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The Whole Thing Is a Sham

Updated on November 24, 2017

We are Under the Most Manipulative System the World has Ever Known

There are many things in this life that no one ever teaches us. We go to school, but learn only the selected information -- that someone somewhere a very long time ago decided that we needed to know. We go to churches, but only learn their version of the information. We turn on the news to get some accurate information, but find none. News is supposed to be what is going on to the North, East, West, and South; that's why it is called the "NEWS," but they often tell nothing more than lies.

Anywhere information comes from, it is subject to the bias of those who provided that information. The word "occult" has been associated with Satan, evil, and things like that, but it just means things that are hidden. So much has been hidden from us that we may never understand our true history.

If I am supposed to be quitting smoking cigarettes, but secretly have a pack hidden from whoever is supposed to be holding me accountable, then that is an occult pack of cigarettes. "Occult" means hidden, not evil. It does tend to be the evil things that people try to hide; this is why the word "occult" has been so closely associated with evil, because people always try to hide their evil.

Throughout history many things have been hidden from us. If important information is hidden from us, information that might change the way we view the world, then that is manipulation. If I only tell you a one-sided version of a story because I only want you to know certain things -- then I am manipulating you.

Currently, we are under the most manipulative system this world has ever known. The people running things know very well how to manipulate you; they have spent thousands of years learning to do so. It stands to reason they would be pretty good at it by now. Everything that is put in front of us has been very carefully constructed to make sure our reality is only, and exactly, what they want it to be.

Everything in politics, media, news, entertainment, history, religion, and education is a very carefully written script -- just like a movie. Our perception of reality has been very carefully constructed by the "people" who run the world; we need to understand this. It does not matter where we turn for information; the whole thing is a deliberate sham, and a manipulation, to keep humanity enslaved in the illusion that they have been forced into accepting as reality.

Many people turn to the Bible for information. Often, people suggest the Bible has somehow managed to escape the manipulation, but it is not so; the Bible is every bit as manipulated as everything else is. Why would the Bible be any different? It comes to us from the same hands that have given us everything else -- "they" have given us everything we have ever known. Think about that. Manipulated as it may be, in the Bible Jesus denounced the scribes; they were the script writers. The scribes were paid money to write the scripts, but Jesus was not having anything to do with it. He denounced these people, so should we; we should denounce the people writing the script of the world. The supposedly "Holy" Bible that we have today was put together by the very people who Jesus denounced in the Bible. King James hired scribes to write the "King James Authorized" version of the Holy Bible. The reason it is the "King James Authorized" version is because this is the version that King James authorized for the people. This would be identical to the President authorizing a particular version of the Bible to fit their own preference, and then imposing it onto the people. When King James authorized his version of the Bible, it then became the only version the people were allowed to read. If this happened today, we think people would not allow it, but sadly this is exactly what goes on -- with everything. You are not authorized to do your own research. You are not authorized to think for yourself, or come to your own conclusions. You are authorized to have only the "President Obama" version of the Holy Bible -- this is ridiculous -- we wouldn't stand for it, but this is essentially how the Bible we have today came to us. It was actually put together by the Council of Nicaea led by the Roman Emperor named Constantine, but it is still exactly the same thing. The "King James Version" of the Holy Bible contains only what "they" thought you should know; many things were hidden and kept out of the Bible, and those things are what eventually became known as "The Occult."

Whatever did not fit into the "official version" was labeled as "The Occult" in those days. In these days we live in now, anything that does not fit into the "official version" is called "conspiracy theory." Seems that nothing much has really changed. Our world today is not much different than it was back then in terms of who gets what information. We only get the information that "they" give us -- it has always been that way.

Criminals Hand out the Justice

Symbols and ideas are put in front of you to mislead you. There is so much corruption that it cannot be measured.

Judges rule from the bench; the word "bench" comes from the word "bank." This means the judge rules from the bank, therefore the court is presided over by the banks. The judge (bank) does not care who wins or looses, what is right, truthful, honest, or just; it cares about getting paid. Judges (bankers) and courts (banks) get paid no matter who wins the case, why should they care about truth, justice, or any of the rest of it? They care about getting the money -- and that's it. Our court systems have very little to do with anything other than money -- it is always about the money. Don't believe that? Compare how they treat you when you are paying them the money they what, to how they treat you when you don't pay them the money they want; there is quite a striking difference. Compare the differences between when the rich go to court, and when the poor go to court. There is nothing "fair and balanced" about this system -- and it certainly does not deliver any type of justice according to any definition found in any dictionary.

We have what is called a "Criminal Justice System." It is not the "Right," "Honest," "Just," or "Fair" Justice System. It's not the "People's," National," or "American" Justice System. No, it is the "Criminal Justice System" -- because criminals run it. The criminals are in charge of the justice. It is called the "Criminal" Justice System because that's exactly what it is -- it's criminal. The criminals are in charge of handing out justice; what they have done is as criminal as it gets. Our "Criminal Justice System" is a crime against humanity. This is why the United States has imprisoned more people than any country in the history of the world. It is ridiculous that we stand for it. The "land of the free?" The "home of the brave?" Mord like the "land of the damned" and the "home of the enslaved."

What are the foundations of our thinking?

World War II was coming to an end in the mid 1940s, and the Nazi's knew they were losing; Hitler knew things were not going to turn out well for him. It was inevitable that Nazi Germany would fall, but the Allies did not want to loose all the brilliant scientists and technology associated with the Nazis; they had top of the line everything and the Allies wanted it.

As a result, top Nazi scientist and military leaders were provided with fake passports and a path of escape before the troops came in. The escaping Nazis were sent to various places in North and South America; some of them went to the United States. This is where NASA comes from; our space agency was formed by murdering fascist Nazis -- and we stand cheering for them every time they send up a rocket; look up Operation Paperclip for more information. How much have Nazi ideas influenced our thinking and way of life? What are the foundations of the way we think?

Jewish leaders used the word "holocaust" to describe what had happened to them. "Holocaust" means a sacrificial ritualistic burnt offering. Why did Jewish leaders use this word? As they were being marched away to their deaths, many Jews prayed to God for help. No God came, no God helped; they were marched off by the millions to their deaths, while their version of "God" did nothing. A sacrificial ritualistic burnt offering -- to God? What was the Holocaust really about? How can we know if the "official version" of this is true? Maybe we should start asking questions about things we are supposed to accept without question.

Christ Means Oil

Where things actually come from, and what they really mean is important; there is much we don't know, and have never been told. The word, and whole idea, of a "Christ" is a very good example of this. The word "Christ" comes from the word "Chrestos," which means oil; Christ (as in Jesus Christ) literally means oil. There are many religious references to being "anointed with oil"; this means being anointed by Christ. This is also where the word "Crisco" (cooking oil) comes from.

In Hebrew the word "anointed" (as in anointed by Christ, or anointed with oil) has to do with sex and the sex act. This is not about God or anything holy -- it is about sex. Symbols representing sex and sexual references can be found in many places that typically would not be thought of as having anything to do with sex.

The worship of the sex act has been part of the world since the very beginning, and why should it not be? Of course sex was associated with God and worshiped as something divine and holy. None of us would be here with out sex -- of course it would be associated with God.

Knowledge Will Make You Free

When we look around the world, we can easily see that the natural state of all life on Earth is freedom. God, Evolution, Consciousness, Universe, Existence, Eternity (whatever you want to call it) obviously intended for all life on this planet to be free. All the animals are free, except for the ones that we have enslaved, and of course us -- we are not free. The human race is not free; we are slaves -- in our minds. The cages we live in are not physical cages that can bee seen and felt; they are invisible cages inside our minds -- prisons -- for our minds. Mental slavery is the worse kind, because you don't know you are a slave; therefore have no desire for freedom. If we could see the bars and chains that hold us, we could break free from them, but the invisible ones in our mind face little resistance. The way out is through knowledge, critical thought, self-awareness, and imagination. Imagination is very important in freeing one's self from mental slavery, because without it you cannot perceive that anything might be "outside the box," and therefore remain forever "inside the box."

True freedom is in the mind. "Knowledge is power"; everyone says that, but knowledge is also freedom. Real true genuine freedom can only be found in a mind that is free; only you can free your mind. Therefore, only you can free you, no one else -- and no one is coming to save you.

The more we educate ourselves, the more we can see where things came from, and where things are heading. The more educated we are, the more free we are -- knowledge is freedom.

The Sun Cross

One of the oldest symbols in the world is the circle with the cross inside. It's called the "sun cross" and It is the symbol of the Sun in the center of the Zodiac. The sun cross can be seen everywhere and is one of the most popular symbols that can be found. The sun cross symbol has been used by a very wide range of groups and organizations. This symbol has been used in Freemason lodges, churches, the Vatican, and governments all around the world. It's been used by presidents, dictators, religious leaders, and royalty; it goes on and on. The Pope, the Queen, and even the Nazis have used the sun cross to represent themselves. This is an extremely ancient symbol from more than 10,000 years ago. Why would all these seemingly unconnected people, groups, and organizations use this same symbol?

Have a look at any church in America; you will always see the circle with the cross. The circle always represents the Sun. The reason this is so, is because the Sun is the most important thing there is to sustain life on Earth. Ancient people knew this; they called it "God's Sun" -- "the light of the world" -- and that is why you will always find it in every church. The cross is almost never by itself, because it is part of the Sun. This comes through to our modern churches from a time when they worshiped the Sun and understood its relation to the Zodiac -- astrology.

Yahweh (YHWH) and Jehovah (JHVH) were Volcanoes

Moses was supposed to be the "lawgiver," but he also broke the law. In the Bible, when Moses came down from Mount Sinai to deliver the new law, the Hebrews were still worshiping the golden calf of the old law. This angered him so much that he threw the stone tablets containing the new law onto the ground where they broke into pieces. This most certainly would have made Moses a law breaker; Moses was the first lawgiver and lawbreaker.

One of the ancient gods of the Hebrews was the Moon; its name was Sin. Interesting, Sin was what they called the Moon; the Moon comes out at night. That is when most of the "sin" of the world takes place; it happens under the cover of darkness. Our concept of "sin" is synonymous with darkness. This also has to do with why "bad" people are called "lunatics"; this all connects in very interesting ways. It's all very ancient in origin and comes from a time when the Sun and Moon were worshiped as gods. The Moon god (god of darkness) was in opposition to the Sun god (god of light). Light and dark, good and evil, God and Devil; It is not hard to understand how these things all connect once you know the basic origins of these ideas. When you know that the Hebrews called the Moon by the name Sin, then understand how this has turned into our modern idea of "sin," things seem so much different. All Jewish religious celebrations are at night, because they thought the Moon was a god. Think about the opposing sides of Christians and Jews. Christians worship the Sun in the daytime when it is light; Jews worship the Moon at night when it is dark. Can you see any reason why there was ever a conflict between the two? It is really very simple -- and silly -- when you understand the truth. So, the ancient Hebrew word for "Moon" was Sin; their word for "mountain" was ai. Moses, the leader of a moon cult, came down from Moon (Sin) Mountain (ai) -- Sinai (Moon Mountain) -- to bring the law, but Moon Mountain was no ordinary mountain; it was a volcano.

Volcanoes were worshiped by humans for thousands of years in ancient times. Yahweh (YHWH), one of the Biblical gods, was a volcano -- not God. This is why in the book of Exodus, Yahweh is described as a "pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night."

  • Exodus 13:22 (KJV)

    He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people.

Yahweh was a volcano god, and when Moses came down from the volcano "his face was glowing" -- the whole "mountain" was glowing. Ancient people did not understand what a volcano was. It sounds silly to us to think a volcano is a god, but in ancient times they did. They had no other way of understanding what they were seeing; when volcanoes erupted, they thought it was God. In this way, volcanoes were worshiped as gods for thousands and thousands of years. This is why in the Bible, "God" (there are many gods in the Bible, not just one) is sometimes described in terms that match exactly the terms used to describe volcanoes; people of the time thought volcanoes were gods, that's why this is so.

  • Job 37:4 (KJV)

    After it a voice roareth: he thundereth with the voice of his excellency; and he will not stay them when his voice is heard.

Yahweh (YHWH) and Jehovah (JHVH) were references to the volcano called Mount Sinai.

We have not wanted to know the full truth about anything, and we certainly have not wanted to confront the profound implications of that truth. Finding out where things actually come from is not a violation to that which would be worthy of the name "God." Whatever must be, in order to be, what people have called "God" certainly would want us to know the truth. If not, what kind of "God" would that be? A "God" who wants us to be ignorant, uninformed, unintelligent, unaware, and separated from truth? What? What kind of "God" would that be, and who would ever want to have such a "God"? Ridiculous.

Never be afraid to face the real truth about anything -- the truth is what will "set you free." Make it your business to know the truth, and by that truth may you be free.

Manna from Heaven was Magic Mushrooms

In the Biblical book of Exodus, chapters 14, 15, and 16, Moses and the children of Israel (the children of Isis, Ra, and El -- Is Ra El -- Israel) apparently survived on something they called "manna from heaven." So, what is it, this "manna from heaven?" "Manna" literally means what is it, so it is quite an appropriate question to ask. There are a variety of theories as to what "manna from heaven" actually was; one theory suggest manna was a hallucinogenic drug. What they called manna, we might call "magic mushrooms." According to the Bible, Moses would take the children of Israel out to find the manna. What they found was described as "a small round thing on the ground." They found manna in the morning, when dew appeared on the ground. All of the characteristics of the "small round thing found on the ground in the morning dew" are identical to descriptions we would give today of what we call mushrooms. Manna from heaven is widely believed to be what we today would call magic mushrooms.

Manna from heaven was a hallucinogenic mind-altering intoxicating substance that today we would call "drugs." Maybe this is where the term "high" priest came from. Think though, how this might be a very good explanation for all the stories in the Bible. It is very easy to consider how some of the stories in the Bible came about, if they were being told by people who were experiencing hallucinations.

Manna was a powerful hallucinogenic drug that all the ancient priests took. Think about the things they reported seeing and doing; it is all very consistent, and believable, coming from the perceptions of someone having a psychoactive drug induced hallucinogenic "trip" resulting from the intentional ingestion of a mind-altering drug, in the form of magic mushrooms. These types of drugs are powerful substances that can make people aware of things that they would not normally be aware of. This would certainly explain very well why Moses, and all of the rest of them for that matter, had experiences that were most definitely outside of the normal range of things.

Magic mushrooms are all fun and games, but this is actually very serious business. How credible is anything that is founded on the ideas of those who are under the influence of mind-altering drugs? These stories are the very foundations of the religions of the majority of the people on this planet. If these beliefs are the result of drug induced hallucinations, how credible can these ancient religious ideas actually be? These ideas have had a fundamental role in shaping our modern world. If this is true, then the whole thing is a sham -- this is a problem. Everything in modern society goes back to this time -- the time of the drugged priests who set up the foundations of what has become our modern world.

You wouldn't find it very credible if someone on "shrooms" came to your door and told you a pink elephant was on the roof of your house. In the exact same way, why would you believe anything that came from someone on "manna"?

These people (the "high" priests of ancient times) were on drugs -- and we are going to argue about what they tried to tell us? What? What does that make us? Yeah, that's right, we all know.

Capitol Hill comes from Capitoline Hill

In ancient Rome, Caesar ruled from what they called Capitoline Hill. Before he could do anything, Caesar had to go to the bankers for permission. After he was given permission by the bankers, he could go to what they called Congress for further approval; but he always had to have permission from the bankers first.

How similar is that to what our President does today? The President has to have permission from those who control the money (international bankers) before he can do anything. Our whole country is controlled by the bankers (bankers and judges), just like ancient Rome. Where does our President rule from? Capitol Hill, just like the fascist Roman Empire. That is where all this stuff comes from; our whole government is based on the Roman Empire -- and the whole thing is a sham. What really happened to the Roman Empire? Did it really fall, or did it eventually just move to America?

All of our capitol buildings are constructed into a dome. Domes represent the "presence of God"; this is why the White House, capitol buildings, and religious buildings are made this way. For instance, the Vatican and the White House have the same exact dome; it is supposed to represent the "presence of God," but God is surely not present in either of these places. These places are corruption pits to the whole world; no God, that is good and just, is ever going to be found in the White House or the Vatican.

These Things were not Meant for Us to Know

It is extremely difficult to figure out what is actually going on. It's not meant to be figured out or understood by any of us, but there is a method to all this madness. This world has been set up around us in a very specific and particular way -- everything means something and has been put in place for a specific effect. Nothing in the world is as it appears; we would be wise to learn as much as we possibly can. We desperately need to understand where things came from, what they are based on, and what it really means.

The more we know about the past, the better we can understand where we are now, and even more importantly, where we are heading. What direction is humanity heading? If you can look beyond the sham, into that which has been hidden, the answer will be blatantly obvious; all you have to do to be able to see it is to look at it. Look at it, it is right in front of your face ... look at it!


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    • somethgblue profile image


      5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      . . . and now we/you/us know why magic mushrooms have been outlawed, Google Graham Hancock/magic mushroom quotes. I have begun a series of articles about disinformation that ties in well with what you have written here.

      It is good to see others in the HP community waking up to the deception our education system foists on us from an early age. Perhaps Yahweh lived in the volcano, like the Hyperboreans in Telos beneath Mt. Shasta.

      I submit to you Hitler exchanged nuclear weapons for freedom and took a submarine to his Antarctic Base, that he created before the War. The Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs explains a lot on that account.

      Prisons are big business, so if you are about money you gotta keep 'em full. Just think American Democracy was based on Native American Government and yet they had no prisons or money for that matter.

      Looks like I've found a kindred soul, thanks for sharing.


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