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One Less Car

Updated on May 11, 2011

One Less Car is an urban movement in the US that is promoted by cyclists desperate to break the monopoly of all those car users.

The slogan is often seen in Critical Mass rides on shirts, flyers and stickers. Critical Mass is a community bicycling event that is held on the last Friday of every month in over 300 worldwide. Critical mass was originally designed to draw attention to how non-cycle friendly most cities are to cyclists. The slogan acts to promote sustainable transport as it points out that bicycles are by far the more ecologically responsible urban vehicle.


One Less Car goes Nationwide and Global

The One Less Car phenomena has expanded throughout the US.

There is a great website that can be found at that is a bicycle activism site started by two brothers using the urban radicalism of protest by T-shirt. They started by producing bike-related t-shirts that were unique and many of these designs are still available on their website.

Seattle has a One Less Car Challenge that can be found here.

In addition there is now a One Less Car Organisation based in Maryland which can be found here.

This has even stretched over to the UK now with

Is One Less Car a viable protest?

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