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Oh is it a non-ending fear???

Updated on February 13, 2016

Dawn of hope

Dawn of hope
Dawn of hope

Lingering Fear

In my childhood days I was so insecure of losing my family. News of theft, robbery and murder in the news channels used to send shiver across my spine. I very well remember how I used to pray in front of idols in temples for the safety of my parents. As I grew up, with time my fear evolved from robbers to terrorist.

In all religious books it is written that we all living beings are made of love and only love. Fear is just love upside down. We all breathe in the same fashion, laugh and cry in the same way then why this discrepancy occurring in the path of humanity??? When we are suppose to live with the feeling of brotherhood and peace from where is this violence and hatred creeping in between??? For the sake of humanity, for the sake of those innocent people who lost their lives in vain leaving behind a trauma and vacuum in the minds of their loved ones, this has to be stopped. This is the need of the hour to stand against this inhumane , unjust act and combat with it effectively. Enough of condemnation and condolence has been showered from all across the globe. The finance to these ISI Terrorist needs to be stopped. Why the life of innocent and harmless is so much at stake. The world should not wait for any further disaster. Its high time that all the powerful nations should come together hand in hand and eradicate terrorism from this planet.


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