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On the heels of the Armenian Centennial, is it time to discuss genocide?

Updated on April 16, 2015

Who would ever want to make the angels cry?

First what is this all about?

Genocide is the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

I feel compelled to write this so that the truth can set us free! if this tragedy of genocide is not owned, what does that say about society! I myself, do not know.

This has happened many, many times in Planet earth's History, and one episode is 100 years old. Below are some of the cases and how they were justified at the time.

Let's start with genocide on American soil.

Over 400 years ago, in what we now call New York State, there were many American Indian tribes that lived peacefully. Among them were the Adirondacks, The Susquehanna, The Erie, and the Algonquians. The Susquehanna seemed to impress the European explorers the most. They were peaceful, but had some enemies. The Massawomeckes were mortal enemies of the Susquehanna, but they did not wipe each other out. No, another tribe came from the deep South, and wiped the peaceful Indians out completely. The Hurons in Canada suffered the same fate. Those that survived these attacks were then enslaved by the concurring tribe. Some were freed if the married into the tribe that wiped their people out. Many other American Indian tribes were completely erased by neighboring Indian tribes. This is rarely talked about and an often misunderstood fact of our history in America!

A ruthless dictator with an awful plan.

An evil socialist Austrian Christian named Adolf Hitler took Germany by storm. We was literally worshiped by the masses. Since that wears off when evil is exposed, he formed a large army and protected himself. His master plan was to destroy the Jews of the world! He killed many and was not going to stop. America, thank God, had the courage, along with It's allies to eventually stop him!

He was an aspiring artist who was passed over and in his eyes ignored. Who's work was favored over his? Who did he think received preferential treatment when it came to art schooling?

Oh and one more thing, he was not going to stop there. Oh no! Blacks, Gays, Hispanics, and Catholics were next.

1.5 Million Armenians were slaughtered on April 16th.

The Turkish Government has said little about this, but they wiped out 1.5 Million Christian Armenians in a single mission! I am thankful at least that many live here in America today, safe from this atrocity. May it never befall them again!

I will be hated for this one!

Abortion was first called the Negro Project by Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood! She was a disciple of Hitler's and won a National Leadership award from the KKK. Why? Because she had a master plan to exterminate black Americans or the "human weeds", as she called them. She worked with black ministers who did not know what she was up to! Why do you think that the first abortion clinic was in Harlem N.Y. ? Why won't Planned Parenthood admit this, apologize and move on?

The K.K.K. tried.

Their efforts to wipe out Black Americans was thwarted. Though they still exist today, they have been reduced to a bunch of angry, grumbling, extremists. The world sees their disgusting hearts of hatred as well as the Neo Nazis. I urged every one to be vocal if you ever hear of a member of either in your community! Find a reason to call the police and help America root them out!


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