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Obama / Hitler: An Interesting Observation

Updated on October 24, 2013

Great Orators

What If?

There has been a series of events lately that has gotten me concerned, thus I am using this blog to try to express and raise the question: Could someone like Hitler ever come to power in the US?

The immediate, knee-jerk reaction would be "No way! This is America!". This leads me to a second question: If someone had written of the power danger that was being organized in Germany, would anyone have taken notice or done anything to try to stop it?

Would the people of Germany have said "No way! This is Germany!"? The answer is: most likely. People are people and citizens are proud. They would not want to even consider the possibility - just as we would not want to "consider" that it could happen here.

(The line "Pride comes before the fall." jumps in my head.)

The purpose of this article is to raise the question of: "WHAT IF" there is a movement in play to takeover our country?

I WANT to stimulate discussion on this issue so that I can either put my concerns to rest or I can wake this country up while there is still a chance.

I do not want, and will not allow, Obama bashing. Though I disagree with his politics, etc.; I feel this issue is beyond him. I feel that players like Soros and Rockefeller might actually be in control and Obama is simply their well-trained puppet.

After reading my findings, feel free to point out where I may have incorrect data or conclusions, but don't just say "You are wrong!" Prove it with verifiable resources - and ALL mainstream media (including FOX) cannot be used as "proof" of anything. I see all of the media as eschewed information and only use them as a place to START research based on current talking points.

The info herein has all been researched and verified to my satisfaction of accuracy. I do not claim to be any kind of authority, so PLEASE double-check my data. I have put links to my sources for ease of verification.

FEMA Corps Cadets

Current Events

1) While unemployment and the probability of economic collapse are at critical mass, the primary focus of the government and media is on Gun Control!

First of all, I am not a gun owner. However, during all the media debate over the Second Amendment, I came across a You-Tube video posted on Facebook that sent me into a well of research on the matter.

*** ***
Published on Mar 4, 2013

Constitutional scholar Publius Huldah recently explained why Federal gun laws are unlawful. ***

Researching the validity of this video is what led me to question what is going on.

2) The Department of Homeland Security is amassing large quantities of weapons, ammo and armored "attack" vehicles and deploying them all across America.

WHY? I could understand this weaponry in the hands of our National Guard for use in a potential assault from an enemy, but why the DHS? ... and why throughout the U.S. instead of across the borders? Are they "anticipating" an uprising from within?

Doing a search on "DHS purchase of bullets, weapons and vehicles" yields many sites on the subject. Here is one that says it all pretty clearly to understand:

3) The DHS is expanding its power and control.

  • A) The DHS is systematically getting full command of the state and county police forces. More and more states are turning over their police agencies to be under the DHS authority.
  • There are over 49 "Fusion" Centers across the U.S under control of DHS. These centers, under the guise of "finding child abductors quickly" type scenarios, have computer networks that include facial recognition software that allows locating individuals anywhere within a short time.
  • B) Is the FEMA Corps actually a training ground for a DHS army? This article seems to indicate that it COULD be possible:
  • C) Under DHS training, the police are now being taught to view Christians and "right-wingers as terrorists equivalent to jihadists. A web-search of "DHS terrorist list" yields a LOT of sites that basically seems to say that anyone who has a differing opinion than the liberals are terrorists. Here is one such site:

The scariest part of this to me, is "Who does the DHS report to?" The military is under the Commander-in-Chief who is in turn under the Congress. Should the Commander-in-Chief get out of line, the Congress CAN remove him. The DHS, on the other hand, is directly under the president and he is NOT accountable to anyone for it.

(I contemplated inserting the "DRONE" issue here, but this article is already becoming larger than I anticipated There is just sooooo much info; but suffice it to say, in the hands of a totalitarian type government, it would be devastating.)

4) The media is vilifying all opposition. Libertarian, republican, Christian, etc. Anyone who has a differing opinion than the liberals WILL come under attack by the media. For example, anyone who speaks up for their Christian beliefs is a target - such as Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby and the lady florist in California who chose not to provide flowers for a gay wedding and is now being sued BY THE STATE!

(There is not enough space available in this article to list all the media attacks and its utilization as a propaganda machine; but anyone with their eyes open can see it clearly.)

Hitler, with the help and expertise of Joseph Goebbels, "mastered" the utilization of the media to generate propaganda. Some of his famous quotes on the subject were:

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”

*** Control of the media to attack and vilify his opposition was Hitler's greatest weapon... and he worked it to perfection. ***

How does someone take control of a country?

Rise of Hitler:

The following is a "loose" timeline of Hitler's rise. Though I have found it to be a fascinating study, it would take months of research time that I do not have to fully establish the exact info. The purpose of this article is to visualize interesting parallels between the Hitler rise and a potential threat to America. To that purpose, the loose outline should give anyone a glimpse of the events that resulted in the dictatorship of Germany.

I am not looking to get into any history debates of dates, etc.; but I welcome knowledgeable input that pertains to the topic - whether my findings are accurate or not - and to correct my findings if necessary. (Please provide sources if you contribute. Statements, both pro and con, WILL NOT be published without it.)

Hitler was a decorated veteran of World War I.

1919 - Joined the German Worker's Party (precursor of the NSDAP)

1921 - Became leader of the NSDAP. Started the SA (also known as Storm Troopers and Brown Shirts) made mostly of out of work war vets and was used mostly for crowd control and intimidation of opponents.

1923 > Failed coupe to militarily take the country - put in prison - wrote Mein Kampf and laid out a plan to take germany politically.

1924 -1928 > Organized Nazi party and established a network of local community leaders across the country. They were sent organized propaganda points to embed into their local media. Started the SS as a personal bodyguard.

1929 - 1931 > Set out to attract the middle and lower class, picked up support from some financially powerful people, got control of the media,established a major propaganda campaign against opposing parties - promising to restore jobs and to change Germany into a powerful nation again. Hitler utilized a cry for "social justice" (a term also utilized by Stalin and Mao) as a rally ideology and a tool to vilify non Nazis - ONLY the Nazi could bring about the "end to social injustice being caused by the jews and the capitalists" in Germany.

1932 (Elections) > Gave speeches in 50 cities / 15 days. Hitler and the Nazi party promised everyone in each location whatever was needed for them to hear. (His media only reported how successful the rallies were, not what he had promised anyone.)

Hitler was voted into office and the Nazis won a majority in the Reichstag (the German Congress). The Nazi media propaganda machine continued to vilify everybody that was not Nazi. The media attacks expanded from just political opponents and also began focusing on non-Aryans like jews and communist.

1933 > After one year in the Reichstag, Hitler was made Chancellor (head of the Reichstag and second to the President). A fire (blamed on a "potential" communist attack, but assumed to have been started by the Nazis) was used to invoke a type of martial law and gave The President (and Hitler) the ability to bypass the legal process of making laws. Hitler then started using executive orders to change laws, appoint his own people into public offices and institute gun registration of all citizens.

1934 > The president died, Hitler took over and made himself position of Führer. He used executive orders at will and replaced elected government officials with those he appointed.

1934 - 1936 > All local police departments were placed under the control of the SS and Hitler turned on the unions, whose power had helped him get elected, and assimilated them into a single state-run union which all citizen had to answer to to be able to work. He also set up a network of community informants to make the Nazi party aware of anyone that even talks bad against them.

1938 > Gun confiscation and execution of those that resisted.

1939 > Attacked Poland and started WWII.

Is Obama the next Hitler?

Obama has MANY of the attributes that would / could point to his taking that position - actively studying Marxism, affiliation with Bill Ayers, affinity with the AFLCIO, community organizer, great speaker, etc. However, I DO NOT THINK OBAMA HAS WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A DICTATOR!

First, he rarely (if ever) speaks his own thoughts. His speeches are precisely crafted for optimal verbiage pointed towards a coordinated outcome with media marching orders. (Even to the point that the media has several times sent their stories out BEFORE Obama has spoken.)

There has also been several times where Obama was caught on video when his teleprompter has gone off and he was clueless as to what to say until it was turned back on. Hitler could take ANY situation and turn it into a compelling speech without anyone else writing for him.

Hitler was a decorated war vet - Obama has NO military experience.

Hitler was the head of the labor union for several years. He had experience leading large numbers of people - Obama worked as a community organizer as a job, but has NO real experience as a "leader". (Looking at the last 4 years one could question THAT as leadership. LOL)

I DO fully think that Obama believes that a Marxist-Lenin socialistic society is HIS utopia for America. The people who are pulling his strings specifically selected him BECAUSE he believes in that utopia and that same goal is their target. When Obama declared his goal to "fundamentally change America", there was no doubt in many of us that he was talking about turning America into his utopian society. EVERYTHING he has done since taking office has moved us closer to that goal.

Obama foretold his "civilian" army

Hitler's SS

So... If Obama is not the threat, does that mean a threat does not exist?

There lies the question!

All the components used by Hitler are in play:

1) The major political party, working hand-in-hand with the AFLCIO, to create a single government run union. Some union bosses have already been given "government" positions by Obama.

2) The media blatantly attacking everyone that has opposing views to the socialist agenda.

3) Use of the term "social justice" as a battle cry.

4) The use of Executive Orders to dictate law.

5) The placement of a personal army (DHS) under his direct command.

6) A network of community informants (DHS Watchlist Service).

All that is left is confiscating all guns that could be used against a takeover Hitler started gun registration in 1933 and then, FIVE YEARS later, used that information for his private army (the SS) to confiscate all guns. With the DHS already growing stronger by the week, if we give in to gun registration now, we will not have the power to stop a takeover FIVE YEARS from now (IF it takes them that long).

The DHS already has 3000 ARMORED assault vehicles deployed around the US, enough guns and ammo to sustain a 20 year war and they graduated their first class of "specialty trained" private cadets last October specifically to serve in the DHS army.

The DHS also has a network of 49 fully computerized HUBS strategically placed across the country with visual recognition software that gives them the ability to track any person anywhere there are cameras. (They "say" it is for easy location of kidnappers, bank robbers, etc. - If so, transformation to use for political / military purposes is just a flip of a switch. LOL)

The DHS, with the assimilation of the state and local police departments, now has more firepower than our National Guard. (This was Hitler's last step before gun confiscation in Germany and it is already in place here in America.)


What can we do?

1) Decide for yourself if you feel this threat is real. If you see that there is even a POSSIBILITY that this is really happening, then we have got to get moving now while we still have a chance to stop it.

2) We MUST NOT let the liberals get control of Congress in 2014... and definitely not a super majority. Having the Obamacare Tax rammed down our throats will feel like warm chocolate in comparison to what they could do to this country. First, they would have the power to overturn the 2-term limit for president and the powers that be (Soros, Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission, Illuminati, Aliens, ... whoever it is) could continue to rule vicariously through Obama indefinitely. Second, the Libs could call for a Continental Congress and rewrite our Constitution however they choose.

3) We must not give up our guns - NOT EVEN REGISTRATION! It took Hitler 5 years to build the SS into a viable private army, assimilate the local police departments and start disarming the people. Obama already has the army he wanted and now they have taken over the state and local police. As soon as they can pinpoint the majority of our weapons, nothing can stop them.

4) Demand accountability. The DHS needs to be moved under the military - ASAP. As it sits now, the president or a military madman could take control of the DHS and wreak havok.

5) Try, to whatever level possible, to get people to see the media as a weapon that is being used against us. If there is really a take-over in the making, there WILL BE a concerted effort by the media to debunk ANYTHING that would point people to what is actually happening. The closer anyone gets, the louder they will yell.


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