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What is wrong with Obama-care?

Updated on November 1, 2013

Obama-care - One more step to disaster.

(NOTE: This blog was written while they were trying to push it through Congress. As it turns out, most of the warnings it contains have now come true. There are several updates in the comment section that has been added since the bill was passed that is VERY inciteful. --- Thank you for reading this blog.)


Obama-care should not be taken lightly. There is no time to sit back in apathy.

The first thing that should get your attention about his plan is how fast he is trying to ram it through Congress. During his campaign, he promised that all bills would be posted on a public forum for several weeks prior to a vote so that "everone" could know what Congress was working on.

How has he kept that promise so far? Do you KNOW where and how to access the 1200+ page health bill? Would you read it if you did? MOST of the Congressmen voting on it admit that they have NOT read all of it!!!

Did you know that there is a pending law in the bill that should a healthy person choose to pay their own medical bills as they acrue instead of going with this government mandated health care, they will BE FINED $2500? The bill is crammed full of items like that where the government will take more control of telling us how to run our life - whether we like it or not.

Hidden in the guise of "helping" people is the agenda of controlling them. Just read the bill - or at least make sure your congressman does!

Second, this bill will have a devistating affect on America. This plan has several aspects that will devistate health care as we know it today.

1) Medical care will deteriorate accross time. The government through this and the other bills it rammed through already is setting a cap on what people can earn. They have already put penalties on people earning over $200,000 a year (and I asure you that this amount will continually drop as more and more people lose the desire to continue financial growth before they reach that mark and the need for more tax revenue increases.)

This bill will take away the financial incentives for people to go into the medical industry. This bill will control how much the doctors can charge and thus earn. Many of our existing doctors will move to countries without financial limits. Have you noticed the huge number of medical personnel that have COME HERE over the past years? That will stop when the financial advantages of being here are removed.

The number of med students will drop continually. Why should they spend eight to ten years of their life and hundreds of thousands of dollars for education, when the prospects of earning a lucrative return are gone? Again, those that do go through it will move to places they can earn the most - which will not be here.

The outcome is this. With existing doctors leaving, foreign doctors not coming here and fewer students going into medicine, the medical personnel available decreases and the work load steadily increases on each one that remains. Eventually, only the most critical patients will have time to be seen. Health care for routine procedures will steadily decline and ultimately the government will decide who is "worthy" (young enough or has enough future value) to get treatment. The older you are, the less likely you will be to get major treatment. The government will not be able to cost-justify it!.

That is why so many people from other countries have come here for treatment. Where will we be able to go?

This is not just opinion. You can look at ANY COUNTRY that has implemented government health care. (Canada, France, England, etc.) It has NEVER worked. By design it can't. Never has - never will.

2) Our medical expenses will increase! Contrary to the lie we are being told that this bill will bring down our cost of medical care, it WILL increase in the long run.

Initially, the government run plan will be cheaper (they can afford to take the loss) so that they can run private companies (that must make a profit to stay viable) out of business. They say they are adding "competition" to drive down the costs. (There is already tons of competition in the market.) The objective to to take control over more areas of our lives.

The health care you have today will go away in just a few years. Here is how it works. The government program (with no profit motivation) will provide much lower health care options. This will work initially because the number of people who will come onto the program will be slow at first. As companies are faced with the option of expensive private companies or joining the cheaper government option, they will only have one option. Private companies will go out of business.

As companies drop the private insurance, the number of people on the government program increases. The money to pay for the increase will come in the form of tax increases or a direct increase of our deductible or monthly contribution. As soon as private competition has been put out of business, they are free to raise the costs to whatever they want.

Again, look at ANY country that has tried this. it has ALWAYS had the same results. The people controlling Obama are not stupid! They know the outcome. It is not now, nor has it been about providing better health care. It is all about taking more control of us.

3) Are we insane? Our government is trying to ram a system down our throat that has never worked in history. Isn't one of the definitions of insanity to continue doing the same thing and expect different results? (Like I said, it is my opinion that they KNOW exactly what they are doing and it has nothing to do with better health care.)

Also, are we seriously expecting the people that have bankrupted social security and all but destroyed Medicare and Medicaid to successfully implement this program? If so, then we are insane and deserve what we get.

There IS an answer! There ARE problems with our medical system, but they can be fixed.

First, limit the lawsuits against the medical industry. The high cost of insurance that doctors and hospitals HAVE to pay to protect themselves from often frivolous lawsuits is one of the major reasons our medical expenses are so high. One of the biggest areas of financial loss in the medical industry is fighting false charges. A simple thing like making the lawyers and their clients reimburse the hospitals when they LOSE a case could save us multi-millions of dollars.

Second, put limits on what can be deemed malpractice. I am not saying that doctors should get away with malpractice, just cap the losses to the insurance companies so they don't have to charge the doctors and hospitals so much. The costs are just passed on to us and we could use the break.

When insurance companies can lower what they have to charge, then our premiums and the medical costs both would become affordable to everyone.

Bottom line: Learn the truth of what is going on with Obama-care (and all the other bills he is ramming through). THERE IS A REASON he is not letting the people have time and access to the bills. THERE IS A REASON the democrats introduced a 300 page addemdum to a bill at 3:00 in the morning the day of the vote so no-one would have time to read what they voted into law. (What was in that 300 pages is devastating in its own rights - but that is another subject.) THERE IS A REASON this bill is over 1200 pages. We have GOT to make our Congressmen take the time to read it!


First - We have to get our Congressmen to see where Obama is leading us and get it stopped.

Second - We have to get our Congressmen (who most are lawyers themselves) to work on laws to stop the attack on the medical system by other lawyers.

I am not sure which of the two is the harder challenge. :-(

This is just my view of things. Take the insights I gave here as a spring-board and search out for yourself. Then take your new knowledge and spread it on to others as quickly as possible.

Our future is at stake!

New video sums up What is Wrong With Obamacare!!!


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  • OldWitchcraft profile image


    4 years ago from The Atmosphere

    Ideas? There's the classic punishment for traitors. But, you don't announce things like that, of course - like the truckers in the recent trucker's strike did when they bragged they were going to D.C. to arrest Congress. That's not how real American do things.

  • Rheagl profile imageAUTHOR

    Bill Scherzer 

    4 years ago

    WE CAN THROW OUT OBAMACARE!!! I have found a way, but I need help getting the word into the hands of people who can do the job. I have explained it in detail in another blog. ---

    Any ideas on how to get people who have been put in place to uphold the Constitution to do their job on this, PLEASE let me know. At worst help me spread the word and maybe we can get the people to enforce the Constitution.

  • Rheagl profile imageAUTHOR

    Bill Scherzer 

    5 years ago

    Well.... It has been over a year since I wrote this and it seems that I was spot-on. We are still learning what in this bill that the democrats in Congress voted into law without knowing what was in it. Since passing here is what we do know:

    1) The Supreme court declared that Obamacare is a $1.3 trillion TAX - not a health bill. The taxes began immediate upon passing, yet the "benefits" have just been started (now that elections are over).

    2) We still have not seen the "worst" of Obamacare. A large part of the "benefits" are not schedule to start until 2014.

    Question: IF these are "benefits" that will actually HELP people, why are they delayed????

    3) We ARE losing doctors! According to "ObamaCare will worsen the current physician shortage. The law will also drive physicians to become hospital employees or to join large Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), where their treatment decisions will be monitored with mandatory electronic medical records. Government and private insurers will increasingly link payments to adherence to “comparative effectiveness” practice guidelines. Physicians will face significant conflicts-of-interest when their patients might benefit from treatments outside the guidelines, but the physician risks nonpayment (or losing his ACO contract) as a result." (

    Here are three additional views from independent sources:




    The untold truth seems to be that private practice is being eradicated and any doctor that wants to continue practicing will be forced into large government controlled organizations. All surveys indicate that any doctors that can will opt into retirement rather than be overrun with bureaucracy and a substantial loss of income.

    So much for Obama's promise that "you will be able to keep your doctor".

    4) As the number of doctors decrease, the incentives for med students have been pointed to low-paying jobs in "primary care". The future drive for a child wanting to be a doctor when they will grow up WILL be obliterated when they are old enough to realize that "Private Practice" is being systematically eliminated. The new generation of doctors will be salaried employees (optimally controlled by government sanctioned unions, via this administration's objective to unionize ALL jobs) - aka. Socialized Medicine.

    Here is an excerpt from

    "The looming physician shortage is also changing the med-school landscape. A national shortage of 92,000 primary-care physicians is expected by 2020 as an estimated 30 million more patients become insured under Obamacare. Weill Cornell is looking at whether it can expand its student roster to help meet the shortage and is shifting more clinical work into the first and second years, the better to meld the science with patient care.

    NYU Langone has a new three-year path to an M.D. in addition to its traditional four-year school. The fast-tracked program will save a year's worth of tuition and living expenses, around $75,000, and allow students to start caring for patients sooner. One hope is that by relieving them of some of the financial burden and the time commitment, more students will go into lower-paid primary care."


    This article by The Village Voice news covers a lot of the impact on the "new" generation of med students:


    5) Premium costs are skyrocketing. Despite Obama's promise that The "Affordable" Care Act would save people money, reality has been anything but that. Incredibly, even Huff Post has had to acknowledge it:


    As costs increase, premiums MUST increase. The money to pay for the increased costs do not just magically materialize. Also, historically, every time the government acknowledges a cost is is almost always FAR below reality. Such as Obama boldly declaring that there will be NO TAXES in Obamacare and then having the Supreme declare the entire bill to be a $1.3 TRILLION tax. (Sorry if I am repeating myself, but that is such a critical point.) It was declared, while it was crammed down our throats, that it would save consumers money; since they now ADMIT to a probable 32% increase, reality is more likely to be MUCH higher!

    6) People are losing jobs because of Obamacare. The National Federation of Business projects "Nationally: 146,000 to 262,000 jobs lost and $19 billion to $35 billion in lost sales".


    Here are 10 stories of job losses directly due to Obamacare. The sad part is that it is just a glimpse of what is to come by the time the 2014 mandates hit businesses:


    I heard on the news yesterday where a major company is making it a requirement that new employees are non-smokers and existing employees that choose to continue smoking will be charged extra on their medical plan. Since the government is mandating the insurance companies to insure every employee, they must pass the additional cost to employers based on the projected health costs of its employees.

    Therefore, since the government is forcing the issue, business have the obligation to NOT hire (and/or possibly fire) employees that would drive up the cost of insurance on all the other employees.

    Another negative affect of this is that these unhealthy individuals will be forced onto the government plan which will increase the overall costs for the government program and all the premiums of those on that plan WILL go up to cover the additional costs. It is an upward spiral currently not included in the financial projects that goes back to my point in item 5).


    Unfortunately, since the Supreme Court has declared that this is a tax, we are very limited until an administration is voted into office that can repeal it. Much of the things that will be implemented are designed NOT to be reversed. Getting government to give up ANY of the 55% of the economy it gained control of will be near to impossible.

    Here is our best hope:

    1) Do everything you can to help elect people into office that will repeal, or at least de-fund, as much of the Obamacare tax as possible.

    This will be a MAJOR challenge as the media has already started its attack on all Conservatives to try to regain the House. IF THEY SUCCEED, Obamacare is just a precursor of what we can expect. With full control of the Congress, you can expect a push to be made to repeal the two-term limit on the presidency so they can push Obama into a third term. Also, in continuance of the ONLY promise Obama is keeping (that being to "fundamentally change America"), you can expect a push for a Continental Congress where they can re-write the Constitution and remove nuisances like the Second Amendment.

    DO NOT BE DECIEVED - another fully liberal controlled Congress WOULD be capable of doing both!

    2) We have to do our best to get people to SEE that Obamacare was NEVER ABOUT HEALTHCARE. With the mainstream media singing falsified and half-truth praises of Obamacare; the truth, which has been out there since before the bill was crammed down our throats (as evidenced by this original blog that was posted before the bill passed), is relegated to a slight whisper. It is up to us to start screaming at the top of our digital lungs and talking about it in public with everyone we come in contact with - while we still have a voice at all.

  • Rheagl profile imageAUTHOR

    Bill Scherzer 

    6 years ago

    A_Streeter - You say; "If a person has something very important and profound to say, especially the thoughts and opinions like the ones so PASSIONATELY expressed in the above" retort ", would it not make sense to double check for spelling and grammatical errors ..."

    *** Shouldn't your first sentence read "thought-provoking"? ***

    "Believe it or not, a person's credibility and level of intelligence can legitimately be measured by the way he or she spells."

    LOL - As with you, as many of my errors come from typos as it is from lack of education. When I get started expressing a view, my focus is on trying to explain the focus of the subject in a way to be understood by as many people as possible. I know all to well that there are many that will never hear the truth and there are many that when they hear it will refuse to accept it. I just try to help as many as I can.

    There are MANY people who are superior to me in their fields, just as I am to some within my industry (computers). I never have, nor do I claim to be a professional writer. I just do a lot of research when I know something is not right... and I share it here when I can. But I assure you that; irregardless of my short-comings in spelling, grammar, context, professional writing, etc.; my intelligence far surpasses my ability to put it into text to the degree that some "one" of "millions" would be unable to find a point of error.

    As it appears to me, the need to find error in grammar is an attempt to overlook the realities of what Obama-care has already done, is doing and what it is STILL designed to do to our country.

    As to the subject of "government spending on Education"... don't get me started. That could take volumes on its own. lol

    As to "lacking references"... at the time this was written, Obama was still trying to pull together the votes to push it through. Three years later, every point I made was spot on. The sad part is that over half of the enforceable parts of the bill is not slated to go into effect until 2013 so if left to run its course, healthcare as we know it today will be destroyed! If the Supreme Court does not do its job and declare the Bill unconstitutional, then we MUST get people in office who will overturn it.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Here is a thought: while the overall article was interesting and though-provoking, how about more focused government spending on EDUCATION...epecially for the individual responsible for the publication of this article. If a person has something very important and profound to say, especially the thoughts and opinions like the ones so PASSIONATELY expressed in the above article, would it not make sense to double check for spelling and grammatical errors (and I am not referring to "spellcheck" on the computer) before putting it out there for all to see (and critique)? As for the article itself, interesting...however, it lacks references where needed. Believe it or not, a person's credibility and level of intelligence can legitimately be measured by the way he or she spells.

  • Rheagl profile imageAUTHOR

    Bill Scherzer 

    6 years ago

    The healthcare bill limits what medical professionals can make and actually penalizes doctors who are successful. The decline in students going into the medical field is directly relational to the lack of financial future seen as available.

    Medicare and medicaid, the government run health insurance, is a financial disaster. Fewer and fewer doctors will even see Medicare/Medicaid patients because of the government bureaucracy making it financially unsustainable. The design of the program is control of the doctors and medical facilities involved. Thus fewer and fewer medical professionals participate which in turn puts more burden on those still with the program.

    The healthcare bill was supposedly created to make sure the 10 million uninsured people are covered. If that was the case, why didn't they just allow the 10 million onto Medicaid? It was NEVER about helping people - it is all about government expanding control.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    The lies that all of you are saying about what happens in a country with universal healthcare are laughable. For example, I can disprove the one comment that "Le Boi" has made. In the UK, the thing about the 4 hour emergency room thing was merely a target, saying that hospital staff should aim to treat all accident and emergency patients within 4 hours. That's honestly all that was and to be honest it was a policy aimed towards the satisfaction of consumers of the service. Marketisation all the way, if you will.

    Also, I don't get what you people are saying about a reduction in medical school applicants... it perhaps says more about the absurdly high price of education in your country. There is still a very large supply of young students in the UK that hope to work a long and monetarily fruitful medical career within the NHS.

  • Rheagl profile imageAUTHOR

    Bill Scherzer 

    7 years ago

    Thank you for the flowers Le Boi.

    The person that thought I was bringing religion into the discussion did not follow (or diliberately tried to eschew) what I said. I used Christ as an example of learning Truth. (lol) It had nothing to do with religion in health care. The person is correct that religion has nothing to do with the government passing illegal bills.

    On the bright side: This week we have had a judge in Florida declare that the bill is unconstitutional / illegal. A lot of damage has already been done, but at least it is a start. It still will have to go before the Supreme Court, but with MANY other states taking the government to court, it is only a matter of time before we can wipe this bill out and start really fixing the heath care system.

  • profile image

    Le Boi 

    7 years ago


    You should be congratulated for your time and patience with people that think socialized medical care is good. Those who like govt.-run healthcare have no idea who pays for the service. They also are naive if they think there's no waiting time involved with medical care, even critical care such as cancer and heart problems. In Canada for instance, you'll wait to see someone just to find out if you will be scheduled for a doctor's appointment. Then, if the doctor approves your follow-up treatment, you'll wait, again, before you get the needed surgery, radiation, or other required service. In England, they can't keep you in an emergency room for more than 4 hours. So, they shuttle you into an ambulance, OUTSIDE the hospital, where you wait. You'll wait out the 8 hours, then you'll have to come back if you don't get in the first time! Socialized medicine is horrible and it takes the desire from professionals to serve patients properly.

    Someone criticized you for bringing religion into the discussion. Obviously, they do not have a Godly, Bible-based belief system. If they did, they'd know that virtually everything we do in life, ESPECIALLY our governmental exercises, is inextricably connected to our belief (or unbelief) in God and His workings in our lives. That is the BIG problem we find ourselves in today, but unbelievers cannot see that.

    Keep your chin up- you have done yoeman's work in trying to help your detractors in this forum to see the truth.

  • Rheagl profile imageAUTHOR

    Bill Scherzer 

    7 years ago

    You have totally missed what is going on. The "BILL" is corrupt! Our system needs some changes, it is just THIS bill and what is in it that we are opposed to.

    If it was truly about making sure that all people were covered, the government could simply have expanded Medicaid and Medicare to cover the uninsured. Right?

    But that is NOT what they did. Instead they wrote a bill with so many pages that it could not, and would not, even be read before it was passed. That bill, as we are finding out, contains billions of dollars of tax increases and almost complete government control. It is systematically designed to do away with private insurance companies and direct everyone under government control.

    There has been NO programs designed to help individuals, run by our government, that have been successful. Medicaid and Medicare are failing! If they had just used the TRILLIONS of dollars committed to "the bill" to stabilize Medicaid and Medicare and put all uninsured individuals on those programs, life would be good. Instead they pass rules dictating how much doctors can earn per year, etc.

    Right now, our government has laws that restrict competition. Simply letting insurance companies compete across state lines will drop the cost of insurance a LOT! But that was not "allowed" to be included in this bill.

    Again, the purpose of the bill was control, not helping people.

    Lastly, you listed Canada as an example of working socialism. My brother works in a medical facility in N. Carolina. He says that around 3 - 5 percent of their patients are Canadians who are on waiting lists for treatment in their country. I can only imagine that the border states MUST be much higher percentages.

    But to use YOUR argument, it looks like only the wealthier Canadians can afford real health-care because they can afford to come here. It is my understanding that England is the same way when it comes to rationing of care and having to wait months for treatment for things done here in just a few days.

    I do not know about how Germany wait periods are or how it pays for "everyone's" care - someone pays for it because no government has the ability to do the work. Medical personnel do not GIVE away their services and thus have to be paid somehow.

    As is, our health care one of the best in the world. We have free clinics in most major cities and NO ONE is turned down for treatment. It is AGAINST THE LAW for any emergency room to turn away critical patients.

    The compromise is that you may have to spend all day to see a doctor, but it IS FREE! People with insurance or money can set an appointment and get through the process faster at private doctors. But this propaganda that all our people do not have access to health care is just that - propaganda. There is just compromise - if you cannot pay with money or insurance, then you must pay with time.

    Bottom line - it is the bill as it was passed that is wrong, not the idea of improving our system!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    In Germany we have outstanding Medical care for everyone and a booming economy. Look to any country in Europe (and Canada) as an example of how universal healthcare does work. The first poster was right, the world does think America is crazy for fighting against this when so many other countries are examples of its success.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    In Sweden we have a very good government healthcare system. It means everyone get help, not only the rich. I see USA as an socially underdeveloped country, and I actually feel sorry for you. It looks to me as it will be a lot more poor people without any healthcare in your country, and a few more super-rich people, and less in the middle.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    I agree with rcl85. And it is always stupid to bring religion into a governmental debate.

  • Rheagl profile imageAUTHOR

    Bill Scherzer 

    8 years ago

    rc185: You need to see yourself as a victim! You have been a victim of the deliberate false information being fed to the gullible. You have a computer, use it and learn the truth. Do not listen to ME or anyone else. Take what I am about to share with you and LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF and you can be freed of the mind control you are now under.

    First, you are under the mental programming that businesses / insurance companies are evil money-grabbing life-forms. I can tell you are a victim because you used the phrase "stop to these insurance companies making billions" - that is pure propaganda to get people to rise up in favor of those who seek to control them.

    The financial records of businesses are PUBLIC and you can look for yourself. Here is the deception you are under. > Insurance companies TAKE IN billions of dollars, but for the past several years they have only NETTED 3%. (That is barely enough for most businesses to stay in business.)

    Think about it. What would your quality of life be if you only brought home 3% of your earnings (most of us get to bring home about 50%)

    The government WILL NOT tell you that insurance companies only profited by 3% - you MUST go look it up for yourself. They can only control you by your lack of knowledge, so they deliberately give you misleading info.

    Also, businesses are not a living entity. Most businesses are owned by individuals via stocks. If you have a retirement program, most of the profits to build YOUR retirement come from businesses sharing their profits via the stocks YOU are invested in or by your retirement fund purchasing annuities from insurance companies. So you should actually cringe when the government tells you how evil business and insurance is and that government needs to control them, because what they are doing without telling you is taking away money from YOUR retirement.

    Here is a second deception they have you under - that it is wrong to make money. Again, your quote "no man's time is worth that much" is proof of your being a victim. Entertainers can make several hundred thousand dollars for a 2 hour show. $100,000 per hour is nothing for people like Usher, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, etc. Ditto for athletes. I dare you to try to get ANY pro to play for less than $10,000 / hour. It's not going to happen.

    There is not enough space on the page to go over all the people that EARN over $2000 per hour, but you can see what I am saying. Every person is worth what the market will pay for their service and everyone deserves the right to make all they can. I average $45 / hour as a computer tech. Depending where you are you may pay someone $100 per hour for the same thing. That is the market.

    Whatever you are paid for whatever work you do, I can safely say that there is probably someone without a job right now who would do your job for less pay. But that does not give the government (or anyone) the right to tell you that you have to start getting paid less. Thus your statement against doctors making money is proof of government deception for their own benefit.

    (Side note: The 2400 page financial bill they just crammed through has provisions that could allow the government to control ALL OUR incomes! - Bet you did not know that either! You won't hear that from the government.)

    Now to tie your comments back into Obama-care. OUR GOVERNMENT has passed the bill. We are only now learning what is in it. MOST of the democrats that voted it in still do not know what is in it.

    The bill was written so that most of the life-changing modifications will not be implemented until AFTER the next presidential election. You seem to be a thinking person - WHY are they delaying this "so called" BENEFIT for the people? If it is actually FOR us, why don't they start it NOW?

    The answer is obvious. This bill slowly takes control of our liberty and freedom of choice. It is designed to take several years for complete implementation, but do no be naive, its design is full control - even to the point of who lives and dies based on our value to the government.

    You sure have to research this for yourself - DO NOT take my word for it. The government definitely won't tell you that they have designed a bill to take over your life, so you MUST go to people that have actually read and studied the bill. Do Internet searches for "What is actually in the health care bill?" and it will link you to many sites, both for and against the bill. When you start studying it for yourself, rather than just accepting what you hear, be prepared for the shock of reality.

    The Bible says that TRUTH will set you free. That is true, not just for "The Truth" of salvation in Jesus Christ, but it is in the revelation of all truth. Like with Christ, you must learn the truth for YOURSELF in order to be set free.

    Now, all said, back to Obama-care. There are MAJOR issues and areas where health care needs work, but total government control is NOT the answer. Instead of a 1300 page bill for systematic total government take-over, it needed item by item WORK to change it as it exists.

    They pushed this bill down our throats under the guise of helping the 10 million uninsured. Here is another question for you: Why didn't they just expand Medicare and Medicaid (both existing government run programs) to include these people? If the government applied the TRILLIONS of dollars they have built into this bill towards those two existing programs, they could give EVERY uninsured a million dollars and STILL have millions left over.

    Again, the answer is obvious. It was NEVER about covering the uninsured - it was about control!

    The bill has been passed! Our only hope at this point is for the Supreme Court to acknowledge the MYRIAD of unconstitutional aspects of the bill and throw it out or for us to get enough conservatives elected in November to try to save what we can of our freedom. (Notice I did not say Republicans. If they aren't conservative, it does not matter what party they are in.) It is unlikely that we can repeal the bill, but we can cut out the teeth of much of it.

    Our best hope is that the Supreme Court will do its job and confirm that the law is unconstitutional.

  • Rheagl profile imageAUTHOR

    Bill Scherzer 

    8 years ago

    Christian: I need to learn more of Australia's system. Who paid the $26,000 for your father's surgery? Or do the doctors and hospitals over work for free? or for the government?

    My mom was in the hospital for nearly 60 days fighting an infection and ran up a hospital bill over $300,000. Her insurance company paid the bill. If she had been over there, who pays the $300,000?

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    For every step the democrats take to help the American people, the more rich people are going to whine and complain and stop their feet about how it isn't fair. The part that I heard was that, it was going to put a stop to these insurance companies making billions while everyone else suffers, it is going to put an end to insurance companies being able to deny coverage or to drop coverage. That is enough to make even a rich person angry, they have paid insurance for 20 years just to get dropped when they get sick. And yes there should be a cap on how much a doctor can make, it is sickening, some doctors charge 2,000 dollars an hour, I don't care how many years you went to school, no man's time is worth that much. This may not be the best answer, but it is better than what we had before. Quit complaining and be happy for all of us who will benefit greatly. Sorry Money Hoggers

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Just saying... Australia has a similar Health Care system and it works incredibly well for us. My father is about to go in for heart surgery and ordinarily it would cost $26,000... it's not costing him a cent. I can't understand why you would not want this... the rest of the world thinks all of you are insane!


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ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
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