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Older but Wiser

Updated on May 3, 2011

I'd Rather be Naive & Have a Job

I am old by the younger generation's way of thinking but you know what? I am a heck of a lot wiser by my way of thinking and I am sure glad I did not have to put up with the crap that our kids have to put up with at school nowadays. I see kids walking around in a daze (cocaine, meth or moms pills), texting or with their pants down past their asses, covered with tattoos that will be there for life, or they are busy publishing something really personal on the Internet that the old folks (such as i) would have never even mentioned to their pastor. Don't get me wrong I am not here to just bash the young folks. I am here to bash the idiots that have run this country right down into the ground and continue to do so.

I was born in 1950 and people say that was a time when it seemed everyone would hide their head in the sand. Well this is where it gets interesting my friends. As a child I could walk down the street and make money. You ask how. Such things as milk, beer, & cola came in returnable glass bottles. Now they are complaining about tons and tons of plastic bottles if lined up would stretch around the world and yet they keep on turning out these trash bottles like there is no tomorrow. Why you may ask? Because they must be stupid. They bitch about them on one hand and produce them with the other. Do you know how many jobs this took away from the people making glass in the United States? I don't know for sure but it had to be millions.

Plastic bags are next. They come from Japan. It seems like we are helping every one out globally and forgot about ourselves. Government taxing has run tons and tons of businesses right out of the country taking millions of jobs with them. When they ask plastic or paper, ask for paper or even better buiy a food carrying bag that you can use over and over.

I just purchased a Reel Lawnmower to cut my grass with for $79 from Amazon and you know what. A gasoline lawn mower that is not self propelled has nothing on this piece of work. It uses no $4 per gallon gas or $110 a barrel oil and does a bang up job. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of these Al Gore nuts by a long shot but there are a number of ways to cut your bills withoiut spending a mint in the process.

Now back to the meat of the article. Banks and Walmart. Are you aware of the jobs that the Banks and Walmart are responsible for wiping out? How many of you have known of a family business that you enjoyed going into before Walmart showed up? Walmart was supposed to be so great but all the "Mom and Pop" businesses that they ran off sure offered a much better shopping experience than any Walmart I have ever been in and I sure can't find made in USA merchandise on their shelves. To me Walmart is a tool of the people that want to take us over such as number one China and the long list behind them. I can see this coming and the government or Walmart ard doing nothing in import taxes or tariffs to stop it.

I have sit back and watched as technology has eaten up one job after another and prices have gone right up with them. You'd think this technology that has taken millions of jobs away would lower prices but it has done just the opposite. Along with technology and Unions causing companies to pay ridiculous wages we have been bombarded with the destroyer of the almighty dollar. A good price for an automobile was $12,000 with $250.00 a month payments. Would you disagree with that? A loaf of bread is worth no more today than it was in 1962. So why do we pay approximately a buck fifty more?

Things have really got out of hand and the Banks, Walmart, the Government, and the big money people such as Sorrows, Buffet, Slim, and the like have to be stopped. On the flip side of the coin the US is only adding 6% of the worlds billionaires yearly where China is adding 47% and Russia 30%. So you see we are loosing the handle year by year and soon we want even have anyone pulling the strings. It's all about money.

I am not giving up no matter how stupid our government thinks we are or how much they want us to depend on them. I have been pushing affiliate programs for years and now I am leaning toward shopping from home, getting free vacations when I can and lower prices on gas or even free gas. If you are in the same boat I am or are trying to make it from home I can help. I belong to the All Solutions Network which pays me to do a variety of things from shopping to taking surveys of filling out applications and it does not cost me a thing. It's a massive website and all you have to do is give away websites to make $$$'s. If you are interested in seeing the website, copy and paste the following URL into your browser: I would really like to see you join us and save or make money. No bull my friends.

Let me know what you think of the 60 page website.


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    • profile image

      jim t. 6 years ago

      very good

    • ginosblog profile image

      ginosblog 6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks Frog Prince for reading. So true. If they only knew whats ahead. If we only knew what was ahead.

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 6 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Great Hub! It always amazes me that as I grew older, in many situations, I know that as I am about to open my mouth I know my mother is about to come out.

      When we're young we think we know everything about anything. After 6 decades I am still learning.

      The Frog