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Obama Works his Magic

Updated on December 5, 2015

Wake Up and Smell the Opposition

Our President is the first Black President
and it turns out he has been a total laps
in the voters judgement due to his Canpaign
out and out lies and promises that have
proven to totally against our beliefs and
Constitution, even Michelle (Michael) said
she had never had been proud of America
until he was elected President.

He has totally destroyed the Health Insurance
industry by knocking out all the inexpensive
Policies that healthy folks used that did not
have to go to the Dr. on a regular basis and
they now have to buy expensive policies or
OBAMA Care which in itself has a required
deductible of $5000 or more. What's the use
in having insurance. That's his point. You
can't afford the Insurance so pay the
Government the fine. Make's no difference
to him. He rather you pay the fine.

Hes has made America his project and is
nothing more than a con man, puppet master,
or whatever you wish to define the job he
has done as President working his Sociopath- like tricks to get followers by lying and spending tons of tax dollars to take America down by the influx of Muslims and installing the thought that Political Correctness is now our way of life as Terrorist start their killing sprees on our soil on his watch and he has the Gaul to call this work place violence. The reasoning behind this is as it occurs people as the neighbour in California was afraid to say something next door was going on because of being labelled a profiler. Well if I see any thing such as what she saw i will be squealing like a pig to the authorities. I don't worry about being Politically Correct if it will save lives. Now this is on her shoulders, that the lives of 14 people were killed as an action of being Politicly Correct and 17 more were injured. All I can say is congrats mam, you do what OBAMA wanted you to do.

He has the Gaul to throw his opinion and voice to
throw fuel on the fire against the Police, who saves
lives and protect us everyday against criminals and
not down play the "Black Lives Matter" protesters
movement causing division and chaos across America.

Believe me, these Muslim's and Muslim emphasizer's
don't care if you are black, white, green. or yellow.
They kill all that are not kissing their butt and
backing them or throwing money at them.

OBAMA'S big response to this problem is take away
our weapons. What a totally lost soul! The Government
under his watch has sold these weapon's to the
Mexican Cartel's and ISIS which is using US Military
Weapon's, bullet proof Humvee's, large caliper automatic
weapon's, kill Christian's and Muslim's
in Iraq. OBAMA is the best leader that ISIS has
going for them. He is working against the American
people as hard as he can.

He hates Congress and thinks he should have the power
of a Dictator. he has pretty much made that clear.
To his surprise our Constitution balances out the
power that the President has so we don't develop a
Dictatorship. He has personally said "he did not know
how limited the power that the President had until
he was elected".

Muslim women and children are working with ISIS,
blowing themselves up, shooting American's and so
forth, but OBAMA thinks we should let thousands of
illegal Muslim Women and Children into our Country.
It does not take a Rhodes Scholar to figure out what
he is up to. He is taking down America as we know
it and the sooner you folks figure this out, the
safer we will be. It is not going to be easy to
undue what he has done and their is going tp be
people killed in the process, but it has to be done.
He has to be stopped. The sad thing is, he has another
year to work his ideology into our culture.

American's have a problem because we have had it so
good for so long and being settled to the fact that
things are good. There not! Our voices are being
silenced and these stupid left winger's are trying
to take away our protection and dumb down the Police.
Figure it out before it's too late. We are in a
War and OBAMA is working for the opposition.

OBAMA does not listen to the Military Advisor's, FBI,
CIA, or anyone that has our Welfare at in mind, and
he gets in front of the camera and flat out lies
and acts like it is the total truth and has always
carried this pattern. It really sickens me that there
are people out there that put him on a pedestal.

Please wake up and see the big picture. Take
America back. There is so much to be said and
take in on this subject. Leave your thoughts and pray for those families that lost their loved one's in the terrorist's attack in California.


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