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Our Government Won't Protect Us From Coronavirus

Updated on March 27, 2020
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January 21, 2017, a day that will live in infamy. Let's all Make America Sane Again before it's too late.

From the headquarters of Make America Sane Again

Our perfect logo
Our perfect logo

It wasn't scary until it was

Tornado in a Small Village
Tornado in a Small Village

This is not a Test!

When my family moved from Pennsylvania to Indiana, we learned about tornadoes. It seemed that at least one day each week in the spring, there would be a tornado watch or warning on the radio. We would hunker down in our basement, and nothing would happen. Eventually, we stopped taking the alerts seriously.

On Palm Sunday, April 11, 1965, the reality of a tornado struck a little closer to home. 271 people were killed altogether, 137 of whom lived in Indiana. Lafayette, where we lived in at the time, wasn't hit, but a couple from our city, was killed. I remember walking by the gas station where what was left of their car was towed. Seeing the damage and knowing that the vehicle had been someone's coffin was a profound experience for an 11-year-old.

By 1974, our family had resettled where I live now, Monticello, Indiana. On April 3 of that year, our town was almost leveled by a tornado. 8 people were killed, property damage was in the millions of dollars. Our whole downtown and many of our schools and houses had to be rebuilt. Since then, there isn't a person living in this city who doesn't treat tornado watches and warnings with respect.

In the recent past, there have been diseases that seemed to herald the end of civilization. SARS, H1N1, Ebola, and the HIV virus all promised and delivered serious health scares. However, those of us who weren't personally affected did not panic. Our friends and neighbors were not dropping like flies, so it was very easy to assume the danger was being exaggerated.

Now, it is too easy to ignore the newest threat to our existence, COVID-19, or as it is commonly known, the new coronavirus. It would be a lot less concerning if our government knew what it was doing, but Donald 1 seems a bit confused about the matter. Knowing what I know now is enough to send me to the basement, philosophically speaking.

I went to the grocery store the other day. I bought enough to feed my cats and me for several weeks. Some think the threat is overblown. However, the whole of Italy is under quarantine, and thousands of deaths have been reported. The stock market is more volatile than it has been for decades. The CDC says that we old folks (over 60) should stay on the ranch. So, if I am exaggerating the danger, I am in good company.

King Donald's Confusion is Dangerous for the Rest of Us

Trump's Response to the Crisis? "It's not my Fault!"

Of course, King Donald, 1, is taking the threat seriously now that it has killed a bunch of people. He gives himself credit for a prompt and powerful response, but, as you can see from the link above, his concern wasn't always that great. He initially assured us that there aren't many cases in the US and that those that did exist were getting all better and would be going home soon. The media is exaggerating the severity of the situation, just to make his job more difficult. In fact, he whined, and I'm not just being snarky, that the Democrats were using the COVID-19 pandemic for political purposes.

There were, according to Mr. Tangerine man, about 2 weeks ago, only 15 cases in the whole country. At the time he said this, there were 60 known cases. At this writing, there are more than 13,677, and the number is rising. According to Lord of the Bronzer, it's all Obama's Fault.

Trump is so on top of the danger that he took time out of his first news conference to express his condolences to the family of the first person to die of the virus in this country. He expressed the view that she was a wonderful woman. This may have given some comfort, except that he was a man.

I wish the president was right when he said that the threat was exaggerated. But he isn't. This isn't to say that we should all be in a panic. But, as of this writing, all 50 states have reported cases. In fact, over 300 people have died, and by the time you read this, many more cases will likely have been reported.

Trump on First Coronavirus Death. She was such a Nice Man

Mommy, it was Obama who did it, not ME!

What a Great Opportunity for Conspiracy Theories!

Of course, and as usual, the Ult-Right was throwing gasoline on the flames of fear. From our fearless leader, who said the problem is a Democrat hoax, to ult-righters who think that COVID-19 was developed by a lab in China, the conspiracy mills have been working full throttle.

Rush Limbaugh believes that the effects of the disease are exaggerated by Never-Trumpers. Rush, like the rest of the MAGA heads, feels that poor King Donny 1 is the victim of everything that goes wrong because whether or not it is caused by his stupidity, he'll get the blame.

His fans needn't worry. Donald Trump never accepts the blame for anything. His administration is ill-prepared for the pandemic. But as always, he is more concerned about the economy than about any of us.

According to the red cap brigade, the Democrats are perpetrating a hoax, and coronavirus is nothing to worry about. Thus, the government is ill-prepared to protect us, and the pandemic will probably get much worse before it gets better.
Rush didn't think smoking was bad for you, either. I can remember listening to his show on the way to court before my retirement. One of his favorite topic introductions was, "and I'm holding it right here in my nicotine-stained fingers." I assume he's changed his tune about tobacco, but if he did, it took stage 4 lung cancer to convince him.

Unfortunately, Trump's pronouncements are taken as gospel by his supporters. Since he enjoys considerable popularity among older Republicans, he is possibly misleading and potentially killing the very people who are likely to vote for him this November.

Mr. Trump, you give me Fever, Cough, Pneumonia, and no Ventilators


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    • profile image

      Lucille Uttermohlen 

      12 months ago

      I'm afraid you have a point. I haven't read the story since my college days, but I'll read it again, because it does seem to be on the money.

    • CHRIS57 profile image


      12 months ago from Northern Germany

      There is this little short story by Edgar Allen Poe: "The Masque of the Red Death". Is there a "Prince Prospero" in our times?

    • profile image

      Lucille Uttermohlen 

      12 months ago

      The scary thing is that a person can be cleared by a test, then be exposed as soon

      as they leave their doctor's office.

    • CHRIS57 profile image


      12 months ago from Northern Germany

      The matter is progressing with many more active cases and fatalities.

      As far as i understand, the US is doing some 100.000 tests per day. They say that some 1.8 Mill. test were done so far. With some 330.000 infected, the hit rate is 18%, if we consider one person only tested once. However there are some recovered. To know about recovering you have to test again, possibly twice. So real hit rate for newly infected will be 20%.

      Here is my point:

      With a capacity of 100k per day and a hit rate of 20%, the testing method will only produce an increase of 20k per day. This makes of exponential growth a linear growth and flattens the curve by not having enough testing capacity.

      Just thinking.

    • profile image


      12 months ago

      As of today, according to NPR, there are 140,000 cases of COVID019, and 2500 deaths. Thank you King donald, 1.

    • vihaan-gupta profile image

      Vihaan Gupta 

      12 months ago from Pune

      The President of the United States, Donald J Trump, has lost any semblance of leadership, following the Coronavirus outbreak/ pandemic. It seems that he is keeping America, weeks behind what the world is otherwise experiencing. It's honestly shameful that he hasn't declared a lockdown in key locations, such as New York, for the fear of weakening the economy. USA is the richest country in the world; there are poorer countries who are risking their fledgling economy, just to fight this existential threat of covid-19. The sad part about this, as political analyst sanjeev nanda explains, is that "his (Donald Trump) popularity will only rise, as traditionally, leaders during a time of crisis normally do. DJT has even refused state Governors, timely deliverance of ventilators and gas masks. He's even unwilling to mobilize military factories for the same. P.S. Chris, kudos for being on the money with your comments - am going to share this to my group.

    • CHRIS57 profile image


      12 months ago from Northern Germany

      I have a little hint on the development from my little analytic toolbox.

      Just look at the ratio of recovered over infected.

      This ratio is quite telling:

      China: 91,6% increasing

      Iran: 33,0% increasing

      Spain: 17,0% increasing

      Germany: 14,7% increasing (5% in 4 days)

      Italy: 13,4% slowly increasing (2% in 4 days)

      UK: 1,0% decreasing

      USA: 0,8% decreasing

      China is through, Iran is on the way.

      Continental Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany) is on or close to peak.

      UK: much worse to come

      USA: much, much worse to come.

      Looking at the US situation from outside is sometimes entertaining, especially the White House Briefings. When will Mr. T. understand?

    • profile image

      Lucille Uttermohlen 

      12 months ago

      Thanks. You are so right. The only other politicians who are worse than Trump are the idiot Republicans, save Utah's Mitt Romney, who staged a kangaroo "trial" to acquit him.

    • CHRIS57 profile image


      12 months ago from Northern Germany

      Sad situation, but had to smile a lot while reading your article. My great compliments.

      If we just sort out Mr. Trump and his clumsy approach to Corona for a minute, then there seems to be a fairly clear picture of the pandemia, at least me think.

      First of all we have a virus with 2 outstanding characteritics: High infection spreading and no vaccine availabe.

      Viruses don´t have a metabolism, so they can´t feed themselves and need hosts. If the host dies or overcomes illness, the virus dies. This is the basics behind physical distancing to prevent contagion: the virus can´t jump.

      From the very beginning i had a strange feeling about mortality of mostly elderly people with preconditions. Isn´t this group of people dying anyways with higher probability than young, healthy folks? Is there any deviation from statistical mortality?

      It is not. However what is happening is that Corona takes some people (the risk group) a little prematurely. This "prematurely" means f.e. for New York City, that the health care system gets heavily overloaded. Those elderly and sick people who would normally pass away peacefully at home are now rushed to the hospitals if they cough.

      Just compare natural death rate with the Corona death toll, number by today should be some 30%. In hotspots (like NY) this easily overloads the health care system.

      US health care is 3rd world standard. Hospital bed density is same as Lebanon or Albania. For Intensive care units situation is even worse. It only takes a little trigger and the health care system collapses. Army hospital ships and heroic efforts by the people won´t help. This is a mess, which is long grown and can not be attributed to the Trump administration.

      We all don´t know how many are infected, but we do know how many dies from Covid 19. So this the only hard number we can rely on and that is why i only use death count to clear the picture.

      In the US, every day some 11.000 people die. Even in the Corona climax period the death toll will be much lower (Italy 10%, Spain 10%, those countries are close to climax now). NYC has a naturaly death rate of some 400 / day. Corona takes some 100 to 150. These numbers may explain what i mean by local overloading.

      Case study: Cruise Ship Diamond Princess.

      3200 People on board (crew and passengers), 75 day lockdown, 750 Covid19 infected, 8 died. Naturaly mortality (80 year average life span): 8,2 for the 75 day period.

      Case study: Corona Death count Germany vs Italy.

      While Italy has almost 10.000 deaths, Germany has some hundreds. Why? Characteristics on health care systems:

      Hospital bed density:

      Germany: 8,3

      Italy: 3,4

      Intensive Care Units:

      Germany 35.000

      Italy 5.000

      Overload stress of health care system in Italy is magnitudes higher than in Germany. Basically that is why people die.


      Covid19 has no statistical impact.

      Covid19 amassed death toll for a short period of time and thus overloads the health care system.

      Back to the US situation: Bad health care, politians and administration know this, a lot of smoke around ventilators and PPE, already now very high stress in hotspots, dynamics of spreading still logarithmic, probably 1 million infected and 20.000 death by Easter Sunday, Trump doesn´t know, he is too iliterate, but his staff does know, i like this Dr. Fauci.

      I am an old engineer and business consultant. I never thought i would have to unpack my analytic toolbox to analyse and understand the situation.


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