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Obama Wants to Scare You Into Submission

Updated on July 15, 2009

"The Only thing to Fear is Fear itself" Churchill.

Have you ever heard so many scary phrases in your life? Every time Obama speaks there is either going to be a disastrous alternative to his way, or inaction is not an option ( Now Pelosi is using his phrase ) because the outcome would be catastrophic, the country could end up like GM and it all has to be done right now. He's putting us on alert! When Hillary was running against him he actually accused Clinton of using fear to whip up votes when every word out of his mouth is a scare tactic. Look how they played up that pig virus.

With all the trillions they threw away all of this could have been worked with a brain and a pencil or calculator or giving the money to the taxpayers to put back into the market instead of lying to us by telling us that astronomical bailout is was a cure all and that the job loss rate was going to fall. What a liar! Now all he can muster is "it will take time". People who hear frightening statistics or an alarming fact often take that information at face value and out of fear feel they allow these liars to do their dirty deeds. That's what a dictator does. He scares the people into submission and if you have noticed a lot of these countries with these dictators are getting tired of their crap. 

I have already told you in a previous blog that Obama is hiding Global Warming facts for money, well this health care program he is trying to cram down our throats is not about health-care, it's about power and take over.

There has never been a country that went on social health-care survive the losses from doing so. Canada's doctor's started opening up black market clinics because they were so tied down by governmental do's and dont's they and could not perform their normal duties, which is doctoring and finally the government said fine. They could see the problem growing into a cancer and took kemo you might say to save the country. France, Spain, and many others are the same way. When you go on government controlled health-care you create a black market immediately because no one gets into the doctor's office in a reasonable time period and then the doctor is limited on what he can do yet the liability aspect is still there for him to burden. They don't get the care they need and the small businesses suffer terribly.

Do you think Obama gives a damn about the small businesses that are closing their doors in the wake of his destruction? NO! America under his magnificent leadership is taking a huge wrong turn. Do you think he cares about his popularity falling like a brick. NO! His main concern is control. What a power freak he is and his cronies.

Obama said, "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done." Why do you think he is so scared of Limbaugh, Savage, Hannidy, Dredge and the like. Because they do tell the truth and they tell both sides of the story, not just waht they want you to hear. Obama can't handle the truth getting out because it might keep you from believing his lies. He wants to shut up talk radio because they do tell you the truth and don't try to blur you vision by scaring you to death with lies and deceit. What's scary is the outcome of Obama's lack of knowledge on how to run America and power hungry government. Obama is not from here so he does not think American and thats going to kill America. Where was he born. That's how he thinks. Like those tyrants that ran the countries he and his white mama globe trotted to and from. Oh yea, you don't hear. His mom was white. Why is it you don't hear much about her. Did you know  Obama's half-brother lives in a Nairobi slum. If he does nothing for him what the hell do you think he is going to do for you? The answer is nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

Think about what he is doing. Financial control (got it), auto industry control(got it), health care control (working on it), supreme court (working on it), your hard earned tax dollars control (just about has it in the bag), control of Hillary Clinton ( oh, have you seen her lately? You won't either, He keeps her where she is not a problem. "Out of site out of mind" ), control of the way a small business is run ( just about has that too ). Are we in a Republic or a dictatorship? I will let you answer for yourself.

When it come to his health care proposal that is going to take away from medicare, medicaid, and so on, if a small business can't afford to cover their employees with health care the government will tax the business 8% of the employees wages ( and you can bet that number will get higher when they figure they misfigured the total cost of healthcare) and if the employees are offered health care and don't take it that will cost them also, no matter if they can afford it or not. So it's a lose, lose situation,etc, etc...I could go on and on.

Getting the picture yet. We are fools if we don't try to do something about this cancer on the country because it's growing faster than the speed of light. Obama is throwing these 10,000 page bills out and not letting anyone read them thoroughly before trying to jam them down their throats. He ludicrous. Now, there a word that we can use. He is definitely absurdly inept in his abilities to run a country. Have you noticed he has probably been out of the country as much as he has been in the country. I guess that is being thrifty with the taxpayers money. Not! He is a globetrotter just like his mom the difference is he's doing it on your dime. If this goes much further we are not going to be able to dig our way out. Its going to take more resources than you and I can muster.

Speaking of Hillary, did you know when she left NY, she had a bill passed that stopped the Foreign Diplomats from paying property taxes and that cost NYC $260 million dollars in revenue. One group already had a check made out for $36,000,000 and she said forget it. These people have absolutely no brains, or they just don't use them. Why do you think that was. My guess is one of her and Bill's diplomatic friends that donated to one of them, said they wanted off the hook and did not want to pay taxes on property anymore or one of the senators said he was afraid he might have to pay taxes in a foreign country so she better take care of her own. What do you think?

Now Obama has bailed out the specific groups he figures he will need but the one banking system that we need he won't help. CIT Group Inc., a lender to hundreds of thousands of small and mid-sized U.S. businesses. Obama won't help them. Why is that. Obama said he was against big business and it seems he is just the opposite. Wall street, the big banks, the auto industry, Oh yea he's all for them but someone that can help the small businesses he says. screw you. He's just another puppet like Bush was at the end of his term. It seems they are all trying to bankrupt the country. Do you think they might be working for China, Russia, or the likes. Well, thats another story. That would be moving into the New World Order subject maybe. I know you have heard of that.

He just told Russia we would not build a missile warning system in Poland, we want to be their friend. He sounds like my fourteen year old that is so worried he does not have enough friends he can't stand it and the friends he has would stab him in the back in a heart beat but he can't see it.

Anyway, the point being, don't allow these liars to scare you into something that will never go away!

Here is a list of way you can contact the Whitehouse and others to put in your two cents. That's probably all we will have left when Obama finishes with you and I.

Don't keep quiet. Please. Your voice can be heard.


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    • ginosblog profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from USA

      Churchill was quite a man and had to overcome all sorts of adversity to get to where he was. He did not get there lying to the people. I will certainly say that.

    • Ivorwen profile image


      11 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      Love Churchill. Thumbs up.


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