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Nuclear Blackmail 2013

Updated on November 29, 2013
There is hardly anyone alive in the developed world that dies not know what this is and that has not had a nightmare about it.
There is hardly anyone alive in the developed world that dies not know what this is and that has not had a nightmare about it. | Source

The Stuff of Nightmares

Hiroshima is one instance where the nightmare became fact.
Hiroshima is one instance where the nightmare became fact. | Source
This is typical of what most people have been convinced to think; that is, N. Korea and Iran are on the warpath with nuclear bomb development.
This is typical of what most people have been convinced to think; that is, N. Korea and Iran are on the warpath with nuclear bomb development. | Source
With all the furor over N. Korea, why does no one talk of Israel's nukes?
With all the furor over N. Korea, why does no one talk of Israel's nukes? | Source

First Came the Cuban Missile Crisis in Oct. 1962, Now N. Korea

There is a fact that is repeated throughout history and it still applies today. When a bomb threat is called in, there is often nothing by way of a bomb found in almost all instances outside of a suspicious package of some sort. Nevertheless, a search is made for the bomb anyway without results beyond suspicious packages. When a bomb does go off, it is seldom announced. The perpetrator(s) just plant the device and set if off, catching many unaware, sometimes moments before it goes off. In other circumstances, the bomb is part of a suicide mission. Often there is a second one to take out first responders and that is also not announced. It can be said that if one bomb goes off, there is good reason to believe that there is a second one in the region and that the first detonation is a sign to survivors to duck and cover and stay that way until the second goes off. So the axiom in general application is that bomb threats usually cause a hysterical panic and confusion and seldom ever result in a detonation of any device. Real attacks are not announced. The detonation of the device serves as the announcement, catching everyone by surprise and unaware. This has been true in many notable battles in history too and it is called the element of surprise. It happened at Pearl Harbour, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and at 9-11 among a host of others. It just happened again at Boston on Patriot's Day ( Apr 15th, 2013) during the 117th Marathon. In that instance there were definitely two bombs and a possible third. 9-11, Pearl harbour, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the big ones, but many thousands of smaller ones like suicide bombings are never announced except when the bomb explodes. Then there are the false alarms. False alarms are meant to cause a panic and confusion. False alarms may also be backed up with real fire power, but the bombs are never sent or detonated.

We have lived through a few nuclear hair trigger events, notably the Cuban Missile Crises among others. Now we are faced with another threat, ostensibly from North Korea. But since this has been announced and whole countries are running around in panic and confusion, it would be wise to step back and look at the facts. There will be no nuclear bomb attack from North Korea, just like there was no global thermonuclear war that came out of Cuba that was a far more dangerous situation. Why can we say this? For one thing, the attack has been announced in contravention to the military element of surprise and in violation of the axiom on bombings announced and unannounced. Now in Cuba in 1962, there was no mention of a buildup and potential attack, but they were caught by US spy planes and war was averted at the last moment in a hair raising game of nuclear M.A.D. brinkmanship. The North Korea situation is hardly comparable to this brinkmanship, but we are told they intend to nuke some unknown city in the US. Nor is is anywhere close to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki events, both of which were unannounced to the city folk there. Meanwhile, the US government has managed to finance several interceptor missile sites in Alaska despite the sequester. There is a lot of panic stirring as a result of this announced threat.

What we are apparently facing in the face of a situation where a whole nation is in international lock-down with sanctions and blockades, is a fear mongering on a global scale. Part of the reason appears to be directed to keep the whole population in a state of fear derived docility. It also creates a situation of buying to stock up against the day of nuclear holocaust. In the heyday of atmospheric testing in the era of “duck and cover”, there was a rush of construction of bomb shelters across the US and Canada. Some were large enough to house the entire government and major business players. Some of these have been decommissioned and now serve as tourist attractions. Currently, there is a mini-boom on fallout bomb shelters going on as a result of the N. Korea brinkmanship and threat. There is military and naval buildup along with war game practices going on off the shores of N. Korea and in S. Korea itself. Businesses have shut down and pulled out of N. Korea, placing hundreds of thousands out of work. There is some doubt about whether the N. Korean government even made such threats, but regardless of that, we are now under the cloud of nuclear threat.

N. Korea is not part of the international and capitalist enclave of neo-colonialism. Nor is it part of the International banking enclave overseen by the Rothschild family that dominates the world except for Cuba and Iran, which are also not part of the IMF or WB or the Rothschild monetary system. Of the three, N. Korea is known to have detonated three nukes in the past. Iran is accused of running a nuclear program to make weapons and Cuba no longer has anything nuclear after the Soviets were forced to remove the missiles in 1962. The three N. Korean detonations were spread out over several years, indicating that production of bomb grade material is slow. They have missiles, but these do not have the range to reach most of the US and Canada.

N. Korea has been and continues to be under very strict blockades and sanctions. So there is very little getting into the country and not much getting out by trade. According to some sources, the agricultural program has had to turn to the underground opium economy in order to make some cash for other “needful” things that may include nuclear material. The opium business has cut down of food production and N. Korea has existed in a state of more or less perpetual famine since the early 1980's. But, other than the allegations of the opium, it is hard to determine how they are getting nuclear material.

There are some relations between N. Korea and China, but even these are strained as China attempts to rein in the bluster and threats of the leadership of that dictatorship. Tensions continue to mount as the US navy and S. Korea run war games off the coast of N. Korea. N. Korea has escalated the threat level by closing businesses within their territory that served as work in its profit making capitalist enclave bordering with S. Korea. More than 100 thousand suddenly found themselves out of work. The US is beefing up strategic missile defence projects in Alaska despite the recent sequester in the US.

There is a hidden danger that could trigger a US, NATO led invasion/war and that is a false flag event, such as Pearl Harbour or the Gulf of Tonkin events. The false flag could actually be a nuclear strike and detonation that is blamed on N. Korea triggering the war in the region. War is highly profitable and the war that was never declared to be ended is actually still on. Then there is the interest to bring the region to economic heel under the domination of the global banking system. The threat is real, but a full blown nuclear war from N. Korea is unlikely. The real threat is China, but they are reluctant to become embroiled in a nuclear holocaust. As of now, the situation is not comparable to the Cuban Missile Crisis by a long shot. Where it will go in the long term remains to be seen. The conventional war will likely heat up as preparations are already well established. The nuclear part is black mail to put the fear into the world's populations to keep them under control. If and when there is a global revolution on the part of the so-called 99% aka, the working class, then the threat of nuclear class war is very real. It might be dressed up to look like something it is not.


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