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Updated on November 2, 2011

Some Obama’s favorite things:

First of all at Obama’s first post-election press conference, a reporter asked about the family’s future dog choice. Obama mentioned a “mutt” for the First Family-Elect’s canine-elect probable choice as he said too, “I’m a mutt as well!” So I say, don’t expect the AKC to come-a-knock’n pushing purebreds. More like “Pet Rescue”, or a deaf (not mute) mutt with 3-legs, one-eye and a pirate eye-patch. ARRRG, Shiver me dog house timbers, there might not be a “trendy” purebred pooch for marketers to hawk, uh oh! But there will be plenty of other stuff that will have the ObamaWorld stamp on.

Saturday night "Date Night" to "Spiaggia."
Saturday night "Date Night" to "Spiaggia."
Michelle's famous "Red" dress.
Michelle's famous "Red" dress.
The "J.Crew" Leno outfit.
The "J.Crew" Leno outfit.
Her Bloomingdale's
Her Bloomingdale's
Nike Air Force One
Nike Air Force One

As with all past presidents there has always been a fascination with presidential trivia and in this case is no exception. “Some of Obama’s favorite things” constitute ObamaWorld, the New World. A presidential product endorsement is almost like an unpaid product placement. Every president has his favorite stuff just like all of us do. And almost immediately like with other presidents, although in this case the public is super- enamored with the ObamaWorld of presidential things. I’m sure some would drool over the President-Elect’s underwear choice (or maybe he goes “commando. lol) or what’s his toothpaste, cigarettes (although he does chew Nicorette too) to his favorite Chicago Mexican restaurant and what’s his IQ, (it’s 130)? These details will emerge eventually as we delve into the intricacies and mystery that is the future in ObamaWorld.

Speaking of restaurants, Barack and Michelle had “a date” night the Saturday night after the election to celebrate the victory. They dined at a 4-star Chicago Italian restaurant located on North Michigan Avenue called “Spiaggia’s” (means “beach” in Italian). They spent three hours there and the President-Elect it has been reported was “gett’n frisky” with the First-Lady Elect. I guess you can call it “First-Frisky” and after they got home and took the sitter home the First-Frisky slipped into something more comfortable. .Chicago TV News showed video of the Obama’s entering the eatery and the throngs that appeared in the vicinity as the media began a feeding frenzy. They’re starting video coverage alla “OJ” style (Obamapapparazzi) from a helicopter, taking footage of Obama’s motorcade on the highway and shots of him stepping out of the ObamaMobile (Ford Escape Hybrid) as he, the White Sox capped daddy kissed his daughter on her cheek as she was off on her backpack-way to school. Maybe the camera guy zoomed-in on the backpack logo for a ObamaWorld product placement? It seems TV is even intertwined with his favorite Chicago Mexican restaurant because his fav Mexican digs is PBS TV’s Chef Rick Bayless’ “Topolobampo” in Chicago. -This news just in; hot off the pizza rack inside the brick oven: Barack’s family favorite neighborhood pizzeria is Hyde Park local chain, family owned, “Italian Fiesta Pizzeria.” In fact, the family loves it so much that the Obama’s ordered Italian Fiesta’s catering for a inaugural party in Washington. Plus even before this inaugural party, “Fiesta” is featuring food at a pre-inaugural event, a inaugural expo at the Washington Ritz-Carton Hotel in D.C. Mangia Obama!

With former President’s, Ronald Reagan’s love of Jelly Belly Beans and Jimmy Carter’s peanuts, George W. Bush’s pretzels, all the way to his father’s hatred of broccoli, would make a good presidential cable TV “Food Network” episode starring “Bam-Bam” Emeril Lagasse “Hale to the Chef!”. So will the Obamas bring with them a whole new cadre of upscale name brands in foods and other items? The marketers are rubbing their hands in sweet, sweet anticipation, as this is a chance of a lifetime! Some of the products the Obamas have been seen used in public are Hart Schaffner Marx, Chicago USA men’s suits, Black Forest Berry Honest Tea, Fran’s Chocolates in Seattle “handmade milk chocolates, Planters Trail Mix, Dentyne Ice gum, plus MET-Rx chocolate roasted peanut protein bars. Another chocolatier online, “Obama’s Chocolate Nuts”, has been doing a strong business of late, besides candy, sex and race, “Chocolate Nuts” are the main marketing pun here. We know Barack prefers and drinks a lot of bottled water and doesn’t drink soft drinks, but what about beer? A libationary toast to celebrate Obama’s fuel efficient vehicle, the Ford Escape hybrid SUV sits in their driveway in Hyde Park, Chicago. Maybe one of the “Green jobs” President-Elect Obama talks about include a hybrid Green Beer for Saint Patrick’s Day. “Obama Beer”, the “Yes You Can”- “Yes You Can” beer, a frosty frothy feel-good fuel for the next four years?

Ficticious Foam
Ficticious Foam
H20 Chicago
H20 Chicago
These Ked's® are real!
These Ked's® are real!

Nike® Air Force One, a custom made Barack gym shoe is on the market and no doubt what he wears on the court. Obama’s love of playing basketball drives his water consumption, maybe “Obama Water” would be more appropriate than beer under the circumstances. Maybe like a “Holy Water” thing that you can drink type of thing? OMG this is too Jim Jones-ee, Jonestown Kool-ade-like, YIKES! Anyway there is no ObamaADE… yet! Water sports nope, but Barack’s sport’s teams, in Major League Baseball, it’s the Chicago White Sox; NFL, Chicago Bears; NBA, Chicago Bulls. And like most White Sox fans, even though they say they hate the Cubs, they still secretly root for them when the Cubs/White Sox don’t play interleague games. So come on Obama sing “Take Me Out To The Ball Park” at Wrigley this spring, we know you’ll be throwin’ out the first pitch at U.S. Cellular Field on the South Side on Opening Day. Hey….do you have a U.S. Cellular Phone too? Does your cell phone play tunes? He loves music, especially Stevie Wonder and “The Boss”, Bruce Springsteen, will they be playing at the Inaugural? And will Obama read a passage from his favorite novel by Ernest Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls?” Every one of these REAL items that he really use could see a boost in interest now that our future President and First Lady use them on a regular basis.

While most marketers won’t publicly tout the Obama connection, many will try to create online chatter through product chat rooms, blogs and comment sections so it appears consumer interest is spontaneous. So some marketers use “Sockpuppets” to promote a product, it’s an old advertising ploy. Only the technology has changed.

Obama family brands aren’t all known obviously, like computers, cell phones, Internet provider/Cable TV, software, alcohol, Chinese food restaurants and hot dogs stands. Although Chicago hot dogs must be on the menu, but we need specifics Mr. President? Obama Chicago fast-food joints exposed!

Michelle brands in the news. Michelle appearing on NBC’s TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno eight days before the election wearing an attractive $330 yellow outfit by J.Crew® online which she publicly talked about and mentioned her fondness for the clothier too. Then ultimately the TONIGHT SHOW yellow outfit caused a sold-out frenzy of that exact item at J. Crew® as shoppers snapped up the entire inventory.

Barack’s Hart Schaffner Marx suits- the Gold Trumpeter line, which is 97% worsted wool and 3% cashmere. The suits union made, Chicago, Illinois, made in the USA; sell for about $1,300 custom made which is what he wears. Obama owns three gray and three navy blue, seems he’ll be ordering more suits now. So, the effect on the consumer product consciousness concerning celebrity endorsements or not even endorsements per se, just Presidents or celebs touching something can have a huge influence on the public and cause an insane stir. I wonder if generation Xer President-Elect Obama secretly shops at “Abercrombie & Fitch”, OMG! Or what about the “Please Don’t Squeeze the Charmin” Presidential toilet paper, “Please Don’t Squeeze the Obamamin”….ahem! What will eBay be flushing up these ObamaWorld days? It’s ObamaWorld now and for at least the next four years and ObamaWorld with newspapers printing extra edition souvenir post-election copies and selling out and gobbled up for prosperity sake. I recycled my Chicago Sun-Times copy from the election day-after. I was acting patriotically “Green” and t’was the ObamaThing to do. ObamaWorld calls for a different kind of Global (World) Warming. Although yes , Global (Earth) Warming is on Barack’s agend, but so is ObamaWorld warming is too, warming of the heart ‘n soul. So put on a pair of your ObamaWorld approved, ObamaSocks today and keep those tootsies nice’n warm!


"Obama's Chocolate Nuts"

Some of Obama’s likes and dislikes


¶ Planters Trail Mix: Nuts, Seeds & Raisins

¶ Roasted almonds

¶ Pistachios

¶ Water

¶ Dentyne Ice

¶ Nicorette

¶ MET-Rx chocolate roasted peanut protein bars

¶ Vegetables, especially broccoli and spinach

¶ Handmade milk chocolates from Fran’s Chocolates in Seattle


¶ Mayonnaise

¶ Salt and vinegar potato chips

¶ Asparagus (“if no other vegetables are available, he’ll eat it”)

¶ Soft drinks (he prefers water)


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    • PaulieWalnuts profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks for your enthusiasm!

    • thelyricwriter profile image

      Richard Ricky Hale 

      7 years ago from West Virginia

      voted up, awesome, and funny. This was great and I needed a good laugh Paulie. I am now a follower and looking forward to more of your work. Keep on keeping on pal:)

    • PaulieWalnuts profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks, I too gave up spikes when I was cut from the Junior Varsity football squad as third-string water-boy, lol. As far as non-allergy causing dogs go, my now " big Milk-Bone in the sky departed pooch" shed like crazy! After brushing his coat (a pug) he loved to be vacuumed as similarly seen in a iPug Hub video, . Needless to say pugs shed a ton!

    • Storytellersrus profile image


      10 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      How fun! Thanks, Paulie! I'm looking forward to seeing which dog they get, as we are also looking for a hypoallergenic dog. I'm not sure I will be shopping at Bloomingdale's shoe department, however... I gave up spikes long ago.


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