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Off Grid Vertical Hydroponic Grow Rooms denied by Florida Department of Agriculture

Updated on October 13, 2015

SafeDome a shed that can save your life

The safedome is a transportable 8 ton monolithic concrete dome shed due to its shape and design capable of withstanding 200 continuous mph winds or more. Certified by the United States Department of Defense, Miami Dade County Florida, meets FEMA specs 320 for safe rooms. Yet, Florida Department of Agriculture says that the safedome is not a useful farm structure?

You see if it is that means DeSoto County, Florida went onto a certified sanctioned aqua farm and prevented it from developing by issuing a cease work order on legitimate farm structures.

A shed that can save your life

Grow Rooms

Business plan was to take this certified aqua farm and go off the grid. Bought in July 2009 the company knew it could have a alternative power plant working by October 2009 when President Obama visited Arcadia's solar power facility. Plan would be to mount solar panels on tracks that would follow the sun and with a curved wall easily done. Additionally tub type wind turbines would be mounted onto the top of each dome grow room. It turns out that the wind leaving a dome is twice the velocity as it was when it struck the base, wide to narrow affect I suppose.

Grow light waves in a dome will bounce rather than be absorbed or omni directional reducing energy required. For fingerlings minimum of a 500 gallon tank with all the appliances required would have been installed. Both systems would have a bank of batteries for a backup. Because the safedome is a monolithic concrete dome it meets the battery storage code requirements for leakage and explosion.

Pest Fire Hurricane Tornado Proof

Off Grid Farm Ruined

Once DeSoto County issued a cease work order and evicted the aqua farm caretaker ( following year DeSoto County rescinded that county ordinance) this company could not continue its business plan and literally became ruined. Before the first dome could be completed this farm was accused of manufacturing for resale. October 2009 without any assistance from the State of Florida after filing a complaint about this act a DeSoto County Special Master Hearing was held. With no authority over farms and farm structures DeSoto County declared that the only reason to be building concrete sheds on a farm was for resale and found me guilty.

By Freedom of Information Act in 2012 I obtained Emails sent from the Florida Department of Agriculture upholding the guilty verdict by DeSoto County. When asked for evidence NONE could be provided. Inspector General Sears assigned to my complaint by Governor Scott says that an official can declare a corporation of Florida guilty and need not provide supporting evidence!!!

Tell one lie you must tell more to conceal the first

Can there be guilt in America without evidence as proof?

When an official makes a statement should there not be supporting docs

See results

Legal Representation in America

Corporations cannot file a civil rights suit MUST hire a law firm! Just one of the State of Florida dismissal tactics yet Florida has no problem citing a verdict that I represented my company at? Welcome to justice in America. Then I go into debt to hire a law firm that told me he understood how I have been found guilty without evidence, $6,000 later Behren Law Weston, Florida says I have no case? Why is the public down on lawyers. Still seeking justice in Florida.

Tell one lie you must tell more to conceal the first

Farm & Aqua Farm Rights

In Florida under the Right to Farm Act and Aqua Culture Policy Act a farmer does not need to go to City Hall to apply and obtain permits for each farm structure and storage facility required to operate a farm. Fact is that and Aqua farm MUST follow Best Management Practices which requires monitoring 24/7 by DeSoto County evicting the caretaker they violated this law or statute?


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