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Nuclear Energy and Why it Spells Doom for the Planet. The Fukushima Disaster and More…

Updated on June 12, 2012
Simple illustration of the G.E. Mark One over forty years old revealing a retrofit on the bottom (donut)
Simple illustration of the G.E. Mark One over forty years old revealing a retrofit on the bottom (donut) | Source

Revealing the myth of nuclear power

Nuclear Energy and Why it Spells Doom for the Planet.

The Fukushima Disaster and More…

(This is a paper in work)

The best information that we can find on the Fukushima disaster comes from primarily two different sources of which comes with our highest recommendation:

One: Arnie Gundersen of;

And Australian Dr. Helen Caldicott;

These two independent scientist and researchers have been trying to bring about global awareness to the flaws in nuclear power since the days of The Three Mile Island partial meltdown. A simple way to access the myriad of information that these two academics have to offer is by simply entering their names (independently) into the “You Tube” search box field.

Tremendously, and beyond belief, the circumstances at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plant [Units; One, Two, Three and Four] is ongoing and continually getting worse (exponentially) on a day by day basis since March 11, 2011.

A veil of misinformation, disinformation, lies, deceit, cover-ups, conspiracy, and an uncomfortable and an uncountable amount of horrifying consequence surrounds this catastrophe. The events, of which are continually unfolding, in Japan are of the highest global concern. This situation; a catastrophe without precedence, commands the attention, involvement (participation) of everyone on the planet who values any kind of life.

The radioactive isotopes being released from at least four General Electric Mark 1 nuclear reactors and at least one (open to the environment) is a Plutonium spent fuel rod containment pool, has the potential of killing every form of life in the Northern hemisphere (if not the entire planet if these containment pools detonate). Even in its (Unit 4), present condition is spilling untold amounts of highly radioactive isotopes into the Pacific Ocean every minute of every day (24/7) for over this last year.

Unit Four is a MOX (Mixed Oxide) fuel containment vessel teetering on three stilts with a behemoth amount of highly enriched “spent” fuel rods sitting on top of the reactor unit. This is simply the way in which the General Electric Mark One Nuclear power plant (A boiling water reactor) is designed. This is only one of the problems plaguing the poorly designed Mark 1 reactor, which is over a forty-year-old design.

TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) continues to pour seawater on the pool to the tune of at least One hundred Tons of water per day, which then freely runs off into the Pacific Ocean.

This attempt to keep the rods cool and to keep them from being exposed to Oxygen (which if that were to happen we would experience a catastrophic event of which before has not even been conceived of happening). When the zirconium rods, containing the plutonium fuel pellets, are exposed to oxygen, they will then spontaneously combust at over two thousand degrees. If this were to happen, a detonation would occur, not a deflagration. The first explosion at unit three was a hydrogen explosion and it was a deflagration, which means the exploding mass moved at slower than the speed of sound.

Over a period of time the plutonium and uranium becomes "enriched" and leaks at high levels in the storage water. These rods than have to be removed for storage. Or it is used to make bombs.
Over a period of time the plutonium and uranium becomes "enriched" and leaks at high levels in the storage water. These rods than have to be removed for storage. Or it is used to make bombs. | Source

Spent Plutonium Fuel Rods and Pellets

Illustration of fuel rods and pellets
Illustration of fuel rods and pellets | Source

Nevertheless, if reactor four explodes, it will be a detonation like what happened in the second explosion, which was a detonation, where pellet sized pieces of plutonium fuel pellets, found up to two miles from the plant-baffled scientist. This material moved at faster than the speed of sound. The government of Japan, TEPCO, and mainstream media claims that this was another “Hydrogen” explosion. We see evidence that this was a “Nuclear” explosion. However, not on the scale if unit four were to detonate. We will have to *analyze the difference in the two different kinds of explosions.

*Analysis and illustrations added soon. We do not use copyrighted images without permission. This is a paper “in work.”

If Unit 4 were to detonate then this would release fallout that is more radioactive then all of the nuclear bombs ever exploded, since humankind first split the atom, put together. In addition, this would release enough plutonium to kill everyone on the planet. The amount of plutonium, which would be, released us unimaginable, when it takes only one millionth of a gram to be fatal. Yet plutonium may be the least of our problems. There exist more radioactive particles than can be listed here. In addition, radioactive isotopes, there are “Noble Gases” and “Hot particles.” Hot particles were found in the air filters of automobiles as far away as Western Canada and Vancouver as early as mid-April of 2011.

The BBC put this documentary together [ ] (uploaded by You Tube user; openasia2000) This documentary reveals a lot of valid information yet it us the impression that the worst is over, and this is absolutely false. The worst is yet to come.

There are suggestions that Fukushima/ Daiichi situation is now 85 times worse than Chernobyl. Chernobyl currently attributes to over a million deaths and many more genetic mutations in humans, as well as flora and fauna mutations. In Chernobyl there is now over a 350 square mile exclusion zone, which will not be habitable for at least hundreds of years.

The Japanese government were seriously considering the complete evacuation of Tokyo (Is that 23 million people?) within weeks of the disaster. We believe that they should have and still should. There is strong evidence, which suggest that this catastrophe is so great, in its magnitude, that the governments of the world are willing to sacrifice over 30 million people to stave off global panic. Not only that the evacuation of Tokyo would not only take a global concerted effort, in logistics alone, but also the cost would exceed trillions of dollars, and then of course the obvious question; where would we put them? Nevertheless, the evidence speaks for itself. Do not take our word for it.

Most of the radioactive fallout will follow the Jetstream and ocean currents: Here is a link to moderate the Jetstream

Let us chase this rabbit… The Prime Minister of Japan (Naoto Kan) resigns in tears claiming he had failed the Japanese people over the events of Fukushima (Yet he went into no-detail of the extent at which he had “failed” the Japanese people.).

On August 26 2011, then incumbent, Prime Minister Kan, announces his resignation. Born October 18 1946 he is 64 years old. After achieving what seemed to be his lifelong ambition; becoming Prime Minister, in June of 2010, he resigns, after being Prime Minister for a little over one year. Seems like he was feeling a lot of guilt, when now, nearly 8 months later, he nearly is proclaimed as a hero (clearly represented in the BBC documentary:, for saving the planet, in the way, forcing TEPCO to not abandon the plant after the first explosion and the way in which he had handled the Fukushima crisis? Or did he handle anything at all? We strongly believe that he did not “handle it.” We feel the world will soon know of the dire situation we are in because of the ongoing cataclysmic event and the continuing meltdown of these reactors.

One of the motivations for a cover-up is not only are we revealing a global catastrophe here, but we are also talking about what was until recently the world’s third most powerful economy with TEPCO located at the top of that economy. It seems almost ghoulish that world administrators would put finance above the value of human lives but this is a reality and always has been a reality in the world that we live in.

There are estimates coming out in the past two weeks (This article written in June of 2012) that over 14,000 U.S. deaths attribute to Fukushima, mostly children and the elderly, claims Dr. John Apsley on a “Coast to Coast” interview: Professor Christopher Busby, of the European Committee comments on Radiation Risks. You Tube (This interview aired May 31, 2011/ uploaded by “Russia Today”.) watch: [ ] We have not researched Professor Busby and recommend you research his profession beginning with “Wikipedia”

Now U.C. Berkley seems to be one of the few University involved with what we view as honest monitoring of the Fukushima crisis. U.C. Berkleyhas been conducting many studies. Scientists at U.C. Berkley have been finding high levels of radiation in rainwater samples but they are now finding mutations in plants such as, Dandelion’s.

Blackcat systems have recorded levels of radiation across the U.S. at over 700 times background rads!

Radiation now found its way into the food chain at high levels. It was showing up in the Milk within two weeks in New York City. Now it is everywhere, it is in the Tuna, the kelp off the coast of California. A real life E.L.E. is currently taking place right under our noses. In the next issue of this paper, we will attempt to connect the mass animal deaths and chemical spraying of the atmosphere with the nuclear issue. We believe that these nuclear power plants have been killing us since their first construction.

One has to consider the “half-life” of some of these elements. In some cases where the half-life is minutes, days, months we will see effects right away, like with some of the radioactive iodine half-lives. But there are half-lives that go up to hundred, thousand, hundreds of thousands and then millions of years. We will not see some of these effects in our lifetime but they are now with us forever. Moreover, in the outbreak of Thyroid cancers, oh you will witness this right away.

So why is this being withheld from the public? Why does a mainstream media play down the topic. Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku who primarily gets his “bread and butter” from Turner broadcasting is really playing his cards very close to his vest on this one. However he has made a few startling statements, like; “The Japanese government has been lying to us, they have been lying to us all the time. To say that they have ’it’ under control, is like hanging by your fingernails, over a cliff and then they start to break one by one.”

Units 1, two, and three have experienced explosions, fire, and a complete core meltdown. There is evidence to suggest that at least one of the reactors not only melt through the bottom of the 8 inch thick steel containment vessel but continued on through the several foot thick concrete floor and is now in the earth and leaching into the ground water and then onto the Pacific Ocean a thousand yards away.

“It’s just a big blob of molten radioactive muck, a puddle if you would imagine, that has now seeped through the holes at the bottom of the containment vessel, and now I suspect it is sitting on the concrete floor beneath.” Says Gundersen; back in Oct 2011.

“We have observed steam venting from the ground around the plant so I suspect that the ‘puddle’ is made its way through the concrete floor and is now leaching radioactive material in the ground where it will find its way to the water table and leach into the Pacific ocean.” *Continues Gundersen.

*Authors Note: This is not a verbatim quote but it is close enough. You can watch the interview yourself on Youtube.

Nearly forty years ago when this reactor was designed, that it was so flawed that engineers Dale G. Bridenbaugh and two of his colleagues at General Electric resigned from their jobs because they were convinced that this design would cause an overwhelming incident to devastating proportions.

Here is a link to a good read about the Mark 1:

Arnie Gundersen is a former nuclear power industry executive, some thirty years ago when expressing some concerns over the reactor design (I think it was the Westinghouse AP1000). Which he was overseeing the assembly of some 70 plants when he was immediately fired from his job when he filed a formal complaint over design flaws? Arnie is a brilliant nuclear engineer with around forty years of hard line experience. We highly recommend that you use him as your primary guide.

There are 23 the G.E. Mark one nuclear reactors in operation in the U.S. today.

Nuclear energy as a cheap and safe way to create electricity is a myth. [THE ONLY REASON TO EXPLOIT NUCLEAR POWER IS TO BUILD NUCLEAR WEAPONS!]

Forcing a country such as Iran to arm itself with nuclear weaponry, in order to protect itself from western financial interest is an embarrassment, to say the least.

Mankind’s, (Mankind~ is fit here~ these phallic missiles fully fit the description and psychological profiling by/ from Dr. Helen Caldicott.) exploitation of the atom is the furthermost injudicious act of humanity. Moreover, these aging power plants and nuclear waste may end up being the death of us all. Are they mad; thinking that they can bomb one of the facilities without creating a global disaster worse than Fukushima? This nuclear foolishness must stop in our generation or it will spell the end of humanity, period.

Nuclear power has to STOP! NOW! PERIOD!

Within days of the catastrophic event, which took place at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, owned by TEPCO (One of the biggest corporations in Japan) as a result, of the March 2011 earthquake and resulting tsunami, all of the governmental radiation monitoring stations across the U.S. and Western Canada were suddenly turned off! We presume that this was as an attempt to curb the possibility for public panic. Then within weeks the standard for exposure to “safe” levels of exposure to all radioactive isotopes were raised! The FDA increased these “safe levels to exposures to radiation across the board.

Here is a link to a site where you can access a nationwide grid of private, active radiation monitoring systems. Although these “Rad. Meters” are not, as technologically advanced, as the governments, you can better trust these readings than anything the government is now offering.

The writer of this article is not associated with “blackcatsystems” in any shape or form.

It is nice to know that there is a developing vanguard of a Public Media Network. We would like to see each and every one of you to get involved “take-part” and spread global awareness to these most trying of times.

Let the people of Iran have their sovereignty, or trigger a Global Nuclear Nightmare; this is your choice people. Do not let your government start a war with Iran, period.

Even the potential for accidental nuclear war, to happen, is beyond the scope of sane reasoning. Do they really think that they can bomb even one of these active facilities in Iran without triggering a chain reaction? Are they Mad? What are the odds that Iran already has “The Bomb”? Do you think that our government would let us know? Surely, they must already possess the means by which to create a Dirty-Bomb.

With today’s technology, there exists the potential of truly creating free energy. Even using Tesla technology combined with the computing ability of ONE of today’s mid-range laptop computers is not without outstanding capability. Not only is nuclear power obsolete but also so is the necessity to burn carbon based fuel (Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, etc.). This is another myth that has been sold to the world.

There are great unknowns and surreal realities of just how humanity could successfully go about the task of shutting all of these plants down, getting rid of the highly toxic and deadly nuclear waste, unless we send it on a spacecraft and then direct it at the sun…, which could be the wrong thing to do, we are not scientist. We are you, normal people utilizing the vast network of resources and not mainstream media. Nevertheless enriched plutonium, depleted uranium, and all of these―, manmade radioactive isotopes must get off the planet earth, now! However it may, already be, too late!

One cannot run far enough away from radiation. Even, now, with the known amounts of radioactive pollutants infesting the global environment, scientist have no idea how to save the world for the future generation’s and possibly, just the next generation).

First, there must be a wellspring of education, starting with world political leaders including our incumbent, above average I.Q. president Barack Obama. Most of us, and that is an estimate of 99.999999999 ad infinitum… do not have a clue of just how dangerous nuclear energy is. Remember this; there are NO safe levels to exposure to radiation.

The layman thinks that something miraculous and magical happens, when creating nuclear power. This has been a veil thrown over us so we do not see the reality that the process Of creating nuclear energy, taking some of the most brilliant minds in history and currently living in the world today, to do so, was all put forth and brought together to achieve in the end a Steam Generator! For Christ-sakes! Hector of ancient Greece was inventing near to perpetual steam motion motors, millennia ago.

Even by using current computing abilities we could “Revamp” the already in place power systems of which are nuclear free, we could even use and salvage the current grids, for example).

We have all been sold this myth. Moreover, the frightening thing about the whole selling of this myth to the public is firmly imbedded in the roots of diabolical greed, and a true evil.

The true “axis of evil”

The Axis of Evil~

We have all heard of them and their atrocities. J.P. Morgan, Carnegie, The Rockefeller’s, The Bilderberg Group, The Illuminati, the Free masons, The Walberg’s, the Rothschild’s, The Military industrial complex; The list almost seems endless. However, is it? Is it endless? Actually, it equates to less than two percent of the western modernized population of which whom own more than 80% of the world’s wealth. These are the controllers. The world’s elite.

They have an agenda; anyone who has ever opposed them has been ruined, threatened, or murdered. Including Abraham Lincoln when he tried to stop the Federal Reserve, John F. Kennedy when he and his brother, the then acting Attorney General were both assassinated by a supposed *“Manchurian Candidate” when they both tried to go against The Military industrial complex. You know this! Everyone KNOWS this!

You know it, but you put it away in the clutter box of your mind, you store it in the attic. For some of you it is stored in neat file cabinets, with dates, pictures and headlines that changed the world, or spoke of doom for all of mankind. Then later, it would be stored in the “Nut-Box basement of your mind. With a dog-chain gate hanging across the door, with an, either, a “do not enter” sign attached to the rusty old brittle chain or pass with caution for the sake of your sanity.

You know all of this and more. Much more, in fact, more is adding up in your mind every day, but you go about your business. The kids have to eat; car payments and bills have to be paid. You tell yourself; “What does it matter, it matters not what you think, then you tell yourself “it doesn’t matter anyway and what can I do about it.” You tell yourself stupid shit like a poor scared little child fearing the monster under his bed.

If you try to talk with someone about it you are labeled a lunatic or a conspiracy theorist at best. You first try to talk with you close friends and family, they call you mad, crazy, insane mostly. But if you are successful then they will call you eccentric, but they will still say that you are crazy. Then when you buy the guns to protect yourself, and stow food and articles of necessity to stay alive the will fear you and then as things worsen on the planet they may respect you for a time, everyone is looking for a leader. However, the problem is too big for you alone; you do not want to be a “leader” a leader is not what is needed. Being a leader will be fatal and you will find yourself ALONE!

Then there are the lists of Doomsayer’s, the parasites of who profit from the chaos, the Alex Jones’s, The Masters, The religious zealots. This list is greater and more in depth and deadlier than the elite’s.

There are some disturbing facts coming to the surface. Facts of which may begin with The Georgia Guide stones. We are not prophets of doom. We are not religious zealots and we are not people without lives hoping for the end anyway. We are a group of concerned humans of who, above everything else, wish to SURVIVE.

We continue to try to avoid a posture of beliefs that there is some kind of conspiracy afoot here. But the more we try to avoid it the more it shouts in our faces.

Monsanto ad GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Food

It seems that, at least, Monsanto has been aware of radioactive fallout for a long time. We believe that ever since the first nuclear power plant went on-line that it became to irradiate farm crops at alarming levels. We believe that the government, well aware of the destructive fallout instituted the spraying of Barium and Aluminum chaff into our atmosphere as a means by which to moderate or control this poison in our skies.

We are in for some very rough times friends, get prepared, stay informed < eyes open>.

Authors Note: This is a rough draft and a paper in progress. Please take some liberty with my mistakes and get the information out there.

More coming soon, have to spend some time with my loved one right now.

Peace and May the Great Spirit be with you.

Links: Blog Page for people like you and I, great source to stay on top of the crisis:

This is a decent article by New York Times Examiner ;

Know the competition:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a federal agency focused on the condition of the oceans and the atmosphere.

This article put out by the FDA and NOAA gives you an idea of the lies they are trying to pawn off on us:

NOAA seems to have a world of scientist behind them yet none of them will speak out publicly, you can find them on this list. We suggest you email each and every one of them with intelligent questions:

Yet another link to government sponsored propaganda:

NOAA~ according to them how many micro Sieverts of radiation it is safe to receive, at different altitudes’

You might have better luck monitoring the global surf watch for speculating when the West Coast of the US is in danger of more contamination from Japan go here:


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