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On The Street Homeless

Updated on May 15, 2014
Homeless spots in the USA
Homeless spots in the USA | Source

Homeless Strikes the USA

I suppose I've been living under a rock because I had no idea there were so many homeless in the United States. During my research I read some articles and looked at videos that watered my eyes. There are so many young adults, children, families, the elderly and veterans living on the streets and under bridges. What really brought my attention to this was a website I visited. After my purchase was made, an information box appeared stating how my purchase would help feed children. Well, I knew about the problem in other countries but right here in America? I began my search and I wanted to share with my readers what I found.

Before and After Foster Care

Infants have been left on door steps, taken out of the home because of different types of abuse, including left in homes alone. Circumstances such as these causes a child to be placed in the system. Children have been left in stores, bus stations and malls where the parent left and never came back. These children are placed in foster care.

An infant percentage rate of getting adopted is much greater than an older child. Most remain in the system until age 18. Sisters and brothers rarely remain together due to available placement and there have been cases where English speaking children are placed in homes where the foster parents do not speak English and vise versus. Children get bounced around going from one foster home to the next, never knowing stability or responsibility. The system does not pay for a child after age 18 and many wind up in the street without a penny and are not aware that there are programs that assist in the transformation from foster care to independence.

Then of course there are the runaways, some failed by adults due to abuse in many forms. There are the ones looking for the bright lights in the big city run away from the comfort of a home and loving family only to find a nightmare. These are the ones that fall prey to the streets, no money, no where to go and no where to sleep.

Once a child reach age 18, the state stop issuance of monthly checks. Foster parents that are in the foster care program just for the checks drop these youths off in the streets. The end, next. These youths have no knowledge how to take care of themselves so they become targets and easy prey to drug pushers and become addicts that will do anything for the next fix. The pimps train them how to prostitute, give them drugs to get them hooked, a place to sleep as long as they are bringing in the money. Many get involved with sexual predators and wind up dead. The list goes on and on.

Contact If You Need Help Now

Call if you need help right now Veterans: (800) 827-1000 Youth Crisis Hotline: (800) 448-4663 (800) 999-9999
Call if you need help right now Veterans: (800) 827-1000 Youth Crisis Hotline: (800) 448-4663 (800) 999-9999 | Source
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