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On The Eve Of The Impeachment Hearings

Updated on August 14, 2020

Here it is a day before the impeachment hearings are to begin and I am just amazed at how unorganized and biased both political parties are leading up to this historic event.

The Republicans have completely abandoned their oath to up hold the Constitution in order to protect an ordinary man who thinks he is king of the United States. Meanwhile the Democrats are so scared of doing their duty that they don't realize they have the upper hand.

The one thing I keep hearing is how popular will this be with the American public. The American people answered that question in 2018 when they gave control of the House of Representatives to the Democrats. After watching Donald Trump display a disdain for the protocol of the presidency and a Congress that did nothing to reel him in, the people voted to have one branch of Congress controlled by the Democrats so they could start the impeachment process.

For months they have fumbled the ball trying to compare this president who attacks Americans and our allies, along with his willingness to elevate and patronize our enemies, to the impeachment process that Bill Clinton went through. The biggest difference, which is the most important, is that Bill Clinton never did anything to jeopardize our national security. This investigation is all about Trump asking another country to investigate a potential political opponent again.

The Mueller report proved that he did it during his first candidacy, but Mueller himself stated that the law prevented him from prosecuting a sitting president and it would be up to Congress to take the necessary action to remove him from office. Who knew that Trump would be dumb enough to admit that he withheld funds designated by Congress to help Ukraine fight their war? Who knew that Trump was capable of telling the truth and it would lead to this investigation?

The funny thing is he is sticking to the truth for once and the Republican members of Congress are the ones trying to come up with lies to exonerate him without success. We as Americans must realize that one person is not that important that we have to give up our democracy and rule of law to protect him.

America, you must realize that after every presidential election there is one winner, and they may not be from the party you voted for. In my lifetime there have been five Democrats and seven Republicans to hold the office of the presidency. Up until this administration, there have been good and bad things each president has done that I personally didn't agree with.

Only one other time has a president committed crimes to conspire to fix an election and he faced impeachment and eventually resigned before the process was complete. Richard Nixon did a lot of good things for the country. He raised the minimum wage, instituted the Cost of Living Allowance to make sure our wages kept up with inflation, and he initiated trade with China. He also ordered troops onto an Ohio college campus and those troops killed four students who were protesting the Viet Nam War.

The point is we as a country can recover from adversity if we stop it in time. If Donald Trump is removed from office through impeachment before his term is up, the Republicans still have Mike Pence as their president. I don't know if he is better or worse than Trump, I just know that Trump has disgraced the title of President of the United States worldwide, and no one is above the law.


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