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On the Hardness of White People

Updated on June 13, 2015

All hearts need to heal

Oh, white people, please stop being so hard. Please open your eyes and stop being so hard-hearted. You're so full of fear - fear of so many things - and because of it, everything you see is colored with that fear.

White parents; please begin to teach your children to think better thoughts than you were trained to think. Please acknowledge the racism that plagues this earth so that your children won't grow up with the same prejudice that you did. And more importantly, so that the black & brown babies alive today will grow up with peers who love and understand them - instead of judge and fear them.

Oh, God. I can't stand the prejudice that I grew up in. I can't stand how hard my heart has been. White parents, please, at the very least, train your children to be better than you have been. I so wish my parents had taught me to love, but they didn't. Instead, they taught me to love an invisible God, denying the visible, tangible and real problems that humanity faces now. Benign neglect (our government's policy on racism - look it up) is not benign at all - it is blatant denial. Racism is happening everyday in the hearts of the white man and the result is hurting beautiful people across this planet everyday. How can you claim to love God when you hate the person standing in front of you?

Many, many white people will tell me that they don't hate anybody, but denying what is happening is the most hateful thing possible. The subconscious, psychological f*ckery that we are all in has made white people inordinately arrogant and people of color have to deal with unjust and unsolicited self-hatred.

PLEASE! If you won't change yourself, at least educate your children. Educate them of the truth. Expose them to the statistics and what is really happening. Put them in their place; because we all know that the school, media and church system will not. Be better than your ancestors! Stop hiding and covering up the sins of your fathers! Expose them or they will rot like infected flesh! You cover the sins of your fathers and unwittingly pass them directly into your children's psyche.

You have become a slave to your own white guilt and white denial. Please, just face it. Soften your heart and face it. 86-95% of this world are not white, yet we have stolen the standard of beauty through a monopoly of the media. This could only come out of white insecurity and a feeling of inferiority. So what if we are inferior? The lack of Melanin is only a lacking of something. We are no better by pretending that we are better than the rest of humanity. Not at all. It makes us the worst part of humanity. On top of that, we are the only ones dividing ourselves from the rest of the world through our insecurities, guilts and fears. THE SINS OF OUR FATHERS CAN END WITH OUR FATHERS! But we must acknowledge what is really happening. We must heal our hearts. We must acknowledge that anyone who can look at a beautiful person's face and treat them as less than human, based on skin color - does not know God and does not know love.

It is simple. If you are a Christian, it says it right in your bible. You cannot claim to love God if you do not love the man who is in front of you. Therefore, the last 500 years of white history is riddled with un-love and un-godliness. We MUST acknowledge this and move beyond this.

The simple fact that black people in America in 2015, justly feel the need to enlighten us of the fact that #blacklivesmatter is so sad. We should know this. We should know this. We should know this. Only the lies of our fathers, and their fathers, and their fathers before them could have taught our psyche otherwise.

So, once again - My plea to white parents is that you would acknowledge what is happening, even though it is not happening to you. Learn to practice empathy. Attempt to understand. Put yourself in someone else's shoes - and when you do so, make sure that that someone else is not white or whitewashed - for that will not help. Teach your children that every color of skin and feature of body and face is beautiful. Please, at least teach them this. So that when they begin school, they can be at least one who sees the value in their black classmates. No kindergarten student should deal with racism, no matter how covert. We are psychological beings and our subconscious is very attentive to what is happening around us - therefore, the covert racism is the worst kind of racism. If I had grown up as a black child, I have a difficult time imagining how hurtful life in this current system would have been. Always seeing a white standard of beauty. Always being mistrusted by the people around me. Always being treated like I am less than my white counterparts. My psyche would have been filled with self-hatred. I don't know how I could have escaped it.

**To the majority of humanity who is not white, but may be reading this - If I have said anything or used any term that is offensive, insensitive, hurtful or derogatory - please let me know and I will edit my post.

**All comments will be moderated, any offensive or ignorant comment will not be approved, unless to allow for responses by intellectuals and lovers of humanity who will shut these comments down


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