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What is wrong with Obama-care?

Updated on November 1, 2013

Obama-care - One more step to disaster.

(NOTE: This blog was written while they were trying to push it through Congress. As it turns out, most of the warnings it contains have now come true. There are several updates in the comment section that has been added since the bill was passed that is VERY inciteful. --- Thank you for reading this blog.)


Obama-care should not be taken lightly. There is no time to sit back in apathy.

The first thing that should get your attention about his plan is how fast he is trying to ram it through Congress. During his campaign, he promised that all bills would be posted on a public forum for several weeks prior to a vote so that "everone" could know what Congress was working on.

How has he kept that promise so far? Do you KNOW where and how to access the 1200+ page health bill? Would you read it if you did? MOST of the Congressmen voting on it admit that they have NOT read all of it!!!

Did you know that there is a pending law in the bill that should a healthy person choose to pay their own medical bills as they acrue instead of going with this government mandated health care, they will BE FINED $2500? The bill is crammed full of items like that where the government will take more control of telling us how to run our life - whether we like it or not.

Hidden in the guise of "helping" people is the agenda of controlling them. Just read the bill - or at least make sure your congressman does!

Second, this bill will have a devistating affect on America. This plan has several aspects that will devistate health care as we know it today.

1) Medical care will deteriorate accross time. The government through this and the other bills it rammed through already is setting a cap on what people can earn. They have already put penalties on people earning over $200,000 a year (and I asure you that this amount will continually drop as more and more people lose the desire to continue financial growth before they reach that mark and the need for more tax revenue increases.)

This bill will take away the financial incentives for people to go into the medical industry. This bill will control how much the doctors can charge and thus earn. Many of our existing doctors will move to countries without financial limits. Have you noticed the huge number of medical personnel that have COME HERE over the past years? That will stop when the financial advantages of being here are removed.

The number of med students will drop continually. Why should they spend eight to ten years of their life and hundreds of thousands of dollars for education, when the prospects of earning a lucrative return are gone? Again, those that do go through it will move to places they can earn the most - which will not be here.

The outcome is this. With existing doctors leaving, foreign doctors not coming here and fewer students going into medicine, the medical personnel available decreases and the work load steadily increases on each one that remains. Eventually, only the most critical patients will have time to be seen. Health care for routine procedures will steadily decline and ultimately the government will decide who is "worthy" (young enough or has enough future value) to get treatment. The older you are, the less likely you will be to get major treatment. The government will not be able to cost-justify it!.

That is why so many people from other countries have come here for treatment. Where will we be able to go?

This is not just opinion. You can look at ANY COUNTRY that has implemented government health care. (Canada, France, England, etc.) It has NEVER worked. By design it can't. Never has - never will.

2) Our medical expenses will increase! Contrary to the lie we are being told that this bill will bring down our cost of medical care, it WILL increase in the long run.

Initially, the government run plan will be cheaper (they can afford to take the loss) so that they can run private companies (that must make a profit to stay viable) out of business. They say they are adding "competition" to drive down the costs. (There is already tons of competition in the market.) The objective to to take control over more areas of our lives.

The health care you have today will go away in just a few years. Here is how it works. The government program (with no profit motivation) will provide much lower health care options. This will work initially because the number of people who will come onto the program will be slow at first. As companies are faced with the option of expensive private companies or joining the cheaper government option, they will only have one option. Private companies will go out of business.

As companies drop the private insurance, the number of people on the government program increases. The money to pay for the increase will come in the form of tax increases or a direct increase of our deductible or monthly contribution. As soon as private competition has been put out of business, they are free to raise the costs to whatever they want.

Again, look at ANY country that has tried this. it has ALWAYS had the same results. The people controlling Obama are not stupid! They know the outcome. It is not now, nor has it been about providing better health care. It is all about taking more control of us.

3) Are we insane? Our government is trying to ram a system down our throat that has never worked in history. Isn't one of the definitions of insanity to continue doing the same thing and expect different results? (Like I said, it is my opinion that they KNOW exactly what they are doing and it has nothing to do with better health care.)

Also, are we seriously expecting the people that have bankrupted social security and all but destroyed Medicare and Medicaid to successfully implement this program? If so, then we are insane and deserve what we get.

There IS an answer! There ARE problems with our medical system, but they can be fixed.

First, limit the lawsuits against the medical industry. The high cost of insurance that doctors and hospitals HAVE to pay to protect themselves from often frivolous lawsuits is one of the major reasons our medical expenses are so high. One of the biggest areas of financial loss in the medical industry is fighting false charges. A simple thing like making the lawyers and their clients reimburse the hospitals when they LOSE a case could save us multi-millions of dollars.

Second, put limits on what can be deemed malpractice. I am not saying that doctors should get away with malpractice, just cap the losses to the insurance companies so they don't have to charge the doctors and hospitals so much. The costs are just passed on to us and we could use the break.

When insurance companies can lower what they have to charge, then our premiums and the medical costs both would become affordable to everyone.

Bottom line: Learn the truth of what is going on with Obama-care (and all the other bills he is ramming through). THERE IS A REASON he is not letting the people have time and access to the bills. THERE IS A REASON the democrats introduced a 300 page addemdum to a bill at 3:00 in the morning the day of the vote so no-one would have time to read what they voted into law. (What was in that 300 pages is devastating in its own rights - but that is another subject.) THERE IS A REASON this bill is over 1200 pages. We have GOT to make our Congressmen take the time to read it!


First - We have to get our Congressmen to see where Obama is leading us and get it stopped.

Second - We have to get our Congressmen (who most are lawyers themselves) to work on laws to stop the attack on the medical system by other lawyers.

I am not sure which of the two is the harder challenge. :-(

This is just my view of things. Take the insights I gave here as a spring-board and search out for yourself. Then take your new knowledge and spread it on to others as quickly as possible.

Our future is at stake!

New video sums up What is Wrong With Obamacare!!!


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