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Obama A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Updated on January 10, 2010

Is Obama Leading Us to Slaughter

Its a shame the Afro Americans waited so long to have one they could call their on in office and he has turned out to be so ignorant of the real world. Lets many promises did he make to get into office and how many promises has he kept? Lets just say the list of promises is much longer. I am ashamed to call him my president. I did not vote for him because in the real world they tell you, "if it's to good to be true it not"! They also tell you to "watch your spending". He is worse than any Bernie Madoff that could possibly exist.

Obama has spent us into bankruptcy and a lifetime of huge taxes. He wants to do further damage tearing down of America by redestributing the wealth and further breaking down our economy by forcing small business to shut down. That is not my main concern, though a huge area, the real concern is what he is doing by placing these prisoners from Guantonimo in Illinois just to satisfy one of his campaign contributors or his home state.

When he moves these terrorist to Ill. there will be a snow fall of Law Suits and if the Classified Information is not allowed to be brought into the Court System they will be let out on technocalities on US soil. Is this what you want as Americans. Don't have enough threats on our homeland soil to keep the CIA and Feds busy as it is. Hell, they can't do the job at hand, much less add more to it! You can lay the all the warning in front of them and they still blow it.

Just recently a man tried to blow and airline and the plot was spoiled only when the man or boy was to stupid to explode the bomb, so over 300 lives were saved. They call this a failed mission. It was not! The man got on an airline with a bomb. Not a failed mission but proof that it can be done. Do you not think this will be followed with success? You better think again my friends and choose your transportation wisely.

The rub is, thanks to Obama's twisted way of thinking, the man has the same rights as you and me. Now being born in America, or being an American citizen does not mean crap! Not to Obama, anyway. But, is Obama really an American and could that effect the way he is snubbing us? Being born an American or becoming an American citizen has always had it rewards. Now that Mr. Obama has his way and is in the drivers seat, if you are on American soil you have all the rights in the world. He is really shafting not only the people that did not vote for him, but the voters that did. We no longer as American Citizens have the priviledges that we have worked so hard to obtain. We have been slapped in the face with Obama's Socialistic values or non values I guess you could say, and given the thought behind the choice I feel Obama is un-American and leaning toward being a traitor to our beliefs in his actions.

He is inviting terrorist leaders, one and all to hit America with the biggest "wake up call" yet. Allowing Napalitano to exist is outreageous. She said after the plane did not blow up, "The system is working"? What an idiot! She needs to be tar and feathered and run out of town on a rail, or at least that's what they would have done in Lincoln's day! Obama need to re-think his direction of leadership and become an American President with American values, not an International Follie.

The way it looks is that Obama does not allow the Constitution to be a part of his "Regime" and if his cabinet brings up Constitutional Rights he or one of his thugs snubs the conversation as quick as it was started. Is Obama a wolf in sheeps clothing? I think so and I don't trust a thing he or his cabinet does. Sorry, that's the way it is guys! I wish I could be more optomistic, but I can't and it's scary.


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