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On Your Feet

Updated on August 11, 2018

The Lady is Bugged!


Lady is at the Stove

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Saturday, August 11, 2018. Our lovely friend, Lady Bug, is at the stove preparing Blueberry Crumb Muffins for our enjoyment. I am preparing French lattes to add to the fun. Lady is fed up with the NFL and their continued desire to disrespect our flag and our country. She has extended an invitation to all the Poppers this morning to join her at the breakfast table and punt around the subject of kneeling. That pun was intended. We hope to see you soon.

Why Are They Angry?

Thanks so much for joining us the morning. The new NFL season is almost upon us and the players are still taking a knee or raising their fists during the playing of the Anthem. I am sure I am not alone when I say that I find their acts of disrespect disgusting, insulting and completely out of place. The players are on the field to play football. The fans are in the stands to enjoy a game they love. This isn't the time or the venue to raise fists in anger or take a knee when the Anthem is played. It is a time to remain standing with your hand over your heart. It is a time to remember those who gave their lives fighting to keep us all safe. It is a time to remember that, although we aren't perfect, we are the best of the best. It is a time to be proud. In all this time, I still don't know why these players are acting so badly. They say they are outraged, but I've yet to hear them say what is on their mind. They are a lucky group of people. Their skills on the field have earned them a place in the spotlight and big bucks in the bank. Are they outraged that others in the country aren't as lucky? Do they believe that everyone should get paid millions for knocking people off their feet? If any of this were true, why are they wasting time acting like spoiled inarticulate brats? What are they accomplishing? Who are they helping? What is the problem? Does anybody know?


It's Getting Old

Fans of the game are growing weary of the sight of players with their fists in the air. Fans are tired of seeing players take a knee. Some fans are so sick of the spectacle that they are turning away from the game. Will this faux rage be worth it when revenues go down, attendance dries up and salaries begin to reflect the diminished popularity of the game? The pocketbook is what hurts the most. I think that the "outrage" they are trying to express about "who knows what" will turn to outrage over their lower pay.

Perhaps if the players are so disgusted wth this country they should consider packing their bags and going elsewhere. Venezuela is in the dumps right now. The people could use a lift. Why not mosey on over there and cheer up the crowd? Keep in mind that once you are there you will find plenty of things to protest. Bear in mind, that if you do so, you will probably find yourself in a cozy cell wishing you were back in America.

Your fans are not as enthusiastic as they once were. The stands are not as full as they once were. Families come to the game to enjoy themselves. They are not signing up to witness a protest that has no meaning. All you are doing is showing your fans both young and old that it is okay to mock the Anthem. If there are actual reasons for your protests you have yet to speak about them in an intelligent way. There are other forums to discuss what's on your mind, but the football field is not on the list.


Stop Crying

I have a suggestion for the protesters. Get up, open your fists, lay your hand over your heart and show respect for the country that has afforded you such a good life. If you have grievances, talk about them off the field and then put your money where your mouth is. Most of the players have the time and the means to make a difference in the black community. Stand up and be a role model. Show young boys and girls that a better life awaits them if they work hard. Go into troubled communities and build recreation centers. Hire talented mentors to keep kids off the streets and headed in the right direction. Team up with law enforcement to bridge the gap that exists in so many neighborhoods. Build better schools. Offer scholarships. Mentor these kids. For God's sake, do something!

Lady's Song

She has no patience

For players who kneel

That's why the Lady is no tramp...


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