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Our Government Cares Only for Money

Updated on September 23, 2011

Obama Slave to Soros

Obama is a slave to men like Soros & Buffet. This is all he thinks about is what he can spend on next. Shameful.
Obama is a slave to men like Soros & Buffet. This is all he thinks about is what he can spend on next. Shameful.

Mobama Modrugs & Mo-illegals

How come our government will send thousands of our military to Irac or Afghanistan and our neighbors below Texas are getting killed over and over with no help from our Government and we are allowing these dirt bags to come into our country with not losing an ounce of sleep. God forbid Obama take sides. He's the biggest phony in the history of America in more ways than one. He does not give a damn that the Cartels in Mexico are killing innocent people that love life and they are sending billions of dollars in drugs to America and taking billions of dollars out in cash money and killing and ruining lives here. The only GD thing he cares about is getting re-elected and spend more money.

The stories I read today said that there were two Trucks abandoned on a busy road with at least 35 human bodies were found in a roadway during rush-hour traffic in the Mexican coastal state of Veracruz Tuesday. The state attorney general was asked to release what he knew and he said the Police Dept. in area had recovered two trucks that were parked in the of the roadway near a municipality and close to a shopping Mall filled with shoppers. Adults and children.

Seven of the dead had been identified as early as Tuesday evening with a task ahead of the forensic's dept. to identify the rest of the victims. A government database was being used and researched in hope of finding an identity for some of these unfortunates and the officials said it came up with criminal back grounds on several of them.

The two trucks were parked in such a way as to block traffic, with the gates open and bodies falling out of the trucks for all to see. This is an on-going atrocity of murders that are happening in Mexico with no help being offered by Obama. It would slow the drug flow if we interrupted the illegals crossing the borders or knocked out several of the cartels with our military that are busy acting as policemen Afghanistan and getting blown up for their efforts.
What the hell is wrong with our Government? Where are their priorities? I guess on the campaign trail, golf course or basketball court. I apologize for our government.

In Columbia County,Florida, recently for adults were arrested and face the possibility of spending 25 years in prison for selling Oxycontin to some cagey under-cover cops unknown to the suspects arrested of course..yet we do absolutely nothing to help Mexico rid the Cartels sending billions to the US every year in drugs. makes alot of since doesn't it. If you say yes to that statement tell me why, please.

Way to go guys.What about the suppliers, what about the manufacturers, what about the big picture. Oh least we have four more mouths to feed for 25 years. Gag me with a spoon. This is the dumbest country in the world when it comes to the big picture. I'm sure there is som e kind of punishment you could give these clown other than twenty five years of tax dollars to teach them a lesson. Maybe make them paint stripes on the street by hand for five years for food and a place to stay while wearing a sign that says, "I'm A Drug Dealer, I Kill Kids and Ruin Adult's Lives", or painting Government Bldgs., or painting bridges, anything but rewarding with tax payers dollars by placing them in prison for twenty five years.

The suspects areas follows and they all look as if it wouldn't hurt to learn a trade other than selling drugs.

  • Tina R. Allen, 40, from Ft. White
  • Alexia A. Allen, 28, from Lake City
  • Scott A. Hayter, 23, from Lake City
  • Guy M. Bonds, 57, from Lake City

These suspects are so stupid, it seems that they can't even sell drugs without screwing up. They need a trade and will not learn one in prison. Does what I'm saying make since?

Let's attack the Cartels in Mexico and alleviate most of the drug problem in America. Then they could come across the border without a back pack filled with drugs. Send a message to your representative.


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