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Obama's Healthcare Misleadings

Updated on September 18, 2009
I am going to talk about health-care. I feel if Obama can get on TV the whole weekend and talk about it, I can at least have my say right here right now. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that acts as a coordinating authority on international public health and ranks countries in the world on their health-care positioning and ranks Spain ahead of the USA in heath-care, and we know the UN will say what the highest bidder pays them to say. Do we want to be told what to do by the UN? My grandfather is Spanish so I am going to pic on Spain for a few minutes since I heard things right out of the horse's mouth so to speak. The system in Spain offers universal coverage as a constitutionally-guaranteed right and no out-of-pocket expenses — aside from prescription drugs. There again, just like Obama says, it has no out of pocket but he refuses to tell who is going to pay for this program. There is that WHO again. The patients do complain, however, about the long waits to see doctors, specialists and undergo certain procedures. The Doctors are not self selected, they are appointed by the state. You don't just go to see a specialist. You have to be allowed to go see a specialist by the state if they decide you need to see that specialist. My grandfather was in a horrendous accident while in Spain with his new bride and consequently she was in the hospital a month before she sadly died. He said the most they did was to keep her doped up as to not feel the pain. As to specialized care it took forever it to get the care she needed. Whatever care she got was free but was it the best. Here in the US it would have been the best. He also said the lines just to see a doctor, not the ER were outrageous everyday and he was there a month. The point is, here they come from the USA and did not spend a dime on health care, which is what illegals do now. Somebody else in Spain had to foot the bill and you know it was. The tax payers. No matter how little we pay in taxes compared to the rich folk, its going to be more than it is now whether we see a doctor or not! Obama has laid such a heavy price tag to repay all the trillions he had already put out to all his cronies and CEO's, and Wall Street, where are we going to come up with the billions every two or three years that it is going to take to support this monster. He won't even put a price on it. I bet he would have made a great car salesman. But I bet you would not have bought a second car from him once he screwed you the first time. How are you going to feel this weekend when he is going to be on all the regular channels repeating the same ole, same ole and you are missing your favorite shows? I know I have heard enough, and enough is enough. Obama is good at saying what you want to hear, just like Clinton (it's hard to understand a president of the United States did not know what "is" means), but never explains what you need to know, like how much and where they are going to come up with 30,000 more doctors to cover all the people he wants to cover. They are saying people live to long yet they want to provide even more healthcare. Go figure. My next point is they have spent more effort brow beating the Rep. from SC saying Obama lies, than they have making this health care bill believable and making changes where they needed to make changes or fighting terrorism since Obama has been in office, or even warning the public of local gangs from South America. We come last when it come to this administration. But to MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC, Obama comes first. Not the actual copy on how Obama actually does lie. We already have free health care as I formentioned, what they need to do is tweek the prices on health care, including doctors visits and the prescription prices to make it affordable. I injured my shoulder last year, the doctor did the test "he" said were needed, put two shots in my arm and since my insurance had a limit of $2k dollars that was already used because of a foot problem, I now am paying a $5000 tab. That's crazy. Also when Obama said that pre-existing would be covered he did not say at what cost to the consumer for it to be covered, did he? I admit, Obama says exactly what you want to hear, I can't argue that point. Hey, he an ACORN Man, what do you expect? When it comes to the finished product is where you are going to get screwed royally. Big Government take over, much higher taxes, no more choosing you doctor, specialized care only when the Government approves it, poor health do to long waits at the doctor's office and then you might not get in, and in the long run the United Nations overseeing our health-care. Mark my words. There's more but I'm out of breath for now.


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