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O Germania, Where Did The Love Go For President Obama?

Updated on January 19, 2015

O Germania… Where Did The Love Go For President Obama?

Our Commander-in-Chief, President Obama, once again visited Germany and unlike 2008, when the masses were digesting every word of the secular messiah, the crowd today was conspicuously smaller - but our President should have known that such love from the public is fickle indeed. During 2008, when President Obama visited Europe and Germany specifically, he was so emboldened by his narcissism… that he threw America under the proverbial bus by appeasing the mostly young ungrateful European crowds who have forgotten that if it were not for these berated United States, Hitler’s Nazis would still be goose stepping all across Europe. I do not expect the Europeans to keep paying in perpetuity for our saving their butts, but I do expect a modicum of respect for the droves of graves that are scattered all across Europe - mostly of men who did not make it back home from World War 2. But I digressed... what of the love all of Europe seemed to have had for President Obama… what has happened in the interim since the love-fest in 2008?

I do not know if it is because the Europeans, including the Germans, are blaming the United States and its leader, President Obama, for the economic dire straits that are plaguing all of Europe, especially Greece, Portugal, and Spain; but why wouldn't the Germans not come out like they did in 2008 for the secular messiah… especially when Germany is the healthiest of the European economies and that noted economists have been hoping that President Obama would emulate what the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been doing fiscally to shepherd the German economic ship. Maybe the German stayed home and decided not to pay homage because they are vexed with President Obama for continuing the FISA schemes, initiated under the hated President Bush, the younger, that allegedly spied on Americans, all in the name of the War-on-Terror. I might be on to something by noting that the Europeans, including the Germans, needed to be appeased due to the current NSA spy program because before President Obama left for Europia, he gave an interview to one of his mouth pieces, Charlie Rose - which, incidentally, was akin to one of the old Soviet Union Leaders giving an interview to Pravda - by insisting that he was not like the hated Vice President under the younger Bush, Dick Cheney or Darth Vader as the latter is pejoratively referred to by some in the Media.

President Obama did try to win back the love he enjoyed in 2008 from the young Europeans by offering to cut our Nuclear arsenal… well, just as long as the Russian leader, Putin, agreed to do the same with his country’s lethal weapons. In addition, his speech touched on all the ‘red meat’ issues that our cousins across the pond love like equality for gay issues and the much maligned Environment. What is President Obama to do when a media that looked at him with rose colored glasses are now looking at him now through a prism - pun intended - of jaundiced eyes. To my young European brethrens, I could have told you that your love for President Obama would have grown cold for I learned long ago that President Obama’s rhetoric was akin to eating Chinese food... which, mostly, has no ‘substance’ to fill you and leave you wanting….


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    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 4 years ago from Northern Germany

      In the summer of 2008 political sentiment in Europe was full of disappointment about 8 years of presidency that consisted most of time of destruction, of wars, of dividing the world in good and evil, friends and enimies, faithful partners and sceptical "old Europe".

      Everyone who promised to do better was prefered to someone who was likely to step into the same footprints of G.W. Bush. So much about the cheers to Obama in 2008.

      Today the name of Obama is linked to places like "Guantanomo", which he promised to close but did not do so. Today his name is linked to countless drohne and cruise missile attacks, not always with chirurgic precision. Today his name is connected to information espionage programs like Prism. Today europeans find it difficult to connect these wrong doings with the promising charisma of Mr. O.

      But one issue Europeans do not blame on Obama: the economic condition of the US and its potential influence on world economy. The reason is simple. During the presidency of G.W. Bush the US lost 25% of their importance in world economy. Long have passed the days of the 60ties when the US accounted for more than 50% of world GDP. At the end of the Bush years it was a mere 25% and falling. And at the end of the Obama presidency it will be less than 20%. So he will loose only some 10% in his 8 years, quite some progress compared to G.W.

      You ask why Germans don´t overestimate the visit of Obama? For one the US lost some of their economic importance. A second Lehman Brothers incident will not have too much impact and Germany prooved they can weather the situation. Another explanation is quite simple. There is a big flooding in Germany, devastating more landmass than hurricane Katherina in 2005. People have to deal with this and do not take too much notice of a foreign president.