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Our Freedom in Jeopardy

Updated on December 22, 2018

Antoine is in the Kitchen

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Saturday, December 22, 2018. Our French friend, Antoine, is at the stove preparing Bacon Quiche Lorraines for our enjoyment. I am right beside him mixing up a delicious batch of French Lattes. Antoine has been taking note of all the pending investigations, all the lying, all the mean-spirited talk and all the attempts to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump. This nightmare is bad news for all of us. There are those in and out of government who have malice in their hearts and treachery in their blood. There was a time in the past when these words would have been described as hyperbole. Things have changed, dear Poppers, and those that want to bring down the president and his supporters are everywhere,. Some of them are even at the dinner table when we dine with friends and family. A new dawn has arrived, and it does not bode well for our freedoms. Please join Antoine and me for breakfast and a chat. Your opinions mean a great deal to both of us, so come over if you can. We'll leave the door open.


Truth in Reporting is Dying

Thanks so much for joining Pop and me this morning. The mainstream media is now an arm of the left and the democrats. They ignore anything that doesn't fit their narrative, twist stories that seem to support their point of view, and accept lying as the new normal. The last bastion of fair and balanced reporting may be disappearing from the horizon. Fox News Channel has a new Vice President of News. His name is Bill Sammon and he is not a Trump supporter. He also does not support true journalism, so it won't be long before we are all subject to long tirades against our president. Samson has decided that original reporting has to go. All stories that were in the works have been stopped. Some of those stories concerned the Obama administration. Others concerned misconduct during the 2016 election. The new direction for the network will be to cover breaking news reported on other networks. Say good-bye to "fair and balanced." Say hello to brainwashing.


Plans to Bring Trump Down

Robert Mueller's never-ending investigation into the president, his friends, his associates and his family is proof positive that the Deep State is desperate to remove him from office. Plans were underway long before Mueller was appointed to create havoc for Donald Trump. Emails have been revealed that show that the Obama administration ran around like crazed ants to create a "Russia" scandal right before Mr Trump was set to be inaugurated. The emails show that the Obama administration sought the involvement of Senators Cardin and Corker. The plans to destroy Trump were even given a name. They called it Operation Crossfire Hurricane. The General Flynn fiasco was all part of this ugly scenario. The Obama administration, or should I say hit men, believed that they could actually stop Trump from being sworn in. The Russia narrative was born in these early days. The effort is still continuing, and I imagine it will go on as long as Donald Trump is in office. Supposedly, Mueller is set to wrap things up by mid-February. It is almost impossible to believe that Trump will walk away unscathed. It is Mueller's intention to destroy him, and he has an excellent chance of succeeding. When truth no longer matters, horrible things happen, but they don't happen to everyone. The Clinton's are the anointed ones who get to do irreparable harm and avoid paying any price for their behavior. Republicans are not that lucky. They pay for crimes that aren't crimes. They pay for lying to the FBI while the FBI lies to them. There are two sets of rules in our nation. Never has that fact been more apparent than now.


Bang the Gavel

There are sufficient e-mails circulating that prove how duplicitous James Comey was during his tenure as head of the FBI. Now that he is out and asked to testify before a closed session of Congress he has developed amnesia. It's a severe case. He can't remember or recall anything at all. One of the few things he admitted was that he withheld information from Attorney General Jeff Sessions about his meeting with Donald Trump. There was nothing accidental about the Sessions's recusal. Comey and his buddies in the Deep State made sure it would happen. Come knew Sessions was out of the picture. The only one that didn't know was Donald Trump. The Session's recusal led to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who then appointed Mueller. Comey should be held accountable for deliberately withholding important information from Sessions. Actually, that's the least of his problems. Sessions should be held accountable for being the idiot who allowed all of this to transpire. The deception that has taken place, and that is still taking place is beyond belief. Sadly, we will probably never get to the true bottom of all of this. The guilty will walk free. Innocent people will be hurt. The American people will be the losers in the end. I think we need a miracle.

Antoine's Song

Let's go children of the homeland

The day of reckoning is upon us

Against you tyranny's ugly flag is raised!


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