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Our Senate & the Roman Senate of ages past

Updated on December 8, 2016
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Author/Writer has served his communities with distinction and honor. He is a published author of short stories. He served in the US Navy.

Our Governors?

The People's House?
The People's House?

Proper Representation of Americans in Congress

The U. S. Senate & the Senate of Old Rome.

When I read the Constitution in Section III - The Senate... nowhere do I find an indication which states, or that the Senators of the "several" states shall represent their own state over that of another. Instead, I beleive that the originators of our Constitution intended that EACH and EVERY Senator should be watching over the ENTIRE United States as a Country, whereas the House of Representatives are to represent their own states interests and needs to the Federal government.

It seems to me that over the past 60-80 years the idea of having two "Houses" of government with different functions has been corrupted (as has most of our so-called government). The House should be consulting regarding bills of the States which should then be past on to the Senate for voting upon and then for the President's signature or return thereof for futher debate and voting.

What we now have, in effect, are two houses of government performing the same functions for the people, that is, both are representing there own states to see who may gain the most money and/or favor for their own state (mainly in order that that Senator or Representative may gain favor with their state for future re-election). This is causing our government to consistently experience "grid lock" and thereby not conduct the buisness of the people they are elected to represent. The Senate, all of whom receive six year terms, because they are presumably more skilled or wise in watching over the country as a whole rather than any single state, should be giving solid, logical, thought and debate of the issues before them and not going out into their own individual states to see who they can "perform for" in order to gain the most favor and money for future (re)election

And what has happened to the Dignity of being a Senator of the United States of America? Do they not squabble like children seeking favor with a parent? Rather, should they not be working TOGETHER toward the goal of deciding which laws most fairly and properly serve the people of the country?

Let it be the House of Representatives who squabble amongst their seperate needs and wants for their individual states. Let them say what highway and byway needs attention. Let them debate if our great country can afford a war or a change in how states are reimbursed for their expenses which may be more properly paid for by their own states, rather than by the nation as a whole. The Senate may then undertake the tasks of deciding what Federal monies should rightly go to the states for their needs or better yet, to the Federal government. The states should be seperate from the Federal government as much as possible. The federal government should stay out of the buisness of the states and only concern itself with National matters, such as our national debt, the securing of our borders, the value of sending troups into harms' way, what to do about Foreign states which pose a threat to our nations security, lending monies to foreign states for their aide, and borrowing/repaying money from/to foreign lenders, etc.

In short, let the House of Representatives represent the needs or concerns of the individual states and let the Senate be the "wise old men" as in ancient times who may direct the course of our nation with their collective wisdom and also take into consideration what may be best for the states as the nation they form.

Perhaps I'm mistaken in my very humble veiw of what's going on in our government for the past fifity-five years that I've been observing them. Perhaps I am correct in that view but am not here expressing it well. But I hope that any reader here will give thoughtful regard for what it is I'm attempting to express. Thank you all for your time in reading these thoughts of mine.

Sincerely presented to you for consideration (and please write to your elected representatives in Congress and let them know your wishes for the government that is yours).


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