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Be there opposition in all things

Updated on August 20, 2012

Freedoms afforded by all...

People become incensed, enraged, defensive, and even hostile at times, when expressing their opinions or defending their beliefs, choices, decisions, or way of life. There are those that feel and believe strongly for one side while there are those that believe just as strongly for the opposing side. I am not in the position to state, pass judgment, ridicule, condemn, or criticize, any of them, for his or her beliefs, rights, or freedoms. I may not agree with the views or methods of how people choose/chose, decide, or opt to express or fight for the right to express or live in accordance to the way in which they feel they are entitled to-but I should not have to feel badly or feel the need to defend myself and or my convictions, beliefs, or ideas, because it is contrary to that of the ‘opposition’.

I know that both sides are impassioned and driven and truly believe in freedom of expression, beliefs, and or lifestyles. However, the problem I see, is that in an effort to fight for and defend those freedoms we infringe upon and trample, condemn, criticize, and judge, those that oppose those choices, or decisions-thus becoming and appearing and coming across just as narrow minded and judgmental as the opposition. We cannot and should not attack, deny, trade, or infringe, on other individuals freedoms, for any reason, even in an effort to express, or defend our own.

Attacking a “Christian” for his or her beliefs or convictions would be like attacking a homosexual for his or her right to love, live, and express, him or herself. Both sides are guilty of judging and passing judgment, if neither are willing or capable of accepting, loving, embracing, acknowledging, or at the very least, respecting, an individual’s right to believe, live, love, worship, as they feel fit. Doing so makes us guilty of robbing, infringing, and or denying, them their right and or freedoms, as much as they are in denying the opposition theirs.

Whether we are fighting, defending, expressing, or sharing, our opinions, ideas, lifestyle, sexuality, religion, etc. should not and does not matter, if either side is unwilling to recognize, respect, and or acknowledge that both sides are entitled and should thus be afforded the right to live, love, worship, believe, and express, as him or her see fit, then both sides are guilty of exactly what we are accusing our opposition of.

There is opposition in all things, good, bad, or indifferent, good vs. evil, sinner vs. saint (ha),right vs. wrong, love vs. hate; we cannot grow without opposition anymore than we can grow if we are not open to opposing views, beliefs, convictions, ideas. If we refuse or deny others their right or freedom of expression, then we are denying, infringing, and robbing others of their freedoms, the very same freedom that allows and affords us the right to express, believe, live, love and worship as we see or deem fit.

To engage or become enraged or incensed and attack another person because that person is choosing to express or live or share an opposing view, contrary to yours, does not make him or her any less right or you any less wrong. Just makes both sides equally guilty of what we are accusing the other of-unable, incapable, and unwilling to accept, and or respect, that we are all entitled to the same freedoms as everyone else. Just because we may not agree, condone, like, or accept their ideas, choices, way of life, way of thinking, expressing, or sharing, doesn’t mean we cannot and should not, give one another the proper respect that each of us is entitled to when it comes to living our own lives.

We must not negate or trade one person's 'freedom' for another-no matter how we may feel about their methods or the way in which they express or defend said 'freedoms'. Otherwise, we risk becoming exactly what we accuse them of...


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