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Obama brings hope to foreign policy

Updated on December 28, 2008
Israeli President Shimon Peres
Israeli President Shimon Peres
Obama meeting General David Petraeus
Obama meeting General David Petraeus
victims of the Holocaust at the Hall Of Names
victims of the Holocaust at the Hall Of Names
Obama, right, was dressed as a Somali elder
Obama, right, was dressed as a Somali elder
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter

History has been made but the struggle continues

The opportunity for America to regain its position in the world has presented itself again with Barrack Obama as the president. We all saw how the world was overwhelmed by the outcome of this election. The question we should then ask ourselves is why were people all over the world so content with Obama as the president of the United State when in fact we have never seen this behavior in the history of America? Was it because of the past performance of the previous presidential régime which people thought had a negative impact on people from most part of the world? Or can we perhaps say the president past and racial ethnicity defines a sense of unity that has attracted people all over the world to relate to him on different levels.

I tend to believe that a relationship exist between these two outcomes. Considering his past, I for one can say that he was brought up by a single mother just like I did and for him to have such turnout is even more surprising. The only different there is that he’s biracial which I think is perfect because as people we tend to be attracted to those who look like us. In his case both blacks and whites were able to relate because both groups could see their half in him. I suspect that there’s going to be a lots of little Obamas being born in this country in the next four years. In addition, we notice his passing in Jakarta Indonesia where he was educated to respect the values of other cultures. The short involvement of his Kenyan father which influenced his potential to become a good father to his children is all part of common ground that people relates to. And beside, after graduated from Harvard, he picked an exceptional woman to be his wife, Michelle Obama. It is a fact that some blacks would have looked at him differently had he chosen to lighten his heritage as opposed to add more color to it. Nonetheless, the truth is their relationship had nothing to do with race since both of them can be identified as black. However though, to some extent interracial relationships promote unity.

In the first outcome, if we were to contemplate on how the Bush administration conducted their leadership, most would say it's impossible for them to have succeeded. The idea that “you’re either with us or against us” does philosophically constraint ones ability to reason. It leaves one no room to justify when in fact one can’t accept any proposition without justifying. The ability to reason is what makes us human. So when they asked us not to think, they’re treating us like animals. We the American people should never again under no circumstances accept this command from any administration. It is obvious that our reputation has ruin but with Barrack Obama the possibility to gain it back is now possible. I’d like to see us take advantage of this love we’re now receiving from the world, use it to protect our interest while restoring diplomacy. We’re a country of melting pot, our citizens roots are all origins of other countries. Our role in this world is not to be bullies but rather a peace maker. Former president Clinton said to us at the democratic national convention that “The people of the world have always been impressed by the power of our examples than the examples of our power”. If you think I was making this up now you know. Our leaders have been communicating with us all alone folks, we’re just not listening. It’s seemed like the only time we pay attention is when we’re faced with difficulties.

It is clear that foreign policy is going to be a big issue and how the Obama administration conduct it’s policies will determine how the world will see us. We hope that Obama’s administration doesn’t apply constraint that will leave doors close for bilateral talk. If I want to resolve my conflict with John, I must communicate my disagreement with him in order for us to know where we stand. Not only is communication the first step to diplomacy but it’s also the most basic form of civilization. A nuclear Iran is more dangerous without bilateral talk than it is when we’re communicating. They say keep your best friend close and your enemy closer. If we think of Iran as an enemy, it would seem logical to me that we should talk instead of neglecting them. If our reasons are justified than talking with Iran should only be seen as an opportunity.

When the loads are that heavy only minuscule steps can prevent them from falling! It’s apparent that the Obama administration is walking into a six foot hole, to get out of it will require more than four years. However, one step at a time is the way to go. Stimulus packages, job creation, retrieving our militant from Iraq are the formation of steps to take. His ideas are good; he focused his priority on the economy because without stable jobs Americans are unstable. Stability will come when the above mentioned are achieved but how long it will take is a question that not even the Obama administration can truthfully answer. However though, if campaigning to elect Barack Obama was the stepping stone than keeping him In check should only be the plateau. Since he's a man of good reason, his reasoning should coincide with our demands. And since he has proven to be inquisitive, he must then be a thorough person. A president who asked questions when in doubt is exactly what we've been missing for the last eight years. No one is saying that his going to be perfect but a commander in chief chief who takes every measure to avoid making mistakes is precisely what the American people looks forward to.

A president secrete weapons are his cabinet members and so far his armored are looking good. Tuff nut Rahm Emanuel is precisely that. He served under Bill Clinton as Deputy Chief of Staff. Another former Clinton guy, John Podesta who was Bill Clinton Chief of Staff. Robert Gibbs, who served as a press secretary in John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign. That’s exactly what I’m talking about when I say the same people who brought us prosperity under Clinton years are the same folks who are going to bring it to us again. As you can see folks, everyone whose part of this team so far is experienced? This is what I call the team of mavericks not the Sarah Palin types. It is obvious that this is not a job opportunity, the people on this team so far are influential and able to pull strings.

Blacks in the white house signified change already, why is it then some people are still asking what does change mean. I guest they don't know what usually happen when blacks move into a neighborhood huh But really folks, on a serious note, Change is an out of the ordinary occurrence, something that doesn’t always happen, something new. What we experienced under George W. Bush was also a change. It may have been a negative change depending on how one looks at it but it was indeed a change. If one was to compare the Clintons years to that of George W. Bush, it would be apparent that the national deficit under Clinton didn’t almost reach the sky. However though, change is what we make of it. If we’re involve like the French people are, we can make change seems like a walk in the park. Unity is what gives birth to change without it they can’t be no change. “L’ UNION FAIT LA FORCE.”

I do not copy other people's material, it's a sin to do that. If it's not mine it will be quoted or referenced.



DR. Cornel West Views

Obama brings hope to foreign policy


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    • sir slave profile image

      sir slave 6 years ago from Trinity county CA.

      I 'd have to agree with you as far as Obama being many steps above what we all got used to for 8 years.!!

      but Obama has also followed many Bush policies as well.

      he has sheilded the telecoms just like Bush did(telecoms are a major campaign contributer to the democrats)

      he has continued and expanded the hopeless war in afghanistan/pakistan.

      I do feel safer with him in the whitehouse than I did with Bush, but Bush was the worst president in history!

      obama is following the same blue print in the developing world as previous presidents. this includes keeping our empire, or sphere of influence proped up.

      you saw that coup in 09' in honduras?? that was officially denounced by Obama, but sponsored by HIS CIA!!

      foriegn affairs are much more complex and much harder to unravel than the mainstream media lets on! some Noam Chomsky

      to find out the realities of American foriegn policy!