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Of Great Simplicity It Sure Is!

Updated on July 14, 2014

Human Rights, That's Right!

To acknowledge and agree with people on the right to life and I sure do think so, is just only being good and right. Every person has the right to life no matter how weak or how old they are.

The Holy Roman Catholic Church and the Pro Life Movement are continuing to fight for such a cause as life. And the quality of life for everyone is improved when we build one another up and understand each other as another human being who wants to be good or best or better than that! And the bible says the law is good and laws are reinforced to protect people

and God has laws of spirituality and reality. God is the ullitimate reality easily.

Who is somebody to say you can't live! I am talking of human rights and even my little dog has animal rights. That is exercising good conscience to allow others their life and let it be. And learn to let it be! And to those who do got to do, let things do. And God has called us to do! Persecution is the reason

others have thought wrong about that. And the Holy Scriptures of Jesus says blessed are you when you are persecuted for righteousness. After writing this out, I am so surprised at how simple this is! You understand or you don't understand! And ever is right and ever is wise and the bible says

"and whatever!" So for people, please show some understanding of that. And the scripture says "for of that makes for peace! So let us pray for true peace.


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    • SherAnne profile image

      Sherry Shea Jubelirer 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I will say on this article, that's for sure!