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Close Guantanamo...

Updated on July 15, 2013

Close Guantanamo

I was going through some old boxes of stuff the other day from when I moved up to Brisbane from the Gold Coast last year. Well low and behold I came across the 1997 Oscar winning movie 'Life is Beautiful'; The main Actor and character was Roberto Benigni. Benigni who must learn how to use his fertile imagination to help his son survive their internment in a Nazi concentration camp.If you've never seen it is a great inspiring Movie.

It is a humorous and satirical attempt at how a dad and his son being an Italian-Jew manage to escape the bitterness & misery of being in a prisoner of war camp with attitude. In other words everything the dad sees is positive and this he portrays onto his son by regularly preaching to him about hoe good things are. Well it got me thinking about the detainees at Guantanamo Bay Cuba must be thinking and feeling after six plus years in legal limbo following their arrest in December 2002. For this reason I’ve attempted a Satirical take on the situation there.

On that note I’ve produced this article on Guantanamo.

Good Afternoon Gentleman I hope you had a pleasant flight. I know the darkened hull of the cargo hold is a little austere. But its there for your safety. The shackles that were attached to you and the bulwark of the plane are also there for your safety. In the event of an emergency you won’t be thrown around the cabin which could be fatal given that you’re handcuffed...

Well as you may know at this establishment I run a pretty tight ship. Any belligerence on your part or failing to comply or cooperated with the officers here at Club Guantanamo will have you bound gagged & fed to the sharks out there in the Bay. Is that understood? ““Yes." Is that understood I can’t hear you? "Yes Sir"; "Now that we know where we stand you can return to your units. Don't forget to empty your latrine before lock-down; I don't want any of you guys getting dysentery do you I make myself clear.

Former White House Officials such as Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will rightly explain that the detention camp and operation of Guantanamo is necessary in the' War Against Terror'.

This is a typical welcome to Club Guantanamo at Guantanamo Bay

as you can tell the staff endeavour to make all detainees as welcome as possible. Later they will issue with clean clothing which complies with identification requirement of the establishment. The guests will the be showered in a group shower are and powdered with a delousing powder for health and safety reasons.

So here I am stuck in this 12 foot by five foot cage. I'm grateful really. Life really is beautiful. I could have been shot in the foothills of Afghanistan. Or I could still be in Egypt being interrogated by various security agencies such as CIA

Yes I could still have a bag over my head with water being poured on me; I really thought I was drowning. So I guess I really am much better off in this place. Cuba isn't it? It could b anywhere. I’ve got a copy of the Koran so I can read every day if I want to. That's when the guards let me. Most of all they want to interrogate me and I hate that. They know that I know that I don't know what they think I should know and if they did know they would tell me because they really don't want to know. Get my drift.

As you hear from one of our guests their is an ambient atmosphere here at Club Guantanamo. Guests are kept in useful conversation with our officers only as long as necessary. In order to reduce that time sometimes coercion is used. That way our staff utilise their time most efficiently and as a result time is not wasted on those not willing to repent. Sometimes we reluctantly have to bribe the inmate with drugs or shock treatment or occasionally we put them in a dark room indefinitely until they are willing to explain their stories. We get very useful stories about their adventures with the Taliban.

For instance one of out inmate told us he was the driver for Osama Bin Laden. well that was very useful and for that reason we decided to extend the stay of the gentlemen concerned at Club Guantanamo.

As well as providing a bed and three meals a day free of charge. Their individual units have flow through air-conditioning and state of the art monitoring devices such as the latest infra red cameras and gun towers which ensure the security of each of our guests. As well they are given a prayer mat as well as simple toiletries such as a toothbrush for oral hygiene. In addition they are allowed out of their units for one hour a day in an exclusive exercise yard.

As our host explained Gentlemen these detainees are treated very well. They are afforded all the rights of the Geneva Convention even though the United States has not ratified it. You have got to understand that these men are very dangerous if they were let loose they would continue to wreak havoc on the western world.

For that reason they are to be held here at the Presidents pleasure. I am sure you understand the importance of that. Why they are considered the worse of the worst. And as such we cannot allow the possibility of an event occurring on our watch. Accordingly the President has granted us much needed powers to interview these men to gain any intelligence we may require to prevent a future attack. I know that most of you understand that. Now we have granted you people a short of period for questions. Any Questions?

Now that questions are over if you want my opinion we should be charging these criminal/these belligerents/these unlawful combatants to stay here. It costs the tax payer of the United States 200 dollars a day each to keep them here. Upon their release they should be given a bill for the cost of flying them here and the accommodation costs. If they can’t pay well lock em up again and throw away the key as far as I'm concerned we don't need scum like this in our country walking the streets!

United States founded on the principle of liberty & Universal Rights

As for Legal rights you got to remember these boys were caught in a theatre of war. They were a direct threat to the lives of our own troops. Mean you cannot get worse that that. they were out to maim and kill.

Anyway they could in a cowardly way our own troops. So I stuff the mam-bi- pambi treatment of the Geneva Convention and fry em. Don't waste a good bullet on em. Thanks again for your time. I can see by the attention you've given to this today that you’re all loyal patriots. Yes thank God for the Patriot Act.

David Hicks an Australian once described by George Bush as being the worst of the worst was charged with material support to terrorism, For having trained with the outlawed group Al Qaeda. Hicks was held for six years until his lawyers struck a plea-bargain which allowed Hicks to serve nine month's in an Australian Prison he is now back free in the Australian community.

There are a few critics out there I call them a 'noisy-minority' group such as Amnesty International who argue that Guantanamo Bay should be closed and the inmates released to their home countries or tried according to civilian law.

Others such as former Secretary of State Colin Powell who insist that the camp at Guantanamo should be closed today; and the inmates transferred to Federal Prisons on the American mainland. The inmates should then be tried by the civilian court system Colin Powell argues quite convincingly. At the moment there does not seem to be a logical alternative...

Obama and his commitment to closing Guantanamo.

President Obama came to head the United States Administration on the promise that Guantanamo Bay would be closed within 12 month's of him coming to office. In fact one of the first acts of his presidency was to sign into decree the intention of closing Guantanamo Bay Military Camp within 12 month'.s Later that year he was awarded the Nobel Prize fro Peace in Europe. Some say that part of that award was granted on Obama commitment to closing Guantanamo and restoring the rule of law into American society. Now two years on after freezing Military Trials . The use of secretive briefs of evidence. and the use of properly authorised and conducted courts of law. Guantanamo Show trials are about to resume.


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