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What Does Obama / Michael Jackson Have in Common?

Updated on July 4, 2009

No News is Real News

Do you get the feeling every time you crank up your computer to the internet that the same picture comes up. Do you get the feeling every time you pick up a newspaper you get the same story line. Do you get the same picture every time you pass a newsstand? You see the same old portrait on the front of the mags. Do you see it in your sleep or think about it while you are eating or driving your car or playing with the kids or talking with your friends in the bar, etc...All this coverage brings to mind names like Stalin/Russia, Hitler/Germany, Chavez/Venezuela, Castro, Cuba, Hu Jintao, China, Kim Jong-il, North Korea, Robert Mugabe/Zimbabwe, Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan, Than Shwe, Myanmar, just to name a few. Oh yea, Obama wants to extend his stay at the White House. Did you know that. Why would someone want to lead a bankrupt country? Oh yea, we are the only ones broke, not him. He is rolling in dough but does not like capitalist? View the world worst dictators.

Why the media (except for Fox) is a-- kissing or brown nosing or whatever you want to call it is beyond my understanding. What do they have to gain. A bailout? Because out of 100 most popular newspapers 93 have cut staff. You see Obama's face, name, or picture every where you go and it's really getting old. He thinks he a superstar and has to do nothing but spend money and have a good time not run the most powerful country in the world. you'd think he was Brittney Spears getting a tatoo on his a-- or something. He acts like he is running Argentina or some small piece of land with few inhabitants. Oh yea, he's running it OK. Right into the ground just like Jimmie Carter started with the everyone deserves a hosing routine, excuse me housing proposition and look what that created.

The government of leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez heightened its battle Tuesday against the only critical private broadcaster left in the nation, launching a fourth investigation into the Globovision network. This is the headlines they get in Venezuela.

When is Obama going to hit Fox for mandated support?

You can say what you want to or think what you want to, but the Republicans have not run the house since 1928. Social Security is gone, the Treasury Dept. is broke, Medicare and Medicade, is on it way out and since we are not a Christian nation I doubt we will see a Christmas tree at the White House this year. I'm a registered Democrat (but its like religion, my parents were democrats and they have always voted as such just because) but I did not vote Democrat and I guarantee you after seeing how they want to destroy us I will never vote Democrat again.

Now, this week all I have seen is Michael Jackson. Did you know Elvis has sold more music in the UK since 2000 than Michael Jackson has even thought of selling. In fact Elvis has had three number one hits and 18 top ten since 2000 and MJ none since 1997. The UK is very important when it comes to stats. The Eagles, 100,000,000 sold to date and MJ 65,000,000. He at the bottom when it comes to the biggies. MJ does not even match Marvin Gaye, who I really enjoyed and he never grabbed his crotch on stage the first time. He was a gentleman on stage. Mj was an excellent singer and dancer, so why did he have to throw in the crap? One can only use their imagination. I guess its a lack of confidence thing. Maybe the drugs or kids or whatever that he thought he had to stoop to being discusting.

Anyway the point being, with all the Iran issue last week, the media has really moved you thinking away from Obama's flubs with the MJ headlines, haven't they! Duh. Its that AK again. It's whats required of the media. It's what they are told to do by the higher powers. It's what the Obama camp want of them. Direct / Misdirect. It is happening constantly now. Just like when Pelosi disappeared to China. You did not hear about that did you? You don't hear about all the trash that is thrown into these bills to get the votes they need. All the sellouts. The bridges a quarter of a mile down the street from another bridge. A 40million dollar mouse. Which Bank got what and why and when will they pay it back and who is to ask these question of the Banks? Why does the Media not report the real news? Someone needs to pull their heads out of their a---- and soon. They can be put on the street also. Do they not believe that? They really need to wake up.

Did I miss the President's happy Fourth of July speech? I work at night so I very well could have. I think the headlines today read something about his next three country trip not the fourth of July celebration. Go figure!


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