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Obama should show his birth certificate; Palin should show Trigs

Updated on March 19, 2012

Where's the Baby?


Is the Media being racist or sexist

I am not a very big conspiracy person. I just want to know the truth. For instance, for years I believed that there was more than one shooter on the grassy knoll on November 22, 1963. However, forensics has proven that there was only one shooter on that fateful day and that was Lee Harvey Oswald. That is why I believe that Obama should just show his birth certificate and get it over with. If there is nothing to hide, just produce the document and let’s be done with it.

However, that said I believe another potential GOP candidate should clear up her own matter about a birth certificate that has lingered since 2008. I asked the question when she first came on the scene, is Sarah Palin Trig Palin’s mother. Back then, people said that I needed to be careful about what I was insinuating and even the national news media just let the story go but this story just will not go away.

A professor at Northern Kentucky University is asking why did the media fail to pursue the story that Sarah Palin was never pregnant and that her daughter, Bristol is Trig’s mother. Dr. Bradford Scharlott believes that there was more than enough smoke to the story about Palin’s pregnancy and that the mainstream media was negligent when it let the story fade.

Here is what we know. Sarah and Todd Palin attended a Republican Governor’s function in Texas in April of 2008. We also know that they left suddenly. Palin had said that she started leak amniotic fluid in the morning and called her doctor. However, instead of checking into a hospital, which is, what every medical professional I have spoken too says should have happened. 40+ mother with a special needs child is a very dangerous situation. Instead, Superwoman got on a flight and flew back to Alaska. It took her 10 hours to get to hospital where she finally had her baby.

Like I said, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but Dr. Scharlott has a point. Bristol Palin was out of school for over 4 months in 2007 and 2008. She was sent to a different school. The hospital where Trig Palin was born has no record of him being born there. There were no birth announcements and the first pictures of Trig were in his home the day he was born and not at that hospital. Palin’s doctor has been coy about saying where Trig was born.

Not to mention, Sarah Palin hid her pregnancy from everyone until her seventh month.

When she made her announcement the surprise was palpable because no one suspected that she was even pregnant.

I know what you are saying, Bristol was pregnant when her mother became John McCain's running mate. She could not have just had a baby. I hear you, but I want proof. Palin can put this to rest, much like the President, by showing us the evidence.

Dr. Scharlott asks did the media, which is now reporting the false stories about Obama’s birth certificate, give Palin a pass? I say yes. So, I say that Obama should disclose his birth certificate and Sarah Palin should prove that Trig is her son.

The truth is probably very simple. Trig Palin probably is Sarah Palin's son and Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. Can we now move on?

Update: Here is a link to another Palin Hoax. She said that she rode a bus around the country during her book tour, but she actually flew in a Gulf Stream Jet. This lady has not been honest with the American people.


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    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Palin was playing games with the public just like Hillery when she siad she was being shot at while coming off a plane somewhere,I don't recall.Politics is just a game to many people.It's like public relations.

    • habueld profile image

      Bruce Bean 7 years ago from Riverside, CA

      For those who believe you can't fake a pregnancy.