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Offa bank robbery in Nigeria and Khashoggi murder in Turkey

Updated on March 22, 2019

Some events in the past and in recent time have proved that some people are above the law and enjoy a special kind of immunity. It is usually because of the power available to such people or the power connected to them. It is thought that gone are the days when people or nations abuse their power because of direct/indirect checks and balances of power as alleged to be the duty of United Nations. It is also believed that Africa is where it is common for leaders to abuse their power and offices. It is now apparent that even the developed nations will abuse their power to protect their personal interest but would shout whenever others do the same.

The offa Bank robbery in Nigeria has been on news for some time. The incident is that Michael Adikwu ( alleged dead), Ayoade Akinnibosun, Ibukunle Ogunleye, Adeola Abraham, Salawudeen Azeez, and Niyi Ogundiran on April 2018 killed more than 30 people and robbed Banks. During investigation, it was found that they have links to the Nigerian Senate president, Senator Bola Saraki. Some people claim it is a political move to frustrate the Nigeria senate president but the fact still remains that there was a link. It was alleged that the senate president used them as thugs during the 2015 Nigerian election. It goes to prove what happens in Nigerian politics where thugs are armed during election and their master sits on the top of Nigerian political affairs. The Senate president is not the only politician who used thugs but his case came to light because of the robbery.

It proves that some criminals have connections to men in high places. That is why most crimes in Nigeria are forgotten without proper investigations. The Nigerian masses are denied justice because those who commit the crimes have immunity clause or are untouchable. It also explains why armed robbers can spend hours robbing a bank or a house yet the security agencies will not respond. One of the culprits in the Offa robbery case is said to be a former police officer. It then becomes obvious what such a person would have done as a police man. The point is that there is need to check the amount of power available to Nigerian politicians and ordinary citizens who claim to be above the law.

The Khashoggi murder in Turkey proves that the developed nations are more interested in protecting their common interest than in protecting the collective interest of all. United States of America is said to act as the world police. They are quick to speak out against injustice but that is not the case when their ally is involved. It is the same with other nations, like Russia, as each tries to protect their own personal interest over the interest of all. The interest of all simply means doing the right thing no matter who is involved. The world powers want to get stronger, if that is the case then how will they wish that others become stronger too? That is part of the reason some countries do not want others to have nuclear war heads. They are afraid that it will get into the wrong hands and becomes a threat to them. Why is some countries justified to acquire it while others are sanctioned for trying to obtain it? Is it not better to get rid of all WMD? That should be the aim not for some countries to decide who should have it and who should not have it.

Power should be distributed equally because it is obvious that nations are more interested in protecting their own interest. That is the reason they do not want those they see as enemies to get stronger in a way that they can stand against them.

The point still remains that those who murdered Khashoggi should be punished, not just who committed the murder but those who planned it or gave the instruction for his murder.

Some nations are proving to be above the law and that can only stop when each nation will do all in its power to become stronger and gain respect among other nations. Maybe, until then, the world will never find a lasting solution to the Israel and Palestine conflict. It has to be a solution that will enable both nations to live side by side in peace and mutual respect.


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