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Why Oregon Banned Offshore Drilling Weeks Before Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, A Historical Hub About the BP Spill.

Updated on May 19, 2021
girlpower profile image

girlpower lives in the Pacific Northwest. She's an author, a blogger and lives with a man that builds cigar box guitars.

Save Our Oceans

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Earth
Save Our Oceans, Save Our Earth

5 years later Gulf Coast still suffering from BP oil spill

Read about how the gulf coast is still suffering environmentally and economically from the BP Oil Spill from five years ago. From the Oceana report:

On April 20, we commemorated the five-year anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. Many local fisheries, wildlife and economies are still struggling to recover, and the same fate now threatens the southeastern Atlantic coast.

Not to mention the West Coast, although weeks before the oil spill the state of Oregon passed legislation to forbid oil rigs from their pristine coast.

Read the articles below this, as they span five years, for a in depth reporting of the BP Oil spill from the very beginning.

Its 2014 and the oil companies are trying to convince Oregonians to put their coastlines at risk.

Don't let the Pacific NW become a thoroughfare for Big Oil

The Pacific Northwest is on the front line of the fight against dirty fossil fuel exports.

Right now there are proposals in Grays Harbor, WA, to receive tar sands and Bakken shale crude oil by rail, transfer it onto tankers and ship it out through Grays Harbor.

From "Friends of the Earth" May 1, 2014

These proposals bring serious risks to Washington’s communities, economy and environment and the entire Pacific Northwest. Bakken crude oil is highly volatile, tar sands ncredibly toxic and corrosive, the train cars being used old and unsafe -- and a safe way to transport these dangerous crude oils has yet to be found, as many recent train accidents and oil spills across North America have shown.

Now is your chance to express your opposition and weigh in on what you think should be part of the evaluation of two of the three proposed oil export terminals in Grays Harbor -- Westway Terminal Company and Imperium Terminal Services -- from increased risk of oil spills, to train traffic tying up our communities, to impacts on public health and our marine waters.

Weeks Before Gulf Oil Spill Oregon Bans Off Shore Drilling

Only weeks after Oregon bans offshore oil drilling and natural gas exploration an oil rig off the Louisiana coast  explodes, sinks and has been spilling 500,000 gallons of oil a day oil into the Gulf of Mexico. This is an example of what can happen to the fragile ocean ecosystem.

Oregon is standing true to its commitment to keeping their coastal communities clean and thriving. Tourism is up since Americans are for going out of country vacations and coming West to discover the beauty of the Pacific Northwest rain forests.

Oregon Representatives Ben Cannon of Portland, and Deborah Boone of Cannon Beach are keen believers in keeping such accidents out of Oregon coastlines and estuaries.

New Horizon Well is Dead!!! Deep Oil Rigs are given the go ahead to resume drilling


The now capped oil rig from the New Horizon rig has spilled over 5 Million barrels of oil. It seems that the ocean has taken care of way more oil than expected as surface oil is hard to find. Lets not forget that the dispersant used caused the oil to sink into plumes miles long or to the bottom of the ocean.

The spill is deemed 19 times more oil spilled in Gulf of Mexico compared to the Exxon Valdez.

It is becoming clear that the oil industry and the former Bush administration allowed complacency in regards to deep well safety. They waived environmental regulations and now we are seeing the results. On the New Horizon deep oil drilling well that killed 11 people; there were early signs that they could be headed toward a blow out but no one did a thing to prevent it. Some other oil rigs have blow out preventers that haven't had an inspection in five years.

What is amounting to industrial homicide is why the Obama administration is trying to reverse the six month moratorium and to allow the deep well drilling to continue.  Pressure from the oil industry and its workers are willing to go back to business as usual and to begin the deep rig oil drilling hoping that the rigs are within safety standard.  Although there are many oil rig workers who want to go back to work; do you think it is worth the risk of more deaths and oil spills by returning to rigs that are not safe? What may prove to be the right thing to do, it may actually save lives, the lives of the very workers that are now being vocal about wanting to return to the possibly unsafe offshore oil rigs. Go figure.

The moritorium was only affecting 32 of oil rigs in the United States offshore. There are 970 regular on land oil wells that would not be affected. Only the offshore oil rigs who all have the same back up plan that BP has and could cause another massive spill.

One would think that after such a horrendous oil spill that is saturating the Gulf Coast shores and killing the fish, mammals and birds that live in the areas off Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida.The court will not allow the moratorium until the government proves it's case in court which is in August. Why can't our own President influence these irresponsible courts that are biased toward the oil industry. Even if it causes some oil production workers to be laid off,

Miles of shoreline along the coast are still getting oil balls that are coming ashore. .Even a lake in Texas has found oil balls on their shores from the hulls of boats that bring the oil in from the coast waters.

Seven species of turtles, 5 of which only breed in the Gulf area are dying or being picked up by wildlife teams, since turtles are surface eaters they are consuming oil prey and inhaling the toxic fumes just by eating to stay alive. Dolphins are having their babies this time of year and the Brown Pelican who just recently had their name taken off the endangered species act from DDT decades ago are now back on the list.

One fisherman committed suicide over his despondency over seeing his livelihood take such a downturn, one that may be affected for decades or even longer. This is a grim reminder of the devastation of lives done by the oil spill, one that will be passed down to the next generation.

BP has repaid on claims a 123 million dollars so far. Some claims are 1-2 months out said Bob Dudley the new BP claims spokesperson. Bob grew up in Mississippi and is closer to the issue and promises that BP will make good on all claims.

It seems like the Alaskan oil drilling will begin soon in Alaska's Perdo Bay, BP getting away with calling an offshore project a on land project by the building of a berm extending out into the bay so that it is considered out of the moratorium because it is considered on land. BP also did it's own environmental impact assessment in that area and passed itself. This the company that is polluting our Gulf Coast with their massive oil spill.

Some of the fishermen are still being paid $1500 a day to help with the clean up.

Peta an animal cruelty organization is thinking of filing a suit against BP for the burning of turtles on their boom and burn projects. Dozens of turtles a day are being killed when they boom the water and don't clear the area of wildlife before burning the oil. The animal cruelty charges if won would charge BP up to 50,000 dollars or prison time. BP responded by saying they would donate money to wildlife organizations. Is is good enough?

The Beautiful Oregon Coast. Lets keep it that way

The mystical Oregon Coast and why we want to save it.
The mystical Oregon Coast and why we want to save it.

Oregon Coast near Yachats. One of Many Reasons to Save the Oregon Coast

THe Eternal Pacific Ocean
THe Eternal Pacific Ocean
Heceta Head Lighthouse
Heceta Head Lighthouse

Oregon Stands Up for It's Coastal Life,Fishing Industry and Tourism

Oregon state has had a long legacy of protecting it's coastlines with state parks and public access rights to our beaches. A huge difference from the California coastline which locks the public out in many areas, giving access only to hotel quests and has many areas that are off limits to the public.

The Oregon coast on any given day have deserted beaches where one can walk for miles without coming across a fence or area that the public is not allowed. Oregon has been a long time partner with communities that do not want big hotel and commercial property owners to dominate their coastlines.

I was living in Newport, Oregon when the Blue Magpie ship crashed off shore during a storm. I was one of many local people who went to the Marine Science Center to wash off thousands of marine birds, mammals and birds that got trapped in the oil spill. It was gut wrenching to see these marine birds and mammals covered in oil. We did our best to wash them off and release them back into the ocean in an area unaffected by the oil spill.

The ban that passed applies to the first three miles out from the Oregon Coast. The next 147 miles is protected under the federal moratorium. This extension means oyster, crab, salmon, rock fish, sea lions, grey whales and hundreds of other animals will be protected from toxic chemicals, heavy metals and oil spills.

The Oregon coast relies on its fishing, crabbing and oyster beds that produce some of the least toxic seafood in the world. The huge tourism industry is also behind the ban for off shore drilling which the coastal towns rely heavily on for their livelihoods.

Commentary by girlpower on America's Disillusionment With How America Disposes of Toxic Wastes

Girlpower commentary about the hearing in June between BP's former CEO Tony Hayward and the US Congress Energy Committee. Their meeting was described as more like the gladiator grilling that used to take place in Rome. Many Americans loved to see how our Senators and Representatives really gave it to BP

But is that same governmental committee as outraged about the pollution made by all the other oil companies or all the other industries that produce and dump chemicals into our oceans rivers and streams? Or the nuclear power plant waste that is dumped? I was somewhat unhappy about the tone, the way each of our Senators and Representatives when it came their turn, had to grandstand and repeat the same thing over and over instead of getting to the root of their questions. And when the panel of other oil companies said that they had the same the exact same back up plan word for word that BP had, did anyone show them outrage, did anyone call for massive fines to those oil companies and even existing industries not oil companies?

For years environmentalists have been asking, begging our officials to stop the waste dumping by most industries. What if an American oil company had this happen would be as outraged. This accident this horrible accident looks like it was human error and system equipment error. We are wasting precious time by getting angry and spouting off.

The Gulf Coast states for a century have been reaping the benefits of over 100,000 jobs working in the oil industry, their states are giving millions, billions of dollars a year to lease their waters off their shores. Why didn’t any of the states have a back up plan or demand to have more regulation. Oh that’s right the Republican party when in control of our country seek for less regulation and more power to individual private companies.

We cant have it both ways. I know this is a terrible thing but do the people who are laid off from the oil spill realize that every now and them all of us are subject to unintentional lay offs. Look at the car industry, look at the logging industry when they ran out of old growth to cut, look at Tennessee natural disaster flood, or the Katrina hurricane. We all have to dip into our savings or retirement money from time to time. Look at all the baby boomers who recently lost a third of their hard earned money for retirement by losing their investments due to 8 years of George Bush. Halliburton is Associated Cheney our former vice president. For decades the Republican party, the have been in bed with big oil. Are we surprised that the industry was left to their own devices and started drilling in deep areas, in the hopes that nothing would go wrong.

Where is all the outrage for the whole oil industry/ In my opinion BP has been making at least a moderate response to this event. They promised 20 billion in escrow to start for the claims of workers and people affected by this. And where is the USA Unemployment Division? Are they holding back as they want all the claims to go to BP. That is what the Unemployment insurance is for, and they make billions every year on people that never used their donations to their fund, why aren’t they being expected to hold a news conference? Why aren’t the banks who hold the affected peoples mortgages offer to not collect for six months? The people shouldn’t have to wait, but BP shouldn’t have to pay what unemployment, or other state services can provide. I think many of us are trying to make this case the worse ever and not turn to our american benefits and to dump it all on BP. Many loggers in the pacific northwest had to quit their lively hood not due to an accident but because the timber industry over cut and nearly wiped out our old growth trees. Now they realize that the existing land they already have if managed and thinned properly we can have an endless supply of wood. Those loggers had to take new jobs, be retrained, go on unemployment there was’ any way for them to sue the timber industry for their loss, its just the way it is.

So let’s not think that the BP even is the worst thing people have gone through. Remember the depression? People on the coast will have to hanker down, maybe dip into their retirement, cut down on their expenses, and support the local economy. Other Americans should make a n effort to visit the states along the gulf and spend their money. Maybe these ocean resorts could set up temporary pools for people to swim in. If people vacationing need to go to lakes and rivers, then that industry will bring in more dollars to that industry. We all need to calm down and give BP and our government the chance to fix this and restore it, it may take years or a decade but things will be restored.

I am more upset when I see the poor fish, birds and animals drenched in oil. we should all be supporting or volunteering to the clean up of birds and beaches. And

Many Americans want more rage, want to stick it to BP because they are a foreign company. Even asking for President Osama to get angry, show his fists, rant and rage. I hate to disappoint you but our new president has shown over and over his dedication to the american people in a calm, professional matter, has given us all health care, he took our economy that Bush flushed down the toilet and turned it around and he is doing everything to help this situation. We need to view this event as the accident it is. Why are we so happy to see our Congress kicking Tony Hayward when he’s down, it’s the American way is why .

I have been following this thing from the start, and I see everyday, every hour things being done to stop the flow of oil.

Americans need to get down from their high horse and work with BP and the coast guard and the navy and the wildlife coalitions and local people and to stop the rage and start solving the problem. America is two percent of the population and we consume more oil and goods than the rest of the world. Frankly we should be humbled about this. We drive around in cars, we consume gas and we know it pollutes. So maybe we should listen to our President about green energy. The baby boom generation during the sixties and seventies had all these ideas, solar, wind, environmental concern and equality for women and people of color. Why can’t we admit they are right. Even the younger generation is saying the same thing.

President Osama is now under attack from the oil industry and its workers for closing down deep oil drills until further notice. Now everyone who had worked for years in the industry even the people who came off that rig alive, now they are upset that they cant get back to work. If it means sacrificing for our environment, we should do it. Would we want another oil spill, this industry has to be forced to make changes and our government should be regulating it.

Why are so many Americans against any government involvement, are you upset when the government regulates the airlines for your safety, or the food industry to make sure you don’t die from mad cow? Even some of the clean up workers are refusing to wear protective devices, they should be fired if they don’t. Or surely they will be on the band wagon to sue BP for health related damages. We can’t have it both ways.

So before we blame and get outraged by BP and our President, what would you have done? Treating a fellow human being like BP’s CEO badly isn’t what we are all about. I think he got the point 30 times. I do think our government should assign a committee to follow BP as they go get their records that the committee has asked for. And BP wasn’t forth coming with the amount of oil spilling, they knew they get fined by the gallon spilled. Lets use our energy tracking BP assets so they don’t shuffle their funds to safe places and then say the whole ordeal caused them bankruptcy, which then no claims would be paid. It’s not against the law to make Billions of dollars a year, there are other oil companies that make 45 billion a year, look at Wal-mart, Mayor Blumberg, the meat industry, and the chemical and fertilizer business who also dump their waste.

Think of all the people in the USA who are exposed to pollution every day. Are they owned something. I think American is being forced by this event not the liberals to get on board clean renewable energy. Why all the fear? Why all the resistance? And now the oil companies are angry about the fact that our president is now pushing for green energy. It’s all about money. Even one Senator suggests building 40 more nuclear power plants and calls it cheap clean energy. What a lie, where are they going to put all the nuclear waste, Nevada, your home state? The moon?

Let American’s at least rethink our energy policies. And breathe.

Dide,(girl power) Eugene, Oregon

Should You Boycott BP gas?

Are you like some of us that wants to stop getting your gas at BP or one of their subsidiaries? Many Americans are boycotting BP gas stations. Read Karen Sheppard's column in Mother Jones about whether it would make an impact. And for a list of BP stations under different names. What might be better is to reduce your own gasoline consumption to really make an impact.

Also someone might say that punishing BP would reduced funds that they could turn around and award to coastline businesses and individuals who are affected by the oil spill due to their occupations, some of which will be affected for decades to come.

Read Mother Jone's article by Karen Sheppard below:

President Obama Delays his Former Plan to Open up Vast Sections of Protected East Coast to Oil and Gas Dilling

President Obama is now holding off on his decision to open NEW OIL DRILLING ON EASTERN COAST AND GULF STATES. Previously he was opening up new waters to exploration even though it seemed to be a contradiction to his green renewable energy plans. But he had claimed it was needed in the mean time until renewable energy takes over. This was before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that is changing peoples minds about off shore drilling and the possible enviornmental clean up it threatens.

There were no plans to drill on the West Coast however, perhaps because Oregon just passed their moratorium on drilling off their coast. Californians and State of Washington are also opposing drilling off their coasts. These states are protecting their coastal communities and estuaries.

The risk of oil spills had been the main reason why Oregon banned oil drilling weeks before the Gulf of Mexico spill. Oregon needs its tourism industry to remain strong since they especially depend on tourism; offering one of the most dramatic and protected coastlines in the United States. Representatives Ben Cannon of Portland and Deborah Boone of Cannon Beach who introduced and helped pass Oregon's ban on drilling offshore should be commended for their vision for Oregon.

The people of Oregon should be defending it's states ban on offshore drilling by showing their support to keep this ban in placeby writing to their representatives in Salem their capital

The Beautiful Oregon Coast

Oregon Bans Offshore Drilling Weeks Before the Gulf Coast Oil Spill
Oregon Bans Offshore Drilling Weeks Before the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Read an Article from THE RUDE PUNDIT

clipped from the rude pundit blog Gulf Oil Spill:

It Ain't Like This Never Happened Before This is fucked beyond fucked. And the history tells us it's gonna get more and more fucked before we can stop the fucking and, even then, it'll be ages before it's unf'd. Back in 1979, a Mexican oil well blew out under only 160 feet of water in the Bay of Campeche. The well was two miles deep. It was nine months and 138 million gallons before a relief well was completed. You won't be happy to learn that two months after the blowout, oil reached the Texas shore. You'll be less happy to learn that they (really) called their diversion dome a "sombrero" (instead of a, you know, "top hat"). And that they used dispersants. And that, even four months after the blowout, they didn't know exactly how much oil was flowing. Or that Mexican officials ignored some routine safety measures. A New York Times editorial from April 12, 1980 wondered, "The enduring question is whether a devastating blowout could occur in our own offshore waters...The accident does suggest that blowout-prevention equipment is not designed to handle the worst emergencies." And it pondered, "Could a blowout in American waters be quickly capped and cleaned up?" before sadly concluding that "Most Americans would accept such blowouts to find oilfields are rich as Mexico's."

Ocean the giver of life and climate

jpeg image, Oceans of life
jpeg image, Oceans of life

Progressive Representatives in Oregon Pass Bill House Bill 3631 to Ban Off Shore Drilling Off The Oregon Coast

Weeks before the oil rig sunk in the Gulf of Mexico, Oregon banned the use of offshore drilling in Oregon. The oil spill is only another reason why Oregon has choosen to say no to gas and natural gas exploration off their shores.SInce there is only about two percent oil found in the area off the west coast. California and the state of Washington have also followed suit.

Ben Cannon Representative from Portland and Deborah Boone of Cannon Beach introduced and passed the bill to ban offshore drill.  It was passed by both the Oregon House and Senate, and the Governor signed the bill into law. Congratulations to the Oregon Legislation for passing a ban on offshore drilling for Oregon.

After the off shore moratorium lapsed in January 2010 which left the Oregon coast open for the threat of offshore drilling for gas and oil. Our legislators were smart enough to pass another ten year ban to protect our beautiful coastline from becoming a possible source for oil spills and pollution.

The last thing Oregonians wanted was oil rigs marring our coastline and for the delicate ocean waters to be polluted from a possible oil spill like the Exxon Valdez, which spilled over 11 Million gallons into the Alaska Prince William Sound off Alaska in 1989. The coast there is still suffering from the effects of the oil spill.  This new oil spill has surpassed the amount of oil spilled than the Exxon Valdez.

Drilling consequences are air pollution, contamination by toxic chemicals, dumping of industrial waste and debris and decline of fish populations. Oil rigs have a 95 percent chance of some kind of oil spill and 40 percent chance of a large oil spill

Crude oil is difficult or impossible to clean up in many coastal environments especially if it gets into sandy, muddy or marshy areas. Offshore drilling requires an infrastructure for pipelines, tanks, processing and support facilities. These are often sited in low lying coastal estuaries that industrialize the coast.

Oregon Keeping Loyal to Green energy/ United States Solar Energy Project will be the largest in the Western Hemisphere

Other bills in Oregon Legislature are pushing for more solar and wind energy. We need to re-power America and help stop or slow global warming. Senate Bill 1059 shows direction to reduce greenhouse emissions from transportation. Oregon encourage cities to have a smaller carbon footprint with more rail, buses, bike ways and sidewalks.

Green jobs have doubled. Our state is now the nation's capital for solar energy manufacturing, energy efficiency, electric vehicles and streetcars. And soon to be the world's largest wind farm.

Representative Deb Boone also introduced House Bill 3633 which is for alternate energy projects including tidal energy.

This week President Obama announced that he will be giving support to a solar energy project that will be the biggest solar energy project in the Western hemisphere. He also announced that the air force will start using bio fuels in our air force. Not only saving dollars but using green energy bio fuel made from the mustard plant.

Oregon's Coastal Communities Benefit from Ban

Coast communities, crabbers and fishermen who rely on the 12 Billion dollars that come into the state in the tourism and fishing industries are satisfied with this ban.

This sends a message to the United States Congress that Oregon wants it's coast protected, and that Oregonians want the federal ban to stay in place. Gutting the federal moratorium could potentially become a bargained- for policy within the current federal climate bill, which would be an unacceptable trade off.

Oregon should be proud that they are taking a stand for their coastal waters. Our legislature and governor are listening to the reasoning about this subject. Oregon tourism and fishing industries for now are protected.

How an oil spills could pollute our sensitive coastline

Chronic pollution from produced water, the water that is often brought up with oil and gas and dumped into the ocean is also a problem. Drilling releases toxic drilling mud into the marine environment. Oil and gas exploration requires seismic surveys of 10's of millions of acres of ocean using very high sound levels that fish and marine mammals.

Drilling threatens coastal beaches, beach communities and estuaries due to risk of oil spills

Oregonians continue to support such environmental agencies such as Environment Oregon Field


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