides of any conflict to the end of usury profits..Certainly, the profitable US military industry is involved for the same reason, and deliberately prolonging a war is a recipe for extending profitability. Deliberation can come in the form of delivering weapons to the enemy, flubbing attacks and allowing them to expand with the end to the killing to the Assad regime in a regime change bid. Assad has proven stubborn after almost five years of continuous war and is still alive, though most of his country-folk, the superstructure is in ruins.

The message here is that to take out an undesirable leader, one has to commit genocide against the entire population. That is what appears to have unfolded in Syria owing to the stubbornness of Bashar Al Assad. Now, the US has turned coat and is supporting Assad with Russia and China in a bid to eliminate the emerging ISIS caliphate. ISIS has threatened to commit acts in every country involved in the war against them. The bombing campaign that began in 2011, escalating in 2013 has created massive terror in the whole region with a resulting war refugee tsunami sweeping Europe. If they were scared of ISIS and US, they are now in complete terror with the joining of Russia and China in the war. Sept. 29Th, 2015 is a turning point, days after the final blood moon of a Tetrad on the 26th. The two weeks ending on the 29th, has seen a major paradigm shift that Nostradamus predicted several centuries ago!

What of the future? It now appears that there will be an emerging world collaboration at least, for a world government, possibly mediated with the Roman Catholic church as the Pope is also involved in the entire process over the two weeks. What this means for the population in whole, especially where some group or another, rebels against the new order, will face a punishment that is currently being meted out on ISIS.

There are huge implications concerning this in relation to Biblical prophecy, whether actual or manufactured. There is plenty of speculation in that area alone. But as for the masses of the world, it will evolve to a condition of slavery and terror, unless all tyrants of all kinds are deposed, whether US, EU, Russia, China, Syria or what have you. The fourth element in all of this are all of those terrorized and bombed into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The die is being cast and the results are plain to see, especially by all witnesses on the front lines.

Meanwhile in European Union, there is an emerging fascism that is the result of war austerity and the refugee flood from bomb hammered regions of the mid east. This alone is causing war and terror. This is a hellish mix for almost everyone except the war profiteers. Barbarians referred in the quatrain are those who commit bloody genocide for personal profit, which lies at the bottom of the entire mess. It takes a mass of willing executioners to support the military polices of the leaders of any campaign such as this. These willing warriors come from the austerity driven poverty stricken masses seeking a meal ticket in a jobless economy. The military has no shortage of volunteers; no draft is needed, owing to war generated austerity. It is a self feeding, spiralling genocidal killing spree. The entire process is barbaric, run by chicken hawk leaders who get the masses to fight and bleed in the combat zones for the profits of the chicken hawks. The willingness to join and combat, is the foundation of mass barbarism referred in the foregoing. The killing grounds, as Nostradamus forecast, is the middle east.


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    • syzygyastro profile image

      William J. Prest 2 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      I agree. It all seems too easy, indicating that back room deals have been made with the result of terror for everyone in the end.

    • Rchrdsnc profile image

      Carl Richardson 2 years ago from Midwest USA

      I actually meant the Russian Federation. I am not always thinking. It is just that Putin's bold move into Syria under America's watch seems to have been made too easily.

    • syzygyastro profile image

      William J. Prest 2 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      The USSR became history by 1992. Since then the opposition has become the Russian Republic. Yes there are clandestine activities that are kept fropm the public, who are fed state propaganda on both sides. How else can we explain the current bi-polar state of the US government.

    • Rchrdsnc profile image

      Carl Richardson 2 years ago from Midwest USA

      I think the possibility of some sort of clandestine unity between the USSR and the USA is plausible. It is just not found on television or the usual websites.

    • syzygyastro profile image

      William J. Prest 2 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Byzantium is the ancient name of Istanbul, which in the times of the Ottoman empire, was the capital city or the seat of rule for the Ottoman empire of the middle east. Rhodes, is associated with Greece, but is an offshore island closer to Turkey today. It is often associated with the colossus of Rhodes. So, as Nostradamus refers to Byzantium, he refers to the well known, to him, Ottoman empire of the entire middle east. Then as now, it was Islamic. Rhodes stands out now owing to the refugee crisis where many people drown or die escaping war in nearby Syria. Some say that the Egyptian navy is shooting refugee boats out of the water, killing unknown numbers of refugees.