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One Nation Under God's Protection

Updated on February 26, 2013

Again Americans Have Spoken

A source of fuel for the implosion within the Republican Party
A source of fuel for the implosion within the Republican Party | Source
Tea Party's idea of smaller governance should the Sequestration Cuts take effect
Tea Party's idea of smaller governance should the Sequestration Cuts take effect | Source
Evidence of Greedy Special Interests ideas for Government.
Evidence of Greedy Special Interests ideas for Government. | Source
In this case Silence is very detrimental for Women
In this case Silence is very detrimental for Women | Source
Seriously, this guy's ideas represent the views of the Tea Party
Seriously, this guy's ideas represent the views of the Tea Party | Source
Cold Hard Fact, prior to President Obama
Cold Hard Fact, prior to President Obama | Source

More Conservative Brain Farts

To say that some of the GOP members of the US Congress are playing a dangerous game with the lives of millions of potential American voters, by letting the sequester go into effect on March 1st would be a grossly understated fact. Anyone living outside of the alternate reality of the "Anti-Obama presidential universe" would or should question the validity of whether they, some of the GOP have sustain substantial neurological (head/brain) trauma.

I suppose a rational person or persons would agree with that theory, should the Republicans knowingly let these Sequestration cuts take effect. I say knowingly because liberals and conservatives alike knew that if the sequestration budget cuts were to go into effect, that the ramifications of such actions or lack thereof could be detrimental to our national economy and potentially the world economies as well. But I suppose it was design as a last ditch effort to get federal government to stop kicking the can down the road and act responsibly for debts already incurred by the previous Republican administration.

Here are some undeniable facts as I see them, the stock market is at or rapidly approaching record highs (14,000) in the history of the stock market. Considering that when President Obama took office in 2009 the stock market was hovering at roughly the 7000 mark, I may not be a mathematician but I can add, subtract, multiple and divide very well if I may say so. But in my reality that's nearly or right at double the market value any day of the week and twice on Sundays. New Home sales have begun to pick up again as well. Their have been over thirty four consecutive months of positive job growth since then unemployment is at a four year low at approximately seven point five percent.

Now just for a moment imagine how much better the economy would be doing without all of these obstructionist tactics of some of the GOP members in the US House of Representatives and but not nearly as much in the US Senate. The State of Our Union would more than likely being doing a heck of a lot better. This whole Tea Party crap does a great disservice to the principles applied back in the days of the Boston Tea Party era. They need to change the name of their movement from The Tea Party to say, The Continued Oppression Party.

Because their agenda doesn't mean the Republican Party or the American people any good. They are single-handily trying to put women's rights back into the days of being back in the kitchen being pregnant and subservient, voting rights back to the days before The Voting Rights Act was signed into law. Basically they would like to pick and choose the part or parts of the US Constitution/Bill of Rights that suits their agenda at a particular moment.

Civil rights would be subjective to more than just African Americans, legal and illegal immigrants, and the whole closet door would be permanently sealed for the whole LGBT community. Same sex marriages would all be null and void, that whole lifestyle would be nowhere close to achieving their civil rights. They would continue to be oppressed and made to feel less than people from poor third world countries. Basically back to the days of life in America before Honest Abe freed the slaves and started the Republican party.

Essentially their idea of smaller government is government that let's people do basically whatever they want to as long as it doesn't stop the rich from getting richer or regulating the way that companies do business. Public safety be damned you're all own your own, every man for themselves. Certain parts of the constitution would become punchlines at the expense of the less fortunate. That's not the America I want to live in, nor is it the America that I served in the military to protect and defend against all enemies both foreign or domestic alike. The Federal Government does have a purpose in our lives, it's been outlined in the US Constitution which has been evolving with the changing times hence the twenty six known Amendments.

The bottom line is, this inclination of the Tea Party rhetoric is bad for the nation as a whole. It seems it's sole purpose is to divide the country into more of the HAVES versus the HAVE NOTS. Since President Obama took office in 2009 there seems to have been a subliminal racial divide as well to fuel their insane right wing agenda, but the average American didn't buy into that thought process re-electing President Obama for his second term!


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