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One Sky Different Views

Updated on December 21, 2012

One Sky Different Views

It was a night like every other, under the sky I laid and watched the stars majestically aligned. The sky was calm and peaceful, and the beautiful moon seemed shy as its light shined softly through a cloud. Lost in the beauty of the masterpiece above, I could listen to the echoed sound of love abounds with peace through the evening sky. I closed my eyes waiting to dream of sweet silence like every night.

Moments later I found myself lying in a cold dark space. I looked above at the clouded grey sky and felt the earth beneath me sigh. I walked around the lonely tired place in search of light. I could feel my feet walk over what seemed to be thick water. I heard drips and drops, and as I got closer I heard whispers of the running river call. There stood a little boy under the raging waterfall shivering in fear as the water that fell became blood. I stepped back and fell to the ground in fear of what I was seeing. He carried his limp body towards me and laid on the ground covered in blood.

He watched the sky like he did every night. He watched the cusp of the moon hold the weight of his fears, and the clouds endless rain of unjust and insincerity break hearts. He watched blood flow in rivers through the words of greedy souls. He watched life bleed with a smile on his face, and saw death as a release to the repulsive world we live in. He watched his favorite things burn under the ashes of his home. He watched his mother cry over his sister’s death until hers was soon taken as well.

I thought silently to myself “Could we be laying under the same sky? Have the stars stopped shining at this part of the world? Looking at his eyes I saw the reflection of the grey sky that he gazed at every night. His little heart bears the burden of what he believes in. He believes in a better future for his country, he believes in just. He believes in a free Syria….

Reem Alirhayim


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    • profile image

      Lisa 4 years ago

      I read the your previous hubs, and you are a true philosopher! Keep writing I really enjoy reading the way describe the issues and problems you address.

    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      I love how you brought up the crisis in such a philosophical way....amazing writing. Definitely a thumbs up!