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Oklahoma's Explosion

Updated on July 9, 2011

Full Scale Riot

President Theodore Roosevelt signed the necessary documents for Oklahoma to become the 46th state. However the same documents were turned down when presented two years earlier. The Five Civilized Tribes had presented these same documents and was turned down by Roosevelt. In 1902 The Five Civilized Tribes include the following: Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole and the Muscogee. The Five Civilized Tribes had drafted a constitution and established the framework for statehood. This was the beginning of an event that would rock the nation and become know as the bloodiest riot in the Nations history. However, the native America would not be the primary agent in the explosive that would occur in Greenwood Oklahoma in 1921

Fourteen year after Oklahoma became a state and approximately 8 years before America experienced a complete financial collapse a terrible event unfolded in Greenwood Oklahoma. In the city of Greenwood existed 36 square blocks of commerce owned and operated by African Americans. Money was known to circulate up to a hundred times before it left what was then called “little Africa” There were Doctors, Lawyers, Dentist, and Merchants of all types in essence the African American community was self contained.

This town develops because of Jim Crow rules and regulation that would now allow African American to associate with the so-called dominant culture. The discovery of oil made many people wealthy and of course African Americans became wealthy also. They owned plans took trips to Europe, had servants from the so-called dominant culture. This was one of the seeds that would ignite an explosion that would not only scar America permanently but would destroy 36 square blocks of commerce known as “Black Wall Street” Before continuing with the ignition stage of this event a closer observation of deeper problem that continues to this day.

The Caucasian males have used and continue to use the Caucasian female as the recruiter and the rallying point for a number of actions. He is well aware of why he institutes a segregated community this eliminates the possibility of genetic annihilation. This is why he is so conscious of “race mixing” this not a new topic it has been around for a long time. This segregated thinking led to restriction codes in housing, preferential treatment for Caucasians in every area of life. If you are going to enslave a people you must justify and establish rules suggesting that they are not equal to or as good as you. In a book titled “The Death of The West, the main focus is the dying population of the Caucasian in both Europe and America and who will dominate forty years from now.

A Caucasian female is use to sell every product from toothpaste to exotic sports cars. The subliminal message is if you purchase the product the girl will somehow follow. This model causes men to come thousands of miles to make a connection with here. However, A Caucasian female is not looked upon as a woman but an item to be used and trashed. You can fine evidence of this in both Greek and Roman societies. Yet, if she is seen with an African-American male it troubles him, the Caucasian male. You can find ample evidence of this in Shakespeare’s play Othello. she is indoctrinated unknowingly and then taking advantage of.

A young man working in a building downtown Tulsa is headed for the elevator and the door open abruptly, he is either about to fall or is tripping in any case, it appears that he attempts to break his fall by grasping a young Caucasian female. She screams, the media gets the news and shortly thereafter, the Caucasian (poor) section is salivating with hatred worst than Pavlov's dog They (the media) turn it into an attempted rape and the Caucasian males unite to save the Caucasian race. This is where some very devious organizations who feed on hatred and sheer stupidity rise to: mob violence, lynching and murder before the good citizen can determine what is happening and when they do many of them are unable to do anything for fear of their own lives.

Does this mean that all Caucasian participated in this event, I give you a resounding no but they profited from it. The same with slavery/indentured labor many did not participate yet they received benefits from it to this day. That is why many African-Americans in the entertainment business use the phrase “ I wish I were white” not because they want to become a Caucasian, it is because certain privileges come with money. Yet, the African-American never seems receive his share of those privileges.

Several weeks ago an article appeared on Hubpages about black guy and white girls, this article caused the author to received a large number of comments. If you had read this article you could plainly see that this segregated thinking is deeply rooted in the American fabric. The incident with the girl and the guy in the elevator caused millions of dollars of property damage and thousands of lives and a commerce model that could have been you to lift up many African-American communities, this same incident was use to destroy a universe his name was Emmett Till. He supposedly whistles at a white girl. The consequences of his action, he was found at the bottom of a river, his mother could not recognize him when pulled from the river.

Earlier I said that the Caucasian female in used as a recruiter and a rallying point for some in the Caucasian community. If you want to continue to control a group control its wealth. Some of the wealthiest African-American males are married to Caucasian females however; this is not the case in the Caucasian community. This does not mean there are not some Wealthy Caucasian males married to African-American females. Othello by Shakespeare is a good example as to how long this thought process has been in the making.

Home Grown Terror

Let The Documents Speak


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    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 

      5 years ago from Southern Clime


      You wrote, “A Caucasian female is use to sell every product from toothpaste to exotic sports cars. The subliminal message is if you purchase the product the girl will somehow follow. This model causes men to come thousands of miles to make a connection with here.”

      I was looking at an ad on the Internet a few days ago. It attempted to sell insurance. There was a Caucasian female at the center of the ad dressed very skimpily with breasts pushed forward with much cleavage. I wondered why this woman was used in this ad. Well, I will tell you: sex sells! Who buys it when the woman is the centerpiece? The answer is “men of all races.” White women are used because they have been in the media as the best thing walking, so, they have "earned" their label.

      If you ask the women who are the most desirable of men, and if they answered truthfully, there would probably be a near tie between Black men and White men. It would not be surprising to most if Black men were slightly in the lead.

      It is true that most women of a race end up with men of their own race, but if they fulfilled their fantasies, their desires, their curiosities, some may be surprised at the outcome. Human beings are naturally drawn to what they are denied or what is termed "taboo." Put a fine steak on a beautiful table at one place setting and a covered dish at another. Even if the diner craved a steak, he would be curious enough to uncover the mystery meat to see what it is. If it is meat that he has been told not to touch, his curiosity is aroused even though he may never taste it. Tell a child not to open a box and leave him in the room with it for a while. What will that child do after curiosity wins over obedience?

      Since sex sells, and Caucasian females have been used to do it for eons, they will be used for that purpose and desired by all men, especially their own, as long as men love gain, and sex with ideal women. Black men are expected to buy the insurance but keep their hands off the policy. A smart person knows that one should not hang steaks before a pen of canines and expect every breed to bite except the black Doberman.

    • platinumOwl4 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks James A Watkins, I appreciate you reading the reviews. Here are two fact not generally known. One there was never any laws enacted to prevent the lynching of African-American males and prior to the civil war the majority of the hangings were of white males. This was a festive event in America. I traced the festive atmosphere back to England. "Psychologist claim, people who are hurt will hurt people" If you can find it the books title is Hanged by the neck I don't remember the author

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      7 years ago from Chicago

      I have not read "Without Sanctuary" but I did just go and read a number of reviews of it.

    • platinumOwl4 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      James A Watkins, first thank you for commenting on this hub. I read your article and I too find if mind altering. The reason I mention your article is twofold. I appreciate how it was written and the amount of commenter it received, I did not intend any disrespect, if it sounded in any way disrespectful I apologize. This article makes some harsh comments but they are based on some harsh facts. I am currently working on an article that explores The Mann Act. Again this is a harsh Article, but I am quite sure in your life time you can see how a Caucasian women is use or shall I say allegedly used.Then after the media circus and the bloodshed she is no longer a viable entity. For the record I have great respect for people who read. Have you ever read without sanctuary? I discovered this book while backtracking lynching. Harsh but true. However, the history leads one to adventures in Europe.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      7 years ago from Chicago

      I wrote the article you mentioned about black guys with white girls. If you read it, you fully understand that I only asked why 90 percent of black white couples have the black as the male. That is all. It is a sociological phenomena I wished to explore. If it was 50-50 I would have no question. It is not and why it is not is all I asked. Thank you.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 

      7 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I had never heard of the Tulsa riots, thanks for posting this - hubpages is really giving me a new education.


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