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A Solar Deity We Can Believe In

Updated on November 1, 2009
While I was writing this piece, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Past winners include mass murdering war criminal Henry Kissinger. So,nothing too surprising there.
While I was writing this piece, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Past winners include mass murdering war criminal Henry Kissinger. So,nothing too surprising there.

Nothing New Under the Sun (Deity)

In the first blog of this series, I laid out some general foundations of the philosophical/political paradigm that I am currently using to make sense of this overall reality. To briefly reiterate; most humans (Americans especially) are woefully unaware of their multidimensional reality and thus are unable to interact with their reality in ways that would be beneficial to themselves and the species and planet as a whole. One of the main reasons for this is that they have been influenced by a media and education system that has been designed to promote the agenda of a very small minority of people at the expense of the remaining majority. Through the media and educational systems, they have been engineered to become shallow, uninterested, one-dimensional automatons, completely unaware of their ignorance and the forces that imprison them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and prevent them from achieving their full potential.

I also spent a good amount of space discussing my opinion of the office of President of the United States of America, and it is on this topic that I plan to delve into more deeply in this blog, particularly our current President, Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama.

There are many, many reasons why I do not admire, trust, or respect Barrack Obama, but if I were forced to offer a one sentence explanation, it would be this: I do not approve of mass murderers, or people who are accomplices to mass murder. End of story.

An intelligent, well-informed, non-brainwashed person, upon hearing me say this, would probably know what I am talking about, agree that they do not like mass murderers either, and that would be the end of the conversation. Unfortunately, there are very few people like that in America today. Most of the people who dislike our current president would prefer a republican alternative who would end up being directly or indirectly responsible for even more mass murders.

Of course, they would never agree that they support mass murder, even though it is exactly what they are doing. They would ask me what I am talking about, at which point I would have to go on and explain to them the various atrocities that are currently being committed by government employees throughout the world, the war in Afghanistan being one obvious example.

A lot of people in this country have been mislead into believing that this is one of those "good" wars, that it is necessary in order to ensure our safety and the safety of other people around the world. Even some of those who vocally opposed the War in Iraq, claim that the war we are fighting in Afghanistan is the "right war."

Even if you believe the official cultural myth of the 19 high-jackers and a spooky network of fundamentalist muslims who "hate freedom" called Al-Qaeda, a little critical thinking should make you realize that what we have been doing to Afghanistan for the last 8 years is completely unjustified, and is in fact, nothing more than mass murder.

Nineteen men, who weren't even citizens of that country, secretly concoct and carry out a plan to murder 3,000 Americans, and we reciprocate by killing tens of thousands of people who had absolutely nothing to do with it. How many times over the last decade have we seen or read in the news, "Predator drone kills dozens in northeast Afghanistan, including large numbers of civilians?" (The answer to that question is not as often as such things actually happen) We're told that we are killing all these people in order to kill the Taliban, and in order to do this we have to continue killing "large numbers of civilians."

And this is made all the more ludicrous by the fact that the Taliban were among numerous other governments and agencies that were warning the U.S. of an attack being planned in Afghanistan. Yes, you read that correctly, the Taliban tried to warn us that they believed there was some sort of attack being planned by Al Qaeda, weeks before the attack took place. They then offered to arrest Osama Bin Laden and turn him over, if the U.S. could provide convincing evidence that he was in fact responsible. Instead of even attempting to do this, we chose war. And look where it has gotten us.

A mass grave for the victims of mass murder in Kunduz.
A mass grave for the victims of mass murder in Kunduz.

Now, eight years later, we are still fighting these same people, the Taliban and Al Qaeda, or so we are told. But who are these people, really? We have been told that they were nearly wiped out during Operation Enduring Freedom (gotta love that Orwellian double-speak) but now they've come back, and in order to "win" we are going to need to "escalate" the war. Who are these people that we are fighting now, eight years later, that supposedly have regained control of 80% of the country? Where did they come from?

I'm betting this new Taliban (or Talibans, as Brzezinski puts it) are mostly made up of the thousands and thousands of angry fathers, brothers, and sons who have had their families wiped out by so-called "strategic air-strikes," who have seen their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers blown to pieces, sometimes all together in one instant, by one bomb. Imagine walking home to what used to be your house, only to find a smoldering hole filled with pieces of what used to be your family. That's who we're fighting, I mean murdering, right now. This is what is happening in Obama's "necessary war."

People define murder in different ways, of course. Usually it just means the intentional killing of a person, but people kill other people all the time and define their action as something other than murder - self defense, for instance. Some people would argue that what our government's military (along with their enormous, privately contracted army) is doing is self defense. While I do believe that self defense might in some circumstances justify killing a person, it should be used as only as a last resort, and I haven't seen any evidence that what we are doing in Afghanistan is actually self defense, even If we were to hypothetically assume that the official 9-11 lie was true. And I'm not talking about defending our soldiers or "civilian contractors" who are trespassing on Afghani, Pakistani, Iraqi, or any other foreign soil and killing or are killing or complicit in the killing of foreign citizens (its not self defense if you break in and the owner of the house has a gun so you kill him)- I'm talking about direct threats to our "homeland" (to use a term our leaders stole directly from Nazi Germany). I've heard a lot of politicians like Barrack Obama talk about the enormous threat we face, but they never really explain what they mean, or how they know, or who exactly these people are.

Adding to the madness of all of this, is the fact that a lot of the money that is going to fund the Taliban is coming directly and indirectly from the United States. Most of it is coming from our "civilian" contractors, some of whom are there to install toilets, and some of whom are there for much more nefarious reasons. We're not only fighting all the thousands of people who justifiable are angry with us for killing their relatives in friends, we're fighting mercenaries that are directly and indirectly being paid by out of our own pockets. This shouldn't be surprising, the United States government and the corporations and people that run it have a long history of aiding our so-called enemies. Its happened in just about every war we've been involved in, from WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iraq again. As long as the fighting continues, they're making money. The longer the war drags out, the more money gets paid to the arms manufacturers and other contractors, who care only about profit and couldn't care less about the thousands of dead and wounded.

Look at these children. Thousands of them have been killed or horrifically maimed, far more than were killed in the 9-11 attacks. And thousands more will be killed, thanks in large part to Barrack Obama and the bloodthirsty mass murderers he works for.

These children are not being killed because we are defending ourselves, they are being killed for profit - for natural gas pipelines for energy companies, defense contracts for weapons manufacturers, copious amounts of heroine for the international drug trade (including the CIA and other official and unofficial U.S. agencies), and other "national interests" according to people like Zbignew Brezizinski (See The Grand Chessboard) or Henry Kissinger, or the other Bush neo-cons or Obama neo-liberals (in reality, neo-fascists, each and everyone). But the main reason for all this murder, and for all the wars that have been fought since time immemorial, is the insatiable desire of the ruling class to conquer and own everything. To do this, they engineer wars and murder millions of people.These people couldn't care less about our safety, or the safety of the thousands of brainwashed teenagers we send over their to kill and maim and be killed and maimed.

Obviously Barack Obama doesn't bare the sole responsibility for what is happening. He is, however, responsible for choosing to be a public spokesman for the war, and for the people who are engineering it. He's largely responsible for pitching the idea to the poor, stupid youth of this country that are marching off to die en masse, like he did in Phoenix, Ar(ies)ona a couple of weeks ago when he said that this was "a war of necessity." Bullshit, Mr. President, bullshit. Not one thing in this war is necessary.

Now, apart from Obama being a liar, propaghandist, and accomplice to mass murder and mayhem in Afghanistan, he is also all of these things in Iraq, in Pakistan, and in many other parts of the world including the United States through the theft of trillions of dollars, intentionally engineered economic devastation, pharmacological and biological poisoning, totalitarian police tactics, and so on. I'm sure I'll be going into further detail in later blogs. (Until then, I suggest looking into a few of these things yourselves, if you are unfamiliar or doubt any of this information).

This blog wasn't intended to be about what a bad person the president is, but how he can have so many blind followers regardless of the fact that everything he's done indicates that he works for the the forces of darkness and evil, the true enemies of freedom and all that is good in the universe (Am I being too dramatic?).

The answer is mass manipulation, or mass mind control, or public relations and advertising in the language of people like Edward Bernays (one evil bastard, I recommend BBC's Century of the Self if you are unaware of the name). Americans like Barrack Obama because they have been psychologically conditioned to like him, overtly through media punditry and government propaghanda, and covertly, through nuero-linguistic programming and subliminal or subconscious programming via symbols and imagery.

Think about everything that happens during a campaign speech. Although the words of the speech are important for an analysis, they comprise only one facet of an intricate ritual involving, symbols, signs, chanting, clapping, vocal rhythm and timbre, hand gestures, and so on. All of these things are affecting the way the audience is perceiving the event, and they leave lasting impressions which in turn affects the way they perceive their reality. A speech is really a type of ritual, and rituals are designed to affect or alter their participants in some way, good or bad. The symbols, visual and vocal, play a very important part of this ritual.

The study and use of symbols is a science that is older than writing. To the best of my knowledge, it isn't taught too often in our education system, which isn't surprising because the manipulation of people through symbols is not something that the ruling class wants the masses to know about. Symbols affect the mind on a subconscious level, meaning they can be used to affect people without their awareness. Symbols can be used to connect two concepts subconsciously. A very simple example, Bruce Wayne uses the symbol of a bat when wearing his Batman persona. Bats are considered scary, dark, and mysterious. Although we know that Batman is not a bat, we attribute him with being scary, dark, and mysterious. Thus we have the concept of Bruce Wayne, and the concepts of scary, dark, and mysterious, and we link these concepts together through the symbolism of the bat.

Here is the official logo of the Obama campaign, along with the campaign slogan, "Change we can believe in." By analyzing the symbol and slogan together, we can get a good picture of what concept the public relations/mind control operatives are trying to implant in the public subconscious.

Here we have what appears to most people to be a rising sun. It seems to me that it could as easily be a setting sun, but I think most people perceive it as a rising sun because they have been conditioned to do so.

The reason that most people would agree that Obama's logo depicts a rising sun is that they have consciously or unconsciously accepted the interpretation of the symbol that its creators intentionally designed it to convey. According to wikipedia, that great wellspring of information that has been deemed suitable for public consumption, a rising Sun has traditionally been a symbol of hope. I think most people would agree with this statement, without giving much thought as to the reasons why this would be and when in our deep ancestral past humans first made this connection. Looking back thousands of years and at hundreds, perhaps thousands of different cultures and periods, we can see that this symbolic interpretation is nearly universally accepted.

The rising sun logo also symbolizes change, specifically change for the better. The fact that the sun is rising logically implies movement from from night to day, or darkness to illumination, or for more complex reasons, from ignorance to knowledge, evil to good, or from despair to hope.

Obama's logo was therefore designed to symbolize hope and change (for the better) for the purpose of linking one mental concept, Barrack Obama, to the concepts of hope and change.

In tandem with the visual symbolic programming, the Obama campaign used and still uses nuero-linguistic programming in the forms of written signs and vocal expressions that strengthen the hope-change-obama-sun conceptual link. Throughout the entire scripted media event that was the Obama campaign and election, the words hope and change were repeated with musical and mantra like regularity - rhythm and repetition being two keystone elements of mental manipulation or conditioning. As the mass mind manipulation expert Joseph Goebbels would say, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." In this discussion the manipulation occurs on a symbolic level rather than through straightforward verbal or written falsehoods, but repetition is still a crucial element.

If you have the patience, watch this or any other Barack Obama campaign speech and note the number of times during the speech the hope-change-obama-sun concept is reinforced through written and spoken words, posters, or visual symbols.

This meme (Richard Dawkins' term, not that I agree with much of what he has to say), this conceptual link of man-sun-hope-change is by no means a novel development in human history. It has occured again and again, in thousands of different forms in the mythical, metaphorical, spiritual, or religious traditions of our ancestors. We are describing the S(u)n of God, the savior, the messiah, the light of the world. In the conceptual framework of Christianity this archetype is manifested as Jesus Christ, whose halo has served as a powerful symbol (mass-manipulation tool) for centuries for the Roman Catholic church and other institutions. Other examples of this (always male, for reasons too complicated to go into now) archetype are Horus, Mithra, Krishna, Dionysus and many others (see my blog "The Other Christs" for more info). In esoteric tradition of Freemasonry, the solar deity is known as Lucifer, the light bearer, and can also be seen in the character of Hiram Abiff, the widow's son. For those who don't already have the eyes to see, the political realm abounds with symbols of freemasonry and other occult "traditions," as I will show later in this blog and more to follow.

Now, regardless of how one may feel about the meaning of these manifestations, be they purely allegorical or examples of actual living beings, it is safe to say that this archetype has had a very powerful affect on human experience throughout history. Many profound and beautiful truths can be found in the teachings attributed to these divine solar beings, if one has the eyes to see. But because of the fact that this archetype has such a profound effect on human thought, because of the role it has played and still plays in the evolution of consciousness, because of its power, it has been manipulated by mind-controllers throughout history, from the priest classes of ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Sumer, through the Roman empire and its continuation in the form of the Catholic church, to the social engineering public relations machine behind Barrack Obama.

One very important aspect of this Solar Deity/Christ is the concept of salvation, which is another link in a very intricate web of of concepts that make up this archetype. In the rising sun symbol, salvation is represented by the implied shift from the darkness of night to the light of morning. Darkness is often associated with danger, ignorance, and death, and light with peace, knowledge, and life. Thus we are always looking for "light at the end of the tunnel," we are always looking for that salvation which will make our lives better, and finding it in our chosen solar deity. We are "saved" by the teachings of christ, and illumined by the knowledge of prometheus, or lucifer, the morning star.

This aspect of the solar deity is easily exploited for the manipulation of the masses. At some point in our lives, we all wish we could be saved from some unfortunate set of circumstances, we have all wished that some force greater that ourselves could come to our rescue. Obama's public relations team has exploited this innate desire to present him as that external force that is greater than us and that has come to our rescue.

Another concept that is linked to the solar savior archetype is the idea of "oneness." There is always only "one true god," or "one true savior," or even "one last hope" for mankind. In the matrix movies (which are a maze of symbolism and multidimensional meaning) the Neo character, the savior, is called the one. (One = Neo, get it? Is it obvious enough?) There is only one Sun in the sky, hence their can only be one solar savior walking around on the earth (as above, so below). In a solar savior cult, it is always on one man that all hope for salvation lies. Looking again at the Obama logo, we see that it is circular and suggestive of the letter "O", as in "O"bama, the "O"ne. In the following clip, we see "O"prah Winfrey really laying it on thick:

As for me, I do not bow to any solar archetype, whether he is Jesus, Lucifer, or the President of the United States. I believe the only true salvation lies within, and if you're looking for salvation anywhere else, you're looking in the wrong place. As the Buddhists say, "if you see the Buddha on the road, kill him." This statement may seem paradoxical coming from a Buddhist, but they are simply implying that the Buddha(salvation, enlightment, nirvana, heaven) is not on the road, it is not located somewhere that you have to go searching for, it is not something that will come to you in the form of a man given to you like a gift from God. Salvation is something that must be cultivated from within, not received through some external source. It is not something that can be located in a man, hence, any man you meet claiming to be your salvation is not really your salvation.

In the Obama logo, we see what appears to be a symbolic representation of a sun rising into a blue sky over a red and white horizon. The fact that the sun symbol resides in the blue portion of the pin, and that both are located above the red and white portion, symbolically tells us that red is subordinate to blue, conceptually linking the battle between light and dark with the battle between red and blue, republican and democrat. I believe that there is much more to explore in the symbolic battle of red and blue and the meaning behind those specific colors, but I won't delve too far into that yet.

Another concept linked to this archetype is that of divinity, or god or demigod status. Christ is the Son of God, he is God or the Holy Spirit incarnate, he is the embodiment of Love and so on. The monarchical system of the past several thousand years evolved from the concept of divinity, or God made flesh, and most importantly, divine blood(lines). In certain Egyptian periods each succesive pharoah was believed to be the incarnation of the solar deities Ra, Horus or Aton, and that process has continued symbolically through today in the symbolism of  political and religious manipulation. In order to keep the bloodlines "pure," and in order to hoard vast amounts of wealth and power, the ruling class regularly engaged in what is now called incest or inbreeding.This practice continued throughout the monarchies and empires that followed in Europe, America, and much of the rest of the world, and even today, we can see that most of the ruling elite are genetically related - Barack Obama is distant cousin to both Bush and Cheney, who are also cousins of John Kerry, who are both related Jimmy Carter and the Windsors, and on and on. (geneological research is a bit too tedious for me at the moment)

Looking through Barrack Obama's extensive armory of symbols, it is clear that his public relations team have symbolically linked him to the concept of divinity and salvation. This aspect of divinity, or super humanness, implies faith, it implies that the deity is question is in a sense less fallible than a typical human being, though not quite a God. The strength of the solar savior increases and decreases just as the light of the sun from day to night. A rising sun indicates increasing power, a setting sun decreasing power, a sun at its apex indicates victory over the forces of darkness. The solar savior is forever locked in a battle against darkness, a continuous cycle of crucifixion and resurrection or death and reincarnation. Thus the solar is savior is always fighting, and is always in danger. (more on that later)

Speaking of crucifixion, the concept of sacrifice is another facet of the complex conceptual web that describes the solar deity archetype. The Gods of the sun-worshiping cultures of the past often demanded or required sacrifices, sometimes in the form of live human beings. The solar saviors often died as a sacrifice. Christ was crucified for our sins, Prometheus was crucified as punishment for bringing knowledge to men.

Thus it should come as no surprise that the speech and slogan writers behind Obama often emphasize the need for sacrifice, especially regarding the "sacrifice of our brave troops" in whatever war we are fighting. The color of sacrifice is red, as in blood, and we see that symbolized in Obama's pin with the three red stripes. If the blue represents the sky, as most people would assume, and the bright yellow/white semi-circle the sun, then the red and white stripes must be the earth. Why would the earth be red? Could it represent soil stained with sacrificial blood?

A Soldier Makes "The Ultimate Sacrifice"

The Body and the Blood

In Catholicism, the sacrifice of Jesus is celebrated in a ritual called communion. This ritual involves consuming a piece of bread, which symbolizes Christ's body, and some red wine, which symbolizes Christ's blood. At one point in the ritual, the communion wafer is held directly over the chalice, dipped into the wine, and eventually consumed. If we then symbolically link the red in the Obama logo to the red, sacrificial communion wine of the Catholic ritual, we can see that Obama's logo serves as a representation of the communal wafer (the body of Christ - a solar disk) being dipped into the red wine (the blood of christ).

I'm sure the number of red and white stripes is significant. The three red stripes could represent the three nail wounds of Jesus. Hiram Abiff, a masonic Jesus of sorts, was killed by three men. As Obama is often compared to JFK (despite having opposite positions in key policy areas, such as the Federal Reserve, the CIA, and War Funding), we might symbolically link them to the three rifle shots of the official assassination myth. Of course, only two are said to have hit their target.

The link between Obama and sacrifice or assasination is unsettling. The media has been not so subtly implanting the idea that Obama's life may be in danger, particularly from "right wing racist extremists". Regardless of whether or not it could be, it is beneficial for his image to appear that way, as this would further strengthen the solar archetype meme. After all, we have been told all our lives "only the good die young," and we think of Jesus, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, and so on, and they all have been to some degree "deified."

The Obama logo seems to be symbolically telling us (at least our subconscious), quite clearly, that Obama is a solar savior, - that he represents, hope, change, salvation, divinity, and sacrifice. His speeches and slogans tell us the same. His main slogan, "Change we can believe in," works perfectly with the logo in invoking or implanting the solar archetype. The use of the word "believe" is significant (as are all the other words in the slogan), as it can be conceptually linked to faith. Belief does not necessarily require a logical foundation, a step by step process which necessarily leads to such and such a conclusion. A famous "alternative" researcher named Erich Von Daniken, had this to say about belief:

"At question time (at a midewestern technical institute), a student asked me, "Do you really believe in your theory?" As I am convinced of it, I am precluded from believing in it. "Belief" is the prerogative of religions; it is emotional trust in an authority, in a doctrine. In this sense belief simply means that the secret of nature must be accepted as it is. I have to convince by facts, step by step, for I am not the leader of a sect and still less the founder of a religion."

Obama's PR men manipulate symbols and language for the purpose of instilling the "emotional trust" that Von Daniken connects to the concept of belief. This has been done by linking him with the Solar Savior archetype that exists in the collective subconscious of humanity, and therefore in the subconscious of each of us. Obama and the mind control experts backing him are not the first people in history to attempt to do this. In fact, this process has been used by the ruling class to manipulate the lower classes for thousands of years. Below is but one recent example of the use of sun symbolism in politics.

Emblem of a Solar Cult

Note: the word holocaust means "burnt offering" or "sacrifice by fire"
Note: the word holocaust means "burnt offering" or "sacrifice by fire"

Whenever an American president is compared to Adolph Hitler in a discussion on mainstream media, the pundits inevitably make a big show of their righteous indignation, regardless of whether such comparisons are merited. The reason being, in my opinion, that the main stream networks do not want you to think about any similarities between the present United States and Germany under the third Reich. Hitler is presented as one of history's lone lunatic dictators, a man who, through sheer sociopathic cunning all his own, seized power and ruled with an iron fist and caused the deaths of millions of people.

In reality Hitler, like Obama, was a puppet of the elite. Without the help of American and British corporations such as IBM, Standard Oil, Ford Motor Company, Union Banking Company and others, Hitler would never have been able to attain so much power. And he would never have been able to control the German masses without his team of propagandists, mind controllers, symbologists, and public relations experts to create elaborate rituals, speeches, slogans, and symbols to manipulate them into a state of emotional trust. The millions would not have died, were it not for their help, too.

Like Obama's team, they chose a solar symbol that would invoke the solar deity archetype - the swastika, which has been used for thousands of years by European and Asian cultures as a sign of the sun, good luck, hope and change for the better. The German masses associated those concepts with Adolph Hitler, and they strongly believed he would lead them into a better world - and of course he, or more correctly the people and corporations that were controlling him, did the exact opposite.

Now, as far as comparisons between an American president and his administration, and Adolph Hitler and his administration, the George W. Bush administration beats Obama's - at least for the time being. Just about everything that happened under Bush was taken right out of the Nazi playbook, the September 11th attacks (the Reichstaag fire), a terrorist threat (communist Jews), the invasions that were justified by the threat, the hasty passage of national security legislation, the creation of a department of homeland security, the increase in executive powers, the suspension of certain legal protections, the increased surveillance and state secrecy, and on and on and on. Crucial to all of these things, in both cases, was that the emotional trust of the public, the blind, unquestioning faith that allowed the deceptions, the loss of freedoms, the mass killings, to go on. The following clip serves as an excellent example:

There are many, many, liberals who would scoff at the robotic pop star's unquestioning faith (whether genuine or scripted) in George W. Bush, without even realizing that they have the same unquestioning faith in Barrack Obama. How many times have you heard someone say something like "Hey, lay off Obama, he's only been in office x amount of months," or "Stop complaining and just let the man do his job" (a recent facebook poll option). Sorry, but "stop complaining and just let the man do his job" is the type of attitude that leads a society straight to totalitarian hell, its the attitude that lets dictators perform mass murder while the masses stand by and do nothing.

I once saw a post that had Obama's picture on it, and next to the picture someone wrote the words "I have hope because of him." Those are the exact words you would expect from someone whose mind has been manipulated by the public relations mind controllers to view Obama as a messianic savior, a solar deity.

Imagine for a moment, that you are viewing the Obama campaign from the perspective of an alien sociologist. You would see a culture where mass numbers of people adorn their property with symbols and phrases that you have learned are associated with one man. You would see the symbols on their cars, their houses, their desks, their clothing. They watch the man on TV and on the internet, they read about him in the newspapers and magazines and books. Whenever the man appears in public, large crowds of people show up to see him. They rhythmically chant his name while holding his symbols over their heads. They respond to every word with applause or chanting. Some are overcome with emotion, some faint. What would you think was going on?

Obviously you would think that the man's followers were members of some religious cult or sect, that this man was being worshiped as a god or saint of some kind, and that speeches and ceremonies were religious rituals. Perhaps you would see a war and think that the thousands of uniformed men that marched off to murder people were conducting human sacrifices to him. If you happened to have observed the symbolism of other past or present cultures, you would note the similarities of the symbols and rituals surrounding other deified men throughout history. Of particular interest would be the ritual that we call the "inauguration" ceremony.

Monuments of a Solar Cult

See this fascinating blog and others for more information:
See this fascinating blog and others for more information:

This ritual takes place every four years on the steps of the Capital building in Washington D.C., and is a maze of symbolism. The entire mall complex is of freemasonic design down to the orientation of the streets. The crowd gathers under the obelisk, which as its shape suggests, is an ancient phallus symbol used in solar cults for thousands of years. The pathways around it form a vesica piscis, which as its shape suggests, is symbolic of a vagina. The combination of the two, obelisk and vesica piscis, symbolizes the act of sexual intercourse (yes, it means the exact same thing in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome), the joining of the masculine sun energy with the feminine earth energy. This symbolic sexual act produces an offspring - the solar savior archetype, and we see this in the dome of the capital building, which symbolizes the pregnant womb of the earth goddess. The ritual begins with the soon to be inaugurated/crowned president/messiah emerging from the womb, through a door (vagina again) to greet the crowd of supporters/worshipers. It is the ritual of the birth of a solar savior archetype, and I'm sure its been repeated millions of times in one form or another, for egyptian pharoahs, catholic popes, European monarchs (Louis the IV of France, known as the "Sun King, and anyone else wearing a solar crown"), and other patriarchs throughout the ages. It is told in the mythology of Osiris (Father god), Isis (Mother god), and Horus (S(u)n God), and all the other stories of miraculous births and immaculate conceptions of past and present religions. Everything about the symbolism tells us that the man being inaugurated is not just a man, but a divine being, a man born of the gods.

Sweet Baby Barry! Sun of Promise, Child of Hope! Amen! (Amun-Ra!)

Excerpt - "Even God himself talks to Barry while he's in church on Sunday, telling him: "Look around you. Now look to me. There is hope enough here to last a lifetime."
Excerpt - "Even God himself talks to Barry while he's in church on Sunday, telling him: "Look around you. Now look to me. There is hope enough here to last a lifetime."

The purpose, or one of them anyway, of all of this symbolism is to program the human mind subconsciously to accept Barack Obama as a savior, to create what is often described as "a cult of personality" around him, to create that blind, unquestioning, powerful, emotional trust that overwhelms rationality.

Obama is not a savior, he is a just a corrupt politician who has gone to extreme lengths to convince you that he is one, to a greater degree than I've seen in any other President or candidate in recent memory, and I find this fact very disturbing. As I have argued and will doubtlessly continue argue, Barrack Obama is a tool of the elite globalist network that I may refer to with names such as the establishment, the new world order, the illuminati, the elite. Most, if not all, of his appointments have been members of the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission. Obama represents their interests, and it is his job to sell you the wars, the oppressive laws and programs (including the incredibly dangerous vaccination program of which I hope to write more about shortly, for now all I can say is, don't take it, research whats in it and why), and to distract you with smokescreens such as global warming. Our population is being socially engineered on a level we have rarely seen except in some of the most extreme totalitarian societies in history, to accept him as an archetypal god-like entity, at a time when we are quickly becoming a totalitarian state. This should disturb anyone who cares about physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom. If you are a christian Obama supporter, this high-jacking of spiritual symbolism for the use of promoting a false messiah should cause you some concern, as you may have been duped into accepting a new solar savior. If you're a proclaimed atheist and Obama supporter, you might want to consider that you too have been duped into joining a religion of sorts. Once again, hordes of blind followers have been tricked into joining a cult of personality, and embracing yet another false messiah and establishment puppet, another purveyor of false hope. There truly is nothing new under the Sun.


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      8 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Another brilliant hub! I will be back to read more of yours!


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