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Obama for President?

Updated on May 30, 2012

Obama for President? Why!

You know how Michelle Obama said she had never been proud of America
until Obama was elected President ( I'm paraphrasing ), but yes this is pretty
much what she put out there publicly. That being said, it's ironically upsetting
that I have never been embarrassed by our president and 1st Lady and not proud of America as I have been since the Obama election!
We now have a president that gravels and kisses feet and apologizes for America to all that will listen to his negativity. Just recently our so-called President was caught on camera crawling to the Russians and telling them he would be more flexible on the defense systems after being re-elected. What an arrogant person the people elected to run the country.
He has stopped all oil drilling in this country on federal lands and cost
American's hundreds of thousands of jobs and we have more oil and natural
gas than the world.
He has done absolutely nothing for America but spend our tax dollars and
entertain friends at the White House since being elected by the people that
did not do their homework.
I admit McCain was not my choice, but I do not think he would have run the
National Debt. up by 8 Trillion Dollars. With all the people that lost their
homes because they were allowed by the Government to get ridiculous loans
or have lost their jobs for one reason or another and we are allowing 4.2
billion dollars to go to illegal's in the form of tax returns, if Obama had given
everyone (citizen's that is) $50 thousand dollars the economy would have
been in great shape.
What I would like to know is for you voter's wanting to keep Obama in office,
why would you want to do so and what has he done positive for America since
being elected.
Gun Control up for grabs. For you folk's that like having a gun in the house
for safety against perp's, have you heard of the Treaty Obama is working on
with other countries that would allow the country group to make decision's
whether to allow you to or not to keep a gun or gun's in the home. Remember,
Obama just signed an executive order that allows him to declare Marshal Law.
To me it sort of fits like a puzzle.
I just don't trust this guy as far as I can throw him, and I have a bad back!

That being said:

Did you notice who Obama threatened when he wasn't getting his way
on raising the debt ceiling?

He threatened to not pay: Social Security Retirees, Military Retirees,
Social Security disability and Federal Retirees.

Now.. Let this sink in really good my friend's.

Obama did not threaten to stop payments to illegal aliens

Obama did not threatened to take frivolous benefits such as Internet
access away from violent inmates

Obama did not offer to fire some of the thousands of unnecessary federal
employees that he hired (the most of any president in our history, even
in a down economy as ours is. It's like our money is his money to blow)

Obama did not offer to cut down on his or his wife's frivolous gallivanting

Obama did not threaten to not pay the senators and representatives or
any of their staff

Obama did not threaten to take benefits away from welfare recipients

Obama did not threaten the food stamp programs

Obama did not threaten to not pay foreign aid (where is our Aid?
Where is the loans for business instead of more Regulation's)

Obama did not threaten to cut back on anything that involves his
base voters

*Do not forget at the voting polls. It's Election time my friend's.


I am adding this because I can't believe what our country has been reduced to. Today our Government was voting to make law, that if a woman waits long enough to describe the gender of the unborn, if it is a little girl and the "woman" wanted a male, it would be OK to abort the little girl. How would you feel knowing you never made it because you were a little girl. Shut the front door!!!! Planned Parenthood is telling their "customers" to wait till they can tell the gender and if it is a girl then they will abort!This is the ultimate attack on women. You best wake up. Obama has a Dictator agenda. Can you say, China?

Oh yea, Planned Parenthood...they endorsed Mr. Obama yesterday. No surprise. If they are worried about population, stop the drug carrying illegals before they cross the border and protect America.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Great hub, Gino. Voted up and I'm a new follower.


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